April 13, 2020

Just me, talkin about my bodys health xD

Today was particularly a lazy day xD I slept so badly that I couldn't concentrate on my studies, so rather than force myself to read the paragraph over and over again to not be able to learn it, I just gave up on it for today and moved on to do other things. For instance, zumba xD

Do you guys like zumba? I actually don't mind it, it keeps my body moving, although some moves are just weird and I can't exactly imitate them xD All of my friends hate it, from the music to the exercises; they just can't stand it. One friend of mine even said that Zumba was an insult to dance in general. I found it a bit of an exageration, but nonetheless I still do the exercises. Sometimes I also do physical exercises, like push ups, planks, ect, but to not get bored of the monotony I tend to alternate between the application workout and Zumba. I am oddly proud of myself, I finally can do a whole hour of physical excercise :D Obviously hugged my parents with al the sweat dripping down my body; I have to, it's stronger than me. I have to disgust them once in a while. If my sister were here, I would've squashed her with my stinkiness xD

So I have this thing with my body that for some reason I never feel hunger. It bothers me so much. I don't know why xD My doc says it's cause some things that I eat bloats my body and so I'm full of air and thus I feel no hunger. Like I can go for a whole day and not eat anything and my stomach will still not growl. Today, after a long time, I felt hunger in my stomach :') It's a very weird sensation, but still, it made me happy :') I feel like a normal boring human being again xD Felt it twice :D Like literally now, at 11.09 p.pm my stomach is crying for food, even though I ate a lot during dinner time. But I shan't eat :D I shall go drink a lot of water xD After all, if I have to lose weight I also have to start eating a little less. For now I will eat only during meals, lets see how things go :)

On that note: I've been drinking a lot of water lately. I hate it. I don't drink water, like very little as possible. It's always been a bad habit of mine and I think that habit of mine got worse once I started living with my sister and hanging out with her boyfriend. Like, to put in cute terms, they are two elephants. They drink water as if their life depended on it. So if we have a six pack of 2 liters of water, those bottles disappear in 2 days. So I would drink less and less, in the hopes of not finishing water in the house. Obviously, that wasn't a good idea. A lot of people say that you should at least drink 2 liters of water a day, and another study said that you should drink one liter every 25 kg of weight you body has. I can't do that, like it's a miracle if I even am able to drink 1 liter a day xD Like before I would only drink maximum 3 glasses a day, and now I'm trying to drink more that that. At the beginning I felt like I was drowning xD hahah But now since my body has been getting used to it I am slowly getting better xD Like obviously I didn't write in Habitica "Drink 4 liters a day", that would kill me xD I just wrote "Drink water" and click the plus sign everytime I do. I think my record for now has been 12 clicks xD

What I find odd ever since I started doing excercises at home and drinking is that I want to go run. I hate running xD I go once in a while with my boyfriend and I suffer for it a bit, and then I see all the grannies running happily and I start racing them for no reason xD They obviously win in the fake race in my head xD Curse you grannies u.u! When this quaratine will be over I shall win this war! xD Poor grannies.

Uuf. Everytime I think I have nothing to write down, I write down a buttload of stuff xD But I'm going to stop right now to go play a game with my boyfriend xD It's called "Awesomenauts". Whether you guys like it or not (but most importantly if I remember) I will talk about it tomorrow xD

Have a great day everyone :)!

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 14, 2020

@pinenutes I'm not in love with Zumba but I don't mind doing it on occasion. And I think saying it's an insult to dance is too strong! I'm not a pro or anything but I've done a lot of dancing and I don't think anything is an insult to it, I think it more helps people ease in to dancing. I was in a dance choreographed by someone who relied heavily on Zumba, as it was her introduction to dancing, and it was really fun!

