April 26, 2021

Attempted a vlog in Spanish

12:24 AM (of Wednesday, April 28th 2021)

Today is Monday, April 26th 2021 and today I attempted recording my vlog entirely in Spanish. It worked out okay, but I chose not to upload the video. Probably because I got lazy for the other days, and didn't feel like uploading those vlog videos either. I had fun recording today's video in Spanish though. I learned a few new words like Alli (there), Amarillo (yellow), Naranja (orange), bolsa (bag), suelo (floor), mantequilla de mani (peanut butter), and pies (feet, pronounced "pee-ehs" not pies like in English). This is because I looked up this words because I didn't know what they were before.

I worked the rest of the day too. At the end of the day my boss told me he was going to take a week off.

I browsed the Internet the rest of the time. Other than the Spanish part, I can't say much else happened today. I didn't enjoy today that much.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 30, 2021

How do you study Spanish outside of immersion? Do you use duolingo? I was using it for a while to study Japanese and I really liked it.

Posted On Apr 30, 2021

@iyazo I learned Spanish in middle school and high school, took 7 years of it. I already learned its language structure so I can construct valid sentences as long as I know the words to use. It's actually a very intuitive language. It's very similar to English, but everything depends on "conjugation", or transforming verbs.

For example the word "correr" means to run. If I want to say I ran, I transform correr to "corri". If I want to say I run, I transform it to "corro". If I want to say I will run, I transform it to "correre". Then depending on the subject, like he, you, they, us, you transform it differently too. Like if I want to say we run, it's "corremos", they run is "corren", you run is "corres". If I want to say they will run it's "correran", if I want to say we ran it's "corrimos". I think there's like 40 different conjugations for every verb, and every verb has different conjugation rules.

Conjugating verbs gets tricky too, because depending on its ending, you conjugate it differently. Like correr ends in "er", while another verb hablar (to speak) ends in "ar". Both are conjugated slightly differently because of that. Other verbs end in "ir" like escribir (to write), and those follow different rules than ER and AR verbs.

The trickiest ones are the "irregular" verbs. These are the trickiest ones to conjugate, because they literally have unique rules for each individual verb. Like the verb "ir" means To Go, how do you think that is conjugated? It's tricky, if I want to say "let's go" or "we go", it's Vamos. Where does the V come from? If I want to say "we will go", it's iremos. Very tricky right?

Another irregular verb is "Saber", if it followed conventional "er" ending rules, saying "I know" would be "sabo", but no, instead it's "se", so saying I don't know is "no se".

Irregular verbs are fun to learn though. It's funny because you just laugh at how it's conjugated sometimes. Another irregular is Ser, which is "to be", a very commonly used word. To say "I am", you say "soy". Sometimes I read "soy boy" and I just translate that to "I am a boy" in Spanish (but really it would be "soy chico" if we are not doing Spanglish which is mixing English words to your Spanish sentences which people do sometimes).

There's many different irregular verbs, each one has UNIQUE conjugations. So you have to memorize each 40 conjugations those irregular verbs have if you ever want to use them in a sentence. And the rules are so different from anything else, if you don't memorize the conguation, you won't know how to conjugate it.

Anyway I think Spanish is mainly about mastering verb congujuations, and then just memorizing the words of different adjectives and nouns. If you know how to conjugate a verb and know the appropriate nouns and adjectives to use, you can write about anything in the world. It's that easy.

Posted On Apr 30, 2021

@JustMegawatt You make it sound a little complicated 😅 I'm glad it's easy for you, but with so much study I'm sure it is.

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