May 3, 2021

march & april gratitude

forgot to post this last month, so here's a double entry!

  1. peanut udon mmm
  2. I slew the spire!! (with copious advice from hgr)
  3. WHOA I bumped my food bundle seven minutes before rollover (i.e., seven minutes before it was gonna rot) and it got bought BY XYLAX THE ADMIN
  4. Akinori looks SO good with the lunar background and the cnitharian pups. also I officially made him pack loremaster so he's one of my featured wolves
  5. hi donu and deca! love that donut sway
  6. yay sat down and wrote a proper journal entry instead of just doing wolvden log entries and miscellaneous white stones
  7. hoisin udon. so easy, so good
  8. yesss beat Slay the Spire as the Silent. special thanks to: all my poison cards, my Catalyst+ duo, the merchant who sold me the duplication potion, and Runic Pyramid
  9. Raubritter has a realgar grandson o.o
  10. beat my first run as Defect wooo
  11. actual prog! we're getting the hang of the add phase and making serious inroads on the second half of the fight
  12. productive work morning, and I bought a mojave pup, and the groceries came and I'm kicking back with a chocolate ice cream cone. living the life
  13. the mojave pup deserves her own entry: 423 stats, minimal markings, 50 gc. great buy. my first T3 woop
  14. a bird of prey, wheeling high in the deep blue sky. also it's 60 degrees out!
  15. being in discord while HGR watches chess streams. he's so boisterous. "what?! WHAT?!" "oh my GOD what a gambit"
  16. a wild windy spring day. are those red blossoms on the parking lot tree?
  17. one of Raubritter's sons is now a stud (a russet named David). go get em boi
  18. nice quiet day. no calls, no emails, no back-and-forth discussions. finished a good part of my project
  19. and I beat the Heart on Ironclad 1. necronomicon + heavy blade, son
  20. freshly baked m&m cookies
  21. Sundaze Solitaire won the Second Egg Gladiator Games! 1% survival she knew EXACTLY how much she needed
  22. oh god that silent victory. I was very close to having literally all the egg on my face, but I made it. special thanks to the Wraith Form+ trio, my fairy in a bottle, and my lizard tail. NO thanks to the 5000 defend cards in my deck lmao
  23. Harrow the Ninth is so good. been a long time since I've read a book this good
  24. woo the sleet on the balcony melted. time for a long walk
  25. watching HGR play Slay the Spire. now that I've played it myself, I actually know what's going on!
  26. "Marrow."
  27. burger night! got the onions perfectly caramelized, so good
  28. hanging out with HGR and numbers, watching HGR stream the Slay the Spire daily climb and then "Poker Quest"
  29. selene dilution HYPE. all the selene markings are amazing; can't wait to put them on Taro's pup(s). also, hi raccoons!
  30. fixed the bedroom blinds!
  31. mom & dad came up with groceries. thanks! yay char siew bao and mochi which I can't get locally
  32. philly steak on pasta: simple and delicious
  33. just hanging out with HGR, shitposting about completely random subjects (Hercules Mulligan, pot roast, Eli Whitney and the cotton gin)
  34. so glad that hgr/newbie introduced me to slay the spire, I'm having a great time. getting the hang of watcher!
  35. productive morning! played Slay the Spire and got a good chunk of progress on my project
  36. yay event over. got 3 selene marking apps and still have 250 LT socked away for the next event.
  37. also Rubicon reached level 20
  38. speaking of Rubicon: THE KING IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE KING hell yeah Levi
  39. level-up day for The Reckoning! Jackfruit Cider hit 300 strength (7th strongest honeydew in the game). got her a shiny mace as a present
  40. raid! we didn't make much forward prog, but we're definitely getting the hang of the add phase and wyrm's lament. on our best run we got Shiva to 44%
  41. and I'm starting to enjoy the add phase now that I've got a better handle on it (note to self: that's often how it goes! don't write things off too quickly)
  42. burger night!
  43. big carp!! "just like me. I feel represented"
  44. finally beat defect 2!
  45. yay Pictionary with team
  46. got my pfizer first dose today. let the Great Return commence (like a month from now)
  47. also, yay walking! yay pigeons!
  48. WHEW finally finished my work project ooooooof
  49. ate an apple yum
  50. now trending: #healthypotatoblob. just add broccoli for a healthy meal!
  51. now that I've slightly fixed my sleep schedule (waking up at ~8:30 instead of 9:30), it feels like there's so much morning. it's great
  52. and conversely I don't miss the additional late-night time. I wasn't doing anything interesting that late anyway
  53. raid! good times good prog
  54. and, as always, I'm glad to have hgr explain things to me afterwards
  55. watching numbers' La Mulana stream
  56. "I don't know but I've been told / big blob has a network node"
  57. nutella bun, best afternoon snack
  58. a nice cool evening balcony walk
  59. HGR's streaming La Mulana 2!
  60. yay merle chaser puppy! son of snickerdoodle x rigel foxchaser. ducat merle, obsidian, 116 spd / 101 agi. born to run
  61. hanging out with friends
  62. raid day, good day. got to icelit dragonsong!
  64. oh my god this plat of survey completely changes everything. I was fundamentally misunderstanding EVERYTHING lmao. this is a MAJOR breakthrough and I'm glad to clear it up now rather than later
  65. grocery day! decided to switch it up and go with oreo ice cream bars. great life decision
  66. watching hgr play la mulana 2, hanging out while he's playing apex with numbers and newbie. every day is a good day.
  67. woo late night powerwalk to end the day. got 1951 steps on that last update
  68. OMG luna base looks great especially with selene marks
  69. flashback to me a few months ago, looking skeptically at the cool t3s: "wish we had more blue bases" THANKS DEVS YOU'RE THE BEST
  70. watching HGR beat La Mulana 2
  71. finished copying nearly a month of temp journal files (gratitude journal + log entries + real entries) into my proper journal. feels great to be caught up
  72. good raid, good prog, good oreo ice cream bar
  73. serious taiga hunter club chat with spontaneite and embers
  74. roommate got a vaccine appointment for friday! woop
  75. o_o a fox pup AND a mojave pup. Sovereign of Red Sky 10/10 stud, would stud to again
  76. yay got my second covid shot. changing my username to safeblob5000
  77. playing the tacos game with team
  78. good reading session: the silvered serpents. sev, quit being an emo douchebag
  79. t-shirt weather finally. had a nice 20-minute balcony walk
  80. mmm smoked salmon best snack
  81. playing the tacos game with team. wait I just said this. well, we played again
  82. good guy tiro, agreeing to sub for raid on literally zero notice because silver overslept. yay raid
  83. roommate DIDN'T have a heart attack. good news!!
  84. uber is fantastic btw. need a way home from a random location at 2:30 am? yeah nbd your ride will be there in 10 min
  85. a nice peaceful day at home. I <3 chilling at home
  86. and roommate's doing fine!
  87. watching re: zero with newbie and hgr
  88. such a nice afternoon
  89. a chill evening hanging out with team. dante and newbie streamed titanfall 2, then hgr streamed tactical nexus

Written by Achaius

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