Not being hungry is awful! I had a period for a few months where I was like that (never figured out why, it went away), but I was losing all kinds of weight and I had to force myself to eat, which is so miserable when you aren't hungry! One day I just had a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter because that was all I could do. So I'm glad you're feeling hungry! Hopefully not too hungry XD I get hungry a lot now but I drink a lot of water so it isn't so bad. I used to drink 1 glass of water a day all through school! Now I drink about 3L a day. It's a big change, I wish you luck in increasing it! I hope you don't run out of water too fast!

I hope the game was fun!

Posted On Apr 14, 2020

@Cayst I actually agree with your opinion xD But to be honest I wouldn't consider Zumba as dancing. Like sure you dance, and you learn some moves, but obviously if you want to learn them moves you have to go to an actual class for it. Like Salsa, I'd go there, just not now xD Haha
It's the perfect kind of hungry xD Also cause I'm lucky enough to get hungry when it's lunch or dinner time xD haha Yay :3 I'm not the only one, but obviously I'm happier to know that you are getting better with the hunger issue xD LETS TURN INTO ELEPHANTS TOGETHER :D !!
It was ok :) Like I suck at it and kept dieing xD If you want to try it out, it's free to play on Steam :) Do you even play games xD?

Posted On Apr 15, 2020

@pinenutes You're right, I don't consider it dancing either, but a stepping stone to it at least. Rhythm is good to learn! But dance you can just make up too. I used to choreograph dances when I was in college in the jazz category, which has become a bit of a catch-all for whatever kind of dance you want, and I taught beginner dances to fellow college students. Just made up stuff I thought looked cool and strung in together with moves I'd seen elsewhere. So I think dance is very fluid.
Oh, I asked my SO and he says he thinks I might like it! I do play games, but not super often, he's more of a gamer than me. He's gaming right now lol. I've been very busy between work and Habitica productivity, so I haven't even been playing Skyrim, which is a recent favorite.

Posted On Apr 17, 2020

@Cayst The only thing I can think of with Jazz is Swing. Are there other kinds of dance moves for Jazz :D ?? That's cool :) How come you never went out with dancing :)?
Elephants are cute >:3 and hold grudges xD
It's a cute game with cute designs :) I've been playing it for years, then I took a break from it cause my boyfriend got super obsessed with it and I was like "No. Pause". And I think 5 years passed and I'm playing it again with him xD And just like 5 years ago, he became obsessed with it xD But I think it's one way for him to get through the quarantine since he is living alone xD

Posted On Apr 17, 2020

@pinenutes There are a ton! Mostly in contemporary jazz. Modern dance is close but not quite the same. It's a lot of flowing movement, some hip hop moves, it's all over the place depending on the dancer and studio! And I like to dance for fun but I didn't like being a teacher. Plus I overheard a few people who were learning my dance making fun of me and saying I was bad at it so that sapped my confidence too. Not that I'd stop, I still dance for fun, but don't teach.
Haha, well at least he took a break for a while! As long as he doesn't get too obsessed, I've done that before XD

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

@Cayst People say that when I dance, I look like a gorilla xD So I just gorilla it up! Aw too bad your "students" were mean xD
Nah man, he's still obsessed xD I think he wants to get all the achievements xD What games did you obsess over :)?

Posted On Apr 21, 2020

@pinenutes My biggest game obsessions were Mario Party, which I played by myself in high school all the time, and Stardew Valley. Pretty lame games to obsess over but there you go XD Oh, and Tetris and Dr. Mario.

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@Cayst WHAT XD? STARDEW VALLEYS LOOKS AMAZING and worth being obsessed with xD Sooner or later I will buy it *.* Oh yeah, how could you not get obsessed with Tetris and Dr. Mario xD? I don't have Mario Party :')

Posted On Apr 26, 2020

@pinenutes Stardew Valley is pretty amazing! And you can do whatever you want, fishing or combat or cooking, a lot of stuff in there! So I guess I agree with you lol. A lot of hours of fun for $15 (for me anyway, I'm not sure if prices are different where you are). I'm sorry, you're missing out on Mario Party, there are so many of those now! I liked the old ones for the N64 the best.

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