May 1, 2021

It Rained, Took Photos

10:19 AM (of Sunday, May 2nd 2021)

Today is Saturday, May 1st 2021 and this morning I felt great. Actually I felt a little bit regretful because last night I messed up again, but that was April 30th, I plan on not messing up the whole month of May, fingers crossed.

10:19 AM (of Sunday, May 2nd 2021)

Hmm, anyway. So today I did all the normal chores, I washed the dishes, cleaned up my sleeping area, and I even reset the Habitica challenges I hosted. Another great thing I did this morning was do my strength workouts, which was awesome. I was able to do 21 push ups, 120 crunches, 120 seconds of planks, and I only did 30 reps of 37 pound weight goblet squats this time. I've been doing 60 goblet squats with a 37 pound weight a day, but that is the most tiresome exercise for me, it tires me out so much to do that. So I reduced it to 30 reps today.

The push-ups I did were slow and all the way down to the ground, with my face reaching the ground too. Most people only do push-ups halfway, so they're not proper. I just randomly started doing push-ups while watching some YouTube videos, and from there I moved on to crunches and planks, and then the goblet squats which I dread. The goblet squats always tire me out so much. I used to do 20 reps of those per set, 60 total a day, and that was so tiring which is why I reduced it to 30.

So that's what I did in the morning, and I was so proud and happy. I planned on walking to the grocery store, taking some pictures, buying some juices, and then coming back. After coming back, I planned on going to the mall and buying a new pair of pants because my pants had holes in them.

What ended up happening is that it started to rain at around noon or so, so I couldn't go outside. I don't own an umbrella either or I could have just walked, so I had to wait out until the rain stopped before I could get out. I tested the prices for getting an Uber to go to Wal-Mart, and it gave me a quote of $37, so I declined it.

Anyway I was just on my computer, probably on Facebook, browsing around as I waited for the rain to stop. Thankfully I didn't touch myself today, or maybe I did, but I certainly didn't peak. It's not even been a day yet, and last night I did "that" again too, and yet in the afternoon I am already probably touching myself. It is such a strong addiction. I cooked up and ate 9 potatoes I think while waiting for the rain to stop. Really easy.

The rain stopped at around 4 or 5 PM, so the sun was already starting to go down. I didn't hesitate, I rushed changing into shorts, and ran outside instantly. I had to hurry getting outside because the mosquitoes here are ravenous and would have come after my legs and feet if I wore shorts and no socks indoors. This is why I wear socks and pants and a jacket indoors, even though it's hot here, because of mosquitoes. I think I also changed shirts because I'd been wearing the same shirt for the past several days.

I brought my expensive $800 camera with me, and I took pictures of the sights on the way to the grocery store. I took a picture of the mango tree I visit to pick up free mangoes, it's very anticlimactic right? The tree is growing in the middle of the sidewalk, so most of the mangoes that drop get damaged on the ground and start oozing and don't become as tasty. Actually a bunch are still good, I've eaten some cracked ones before and they were still delicious, still, it would be better if this grew on some softer ground.

I took a picture of the free roaming chickens on the streets, they started clucking and ran away from me as I approached even though I wasn't going to kill them and eat their corpse, though I imagine that's what other people here unnecessarily do frequently.

I also took a picture of the fence I saw the hen jump over the other day. It's pretty high, the picture doesn't justify it, but I could only reach about halfway between my head and the top of the fence if I fully extended my arms. The hen jumped over this fence as I walked towards her shirtless and whacking myself with a shirt, I think I looked like the grim reaper for the hen and she was terrified for her life. There's also a part in the fence where it goes down a little bit, pictured too, but I don't recall the hen jumping over that part, but maybe the hen did.

Anyway continuing on, I took a picture of another mango tree behind some guy's house. This was on private property so I couldn't grab any mangoes from there, but this tree had hundreds of visible mangoes right there. I have seen some people using a long stick grab some mangoes from that tree before, but I don't know if they lived there or not, because the house seems abandoned to me. There's a car in front of it, but there's no lights and no activity inside. I walked by at around 5 PM maybe, so I'd expected some lights or something at that time, but there was no activity.

