May 2, 2021

Went To The Mall, Bought Shorts and Pants

8:08 AM (of Tuesday, May 4th 2021)

Today is Sunday, May 2nd 2021 and it was another normal day. I don't remember much in the morning, I think I mainly just browsed Facebook and talked to people there. I really don't remember much prior to going to the mall, because those moments were the same as every other day basically, and similar days and events intertwine not making me remember exactly what I did on specific days, even if it was recent.

The mall was memorable though, that was eventful. I wanted to buy new shorts and pants because I only had one pair of pants and it had holes in them, and the shorts I had also had holes in them, so they can probably be disposed of and replaced with new clothes. I just went into some of the fancy stores that they had, and checked out the prices. Everything there was quite pricey, Puerto Rico is a pricey place. The pants and shorts were $50 minimum at all the stores I went to. Did I want to buy some fancy pants and shorts?

I went to a Crocs store too because my friend liked them, and the crocs were $40 minimum, with some of the ones I was trying on being $60. I didn't know they were so pricey though, I just think that everything in Puerto Rico is expensive, or maybe inflation is going up. I haven't gone out shopping in a long time I guess, or maybe I just shop normally at cheaper places like Burlington which is the main place I shop. Anyway, every clothing I looked at was quite expensive, I saw some jogging pants for $70. Is that normal? Just jogging pants.

I wasn't enjoying shopping though, because I knew I was overweight and even if I bought some really expensive nice looking clothing, it wouldn't look that good on me. You can get an obese dude to wear the most expensive nicest clothing around, and they'd still look unattractive, while you can get a model to wear some homeless rags and they'd look amazing still.

Anyway I went to this smoothie place, they make really good and fresh smoothies there with fresh ingredients and they had everything I wanted. I told them to just add every fruit they had, and to use almond milk, and the total was only like $9 for their largest size, which was very affordable. However, I made the mistake of only bringing one credit card with me, and they had issues with it. I forgot all about that, other stores had issues with this credit card here too. I went to an ATM to withdraw some money, but stupidly I forgot that I was carrying a credit card not a debit card.

I walked instead to a nearby K-Mart, I had to cross the street to get there, and it was like a 10 minute walk. I talked to the lady behind the smoothie counter and I told her, I could try K-Mart and see if they have cashback, she knew there was one nearby but thought it had closed, I was there two weeks ago and it was still open. I described it as being basically Wal-Mart but less crowded and not as many options. She made the comment, despite knowing how close it was, that it was "too far", really? I walked there anyway, and it wasn't far at all.

At the K-Mart, I just ended up buying my shorts and pants there, and it wasn't cheap there either. The pants were $35 and the shorts were $25, the total being over $60 with taxes. That is K-Mart pricing too. I just think that everything here is expensive.

On the checkout, I saw this bag of sweet and sour onion chips, and that looked so good. I realized at home though I had the seasonings to make anything taste like sweet and sour onion, so I decided I'd use that on some rice and beans at home later that night, which I did, and it tasted fabulous. This was way healthier than eating the empty calories of a bag of chips, and it was just as tasty. I ate rice and beans which was healthy and nutritious and tasted the same as the bag of chips, and they were roughly the same price as well. The bag of chips was like $1.29, and the amount of rice and beans I ate was roughly that too.

At the checkout though, I couldn't use cashback, because I forgot I needed a debit card for that. Anyway I walked back to the smoothie store and told them I couldn't find a way to pay for it, because I had nothing. I told them next time I'd be more prepared, so I missed out on that. I browsed around the rest of the stores, but eh, wasn't really into most of the things there. I could have bought anything I wanted to, but whatever. Maybe once I lose some weight.

On a brighter note, at least going to the mall wasn't that expensive. It only cost me $30 total back and forth from home to the mall and back. Which is still a lot actually, but to me that's far less because it's normally $40.

Anyway that was pretty much my entire day today that I remember.

Written by JustMegawatt

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