May 4, 2021

Carried a 26 pound watermelon around 1.5 miles

11:18 PM (of Wednesday, May 5th 2021)

Today is Tuesday, May 4th 2021 and for the most part it was another normal day.

The day was for the most part the same as most other days. One differing factor is that at lunch time today, I went out and bought a Watermelon. I've just seen so many juicing videos and how you can make like 4 liters of juice or something with one watermelon, and I was so interested in that. I don't have a juicer so I just wanted to buy the watermelon and see if I could eat it normally and feel hydrated just from its natural water content.

There is this "local" fruit vendor just like outside the grocery store, a block away from the grocery store. They sold what I assume is organic fruits, because they're just outdoors. They only accept cash though and I didn't have any cash with me. So I asked them what their price was for their large watermelon, and it looked like it weighed about 25 pounds, it was very big. They told me it was $10, which was super cheap for a watermelon of that size in my opinion. So I said "vale, gracias" which means "okay, thanks" and I went to look for an ATM machine so I could withdraw some money.

Well I brought two cards with me and I thought at least one was a debit card, but they were both credit cards. It's been a while since I used debit, so I just thought my old credit card I hadn't used in a while was actually a debit card, but obviously it wasn't. So anyway, after not being able to withdraw any money anywhere, I went to the grocery store and bought their watermelon there with a credit card.

It was a 26 pound watermelon which I bought for $15 roughly. The one outside for $10 was comparable size, and yeah I missed out on that. I did bring $3 with me in cash though, so I ended up buying some 8 or so bananas at the organic outdoors fruit vendor for the $3. That was so cheap and affordable. I loved it. The problem was I had to carry all of this back, so I was carrying this 26 pound watermelon and 8 bananas with me back, and it was hard to carry. Very hard especially because the bananas were hard to balance on top of the watermelon..

Around 75% of the way back, I sat down to take a break. My arms were getting tired hauling this thing in the hot sun, and they were getting fatigued and wanted a rest, so I sat down for a bit. I ate four bananas or something like that while sitting down, because the bananas I kept carefully balanced on top of the watermelon, but they kept falling off and I'd have to stop and pick them back up, while holding everything else and keeping everything else balanced.

Anyway, I eventually make it back home carrying all of that. It was a fun experience. I felt so much relief coming back home with the watermelon and bananas. Due to being so hungry and thirsty and outside in the sun for over an hour, I thought I could finish the entire watermelon in one sitting. Well, I couldn't. I finished half of the watermelon, and that was all I could finish. And I think I ate one banana.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same, just work. I was also on Facebook a bit.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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