Instead of going to the grocery store right away, I went down this street with a bunch of stores lined up on both sides. I went from the top to the bottom of the entire street, lined up with many different stores, and I couldn't find a single men's clothing store anywhere. There were just a bunch of random stores there. One was a sex shop, and another store was a bead store.Yeah, a store just for beads, and it was quite large. There was a soccer clothing store, a home sports store (ping pong, etc), of course a bunch of women's clothing stores and a few restaurants. I walked the entire way down and couldn't find a place that sold pants for men.

Whatever, so I climbed all the way back up, and went to the mall. I checked out every clothing store this time, like I stood out in front of each clothing store here, and I glanced at what they had. All women's clothes, and only women's clothes. This mall has I think 6 clothing stores and they all sold only women's clothing. Wtf. These were big stores too, taking up a lot of space. Apparently men's clothing is not profitable here. I'm really baffled that an entire mall would have no men's clothing anywhere. The entire mall. I'm forced to have to use an Uber to go to the largest mall on the island just to get some pants, or I could also go to Wal-Mart but there's less selection there.

So I go into the grocery store next and I just pick up two bottles of $6 juices. It's not cheap, but it's rejuvenating. I imagine these juices to be like healing or mana potions in video games, they make me feel great. I mean I basically already feel great on a day to day basis, I feel phenomenal every single day basically, eating just the way I do, but after peaking many times a day for years, I think I need some restoration starting my abstinence and sobriety. My gut microbiome will enjoy the soluble fibers of the many different plants in these juices, though it is pasteurized so a lot of the prebiotics are killed off which I'm not a fan of.

I get that pasteurization works for something disgusting like cow's milk, which is breast milk for the babies of another species which adult humans drink due to heavy marketing and advertising. I get it kills plenty of pathogens, parasites, bacteria, etc, in the cow's milk to make it safe for humans to drink, but I'm not a fan of pasteurized juices since fruits contain lots of beneficial bacteria not harmful ones. Just writing this paragraph made me realize I'm no longer a fan of this juice brand, even though they're alright, just because of that pasteurization process killing off all the beneficial bacteria in these juices. Prebiotics for my microbiome is a big reason why I would drink juices in the first place, just knowing they're all killed off in these juices I bought makes me realize it's a waste for me to buy.

Outside, I stopped by that giant cinderblock I've sat on before, and I sat there watching the traffic go by. Okay the sights aren't that great, like it kinda sucks, looking at traffic is boring, and I don't have a vantage point from my position, but it was still a chill place to sit and relax and drink some juice.

I walked back the rest of the way home, and took some more pictures along the way. I saw some roosters on top of the framing for an outdoor tent or something. I used to think people picked them up and placed them up on these high places, but now I realize they jump up there. There is the top of a caravan car right underneath them for an example of how high they can jump, and also a rooster made it to the roof of one of the houses too.

I took a picture of some swans locked in at some house, I saw a bunch of cages in the back, I think the people here may keep geese for foie gras? Oh god, the horror and torture these swans will go through on their execution. Pretty horrific to think of, but yeah these geese didn't fear me, they came up to me and started squawking, wanting me to either give them something to eat or pet them or something. I didn't touch them though. Just like the chickens here, they likely will be slaughtered and eaten.

I took a picture of an abandoned house. I don't know if I want to include that picture though, there's possibly a homeless person or homeless people that live inside of it. I know it's abandoned because the front door is broken down and there's a bunch of plant overgrowth on the entire property. There are vines and other plants growing right on the staircase for example, and all around the rest of the building, so it has probably been abandoned for a few years. I don't know how the neighbors feel. If I lived next to an abandoned home, how would I feel? I probably wouldn't care, but the neighbors might be totally bothered by it.

