April 13, 2020

Counting my Blessings

On Habitica, I have been taking a Positivity Challenge. Habitica, if you are unfamiliar with it, is an RPG app that helps with time management and productivity, primarily. But there are other little challenges and activities, like this one. Given the circumstances I find myself in, if you read my last entry, I want to try to focus on the positive in my life. So, today I'm counting my blessings with a gratitude list:

1. My amazing bf Patrick

2. My amazing group of friends

3. My dogs

4. My nieces

5. The locket my bf gave me for Valentine's Day with pics of us in it. It reminds me of him, and makes me feel connected to him even when we're apart.

6. The various physical notebooks I have-I have yet to fill one, but they are often where I think of some of my best ideas and do my best work.

7. Being able to write, sing, and draw to express my feelings-even if I may not be the best at one or all of them.

8. College

9. The various Habitica communities I am apart of-they are very supportive.

10. Habitica-it helps me to better myself.

Written by BlackRoses612

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Posted On Apr 17, 2020

You could try, if you want to focus on the positice, also type it why these things make you feel positive :) I read in Habitica that someone actually writes down the good things and why to concentrate more :) Obviously you can do it if you want (also I am catching up with all the posts on this site, so if you wrote something that is similar to what I suggested or something even better that helped you get through this tough time, Kudos and ignore my statement :D !) Hang in there, you are not alone :) pass by and chat with me if you want xD

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