April 13, 2020




KG communion was delayed to next week. But then we may have grape juice.

We played skribbl.io at the end.

Later i played it alone with my sister. She had throne one time and write "Jesus" and drew a throne and a lion. After that i got the word "Jesus Christ" so i said "it's a person and it's funny because you wrote "Jesus"" and drew a cross. She got it.

This morning i worked on my term paper and the GES work thing. Fiona is the only one who wrote to me. She'll look for pictures (she already did) and i wrote two articles snd I'll try to do the layout. I want to at least write one more article but it's so hard to find some about the brd. They mostly focus on ddr even if the heading includes the western part. Maybe I'll write about free time activities.


Written by Plesi`

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