At home I just chat on Facebook with my friend Dean who I helped buy a laptop for, and my dad who I got on messenger video call with. I just chat a bunch, that's all I recall doing. I fell asleep automatically without even trying to go to sleep, at around 11 PM. I was going to start this entry and I wanted to, but I passed out asleep. I just passed out in front of my computer. My computer was still on when I woke up the next day, and I hadn't even brushed my teeth either before I fell asleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On May 03, 2021

Hmm you didn't finish this entry at the time I read this, but sounds like another pretty good day. So weird to see a big mango tree just grow right out of the sidewalk like that! There are sooooo many mangos!! Here they're usually around $1 each but there they're just all over. That's some great free food.

Stop scaring the poor chickens πŸ˜† and I really hope that the swans and geese are just pets, but I'm not very hopeful because geese tend to be mean and humans are gross...

I like the pictures you took. I LOVE abandoned places. I'm pretty into urban exploring, so if you ever go into the house be sure to take lots of pics for me!! There might be squatters there, but that's not all that uncommon. I wouldn't go in if there's a car outside. A lot of people think places like that are eyesores, but I think it's beautiful the way nature reclaims everything around it. If it is abandoned, taking the mangos should be fine, but I would make extra sure first. Mangos seem pretty abundant there though. Maybe you'll come across another tree you can definitely take some from- do a little exploring on your own one day.

That is so expensive for an uber 😡 I know lyft is usually cheaper, but they don't have as much availability depending on the location (at least that's how it is here). Does it rain a lot down there? Might be worth investing in an umbrella. I got one at Walmart for only $5. Then you could take pictures in rainy weather, too. This is reminding me that the new pokemon snap just came out and I'm sad that I can't play it any time soon... 😭

The other day you were talking about juicers- they're a bit expensive, but totally worth it for that fresh unpasteurized goodness. I'll warn you they don't usually handle squishy things well like soft fruits. Sometimes you gotta cram them in with something more firm like a carrot and possibly push the pulp through again to extract as much juice as possible. The only thing about juicing is the dried out stuff that comes out...I mean I guess it can be eaten, but of course it's pretty dry. I used to give the scraps to my pets. That said, juicers are excellent for veggies. I absolutely LOVE carrot juice. Other than that I really like Bolthouse Farms juices and Pom (though they are both flash pasteurized). I'm not sure what brands aren't... Pom is really fun to drink though because of the bottle shape, it really does look and feel like a mana potion.

Also if you ever wanna add me on fb or discord or something let me know πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ No pressure though of course if you don't want to.

Posted On May 03, 2021

@iyazo Haha that shower part is not actually supposed to be there, I just forgot to delete it!

There's a bit of soil in the middle of the sidewalk where it's growing. Haha yeah the chickens are cool, so are the geese.

Oh I was talking about two different properties there. One property has the car in front of it and the mango tree behind it, the other property is the for sure abandoned home which has nothing in front of it. I just thought the mango tree property might've also been abandoned just because there was no lights on in the house.

Yeah I'm gonna get an umbrella next time I go to Wal-Mart. I've written about it before, it costs around $20 to go there, $20 to go back, $40 round trip. That's why each time I go to Wal-Mart, I feel like I have to spend like $200 just to make that trip worth it. I will probably get a juicer and a bunch of carrots next time I go, sounds awesome.

Thanks for reading any replying to the whole thing, I love it! Yes of course we can be friends on Facebook! I'll add you

Posted On May 03, 2021

@JustMegawatt Of course! I always look forward to reading your posts πŸ˜„

Oh, yeah, I missed that it was more than one place, whoops. Makes sense.

A juicer, carrots, pants, and an umbrella...sounds like a worthy trip to me, but that is quite expensive for a ride still. Is it possible to bike there? Probably too far to walk if it costs that much for a ride...

Posted On May 03, 2021

I guess biking with everything on the way back would be difficult unless you have a bag or basket attached somewhere. Hmmm...

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