May 1, 2021

Week 13 finished

Today concludes week 13 out of 15 for spring semester. It kind of feels like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, looking at my calendar for the month I can see the end of the semester after finals week. I only have a few more assignments due for each of my classes. I'm feeling pretty good about most of them. I'm really hoping I pass math. This week was also registration for Fall term. I'm taking fewer units, so hopefully the workload will be more manageable.

I'm still spending a lot of time studying, but I took half a day off yesterday and set aside more time today for self care. I think I really needed it, I'm feeling much better and less stressed. I'm going to try practice more self care as finals week approaches by going to bed earlier and not skipping meals. I'm also setting aside some time in the evenings to wind down from the day. I'm usually great at keeping up with those habits, but I really haven't stuck to them the last couple months.

Couple different things that happened this week: I got my first covid vaccination. I'd been struggling to find appointments for a while now, and I might have to go back to work in person in the fall so I really needed it. But I finally managed to get lucky! I also have an appointment for the second vaccine on May 18. Hopefully I won't have any negative side effects since that will be finals week. Second thing that happened was I tried a star fruit. I saw one in the grocery store a few days ago and bought it. It was alright, it tasted tropical and a little sweet. I think it may have needed to ripen a little more. Still a cool experience though, I might buy one again and try making a fruit smoothie with it.

Written by Seeker

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