May 6, 2021

Went Out To Dollar Store

6:53 AM (of Friday, May 7th 2021)

Today is Thursday, May 6th 2021 and it was another typical day today. In the morning I did chores, such as cleaning up my sleeping area and washing dishes. I also brought in all the laundry I had hanging outside. They were still quite dirty actually, not that clean. Especially this white shirt I had, which had a bunch of dirt on it, I thought I cleaned it pretty well, but it was still brownish and dirty. I think I need to use a real laundromat at some point. I also took a shower today, finally. It's been probably over a week since I last took a shower, maybe two weeks even, and I just took one today because I wanted to.

Work was typical, I had a meeting today with clients. I told them about how my boss was out for a while because his father had passed away last week and they were all saddened by the news. Then my boss messaged me later that day, I think he's back now. The rest of the workday was normal.

After work at around 5:30 PM or so, I was thirsty. I mean I had water here at home, but I really enjoyed those refreshing fruit drinks. So I walked outside to go to the store today. Yeah I walked outside 40 minutes one way just so I could buy a juice drink haha. It's worth it to me.

Well the sky was cloudy today, and it was getting dark, maybe it was going to rain. I figured I'd also stop by the dollar store and get an umbrella. On the way to the store, this random dog comes barking at me from behind and just runs pass me and then just stops barking and looks away from me. I think it was charging at me from behind, wanting to attack me and my exposed feet and legs since I was wearing shorts and sandals, but it got intimidated once he saw my size and stopped barking and looked away once he ran passed me. I got a little bit startled and frightened since it came out of nowhere and from behind too, so for defense I picked up this nearby large branch just in case it tried that again for self defense.

I walked through this neighborhood carrying this huge stick as the only Asian guy around. I think the people here thought I was frightened to be attacked by other people or something, but no I was just ready to defend myself in case that dog came at me again.

I went to the dollar store and picked out an umbrella, it was a $4 umbrella that was mostly transparent, so I could see through it. That was cool. I stood in line and it took a while to get to the counter, then the lady said in Spanish that if I wanted to use my credit card, it would have to be $10 minimum purchase. They spoke so freaking fast though, the only words I was able to pick out was "diez" which means 10, and "minimo" which means minimum, and maybe a bit of other words like "credito" which means credit card, so that I was somehow able to understand I needed to spend $10 minimum. I repeated a bit of what they said in Spanish and asked if I had to buy $10 worth of items to use my credit card, and she said yes.

Okay, so I went out and bought 3 $2 32 oz jars. I think they're 32 oz, there was no measurement anywhere. But yeah I've seen these kinds of jars in a lot of those juicing videos where they juice fruit into these jars. So I was like, yeah I wanted this. I also bought a can opener for $1.50 because I had tomato cans at home I had a hard time opening. I still managed to open these tomato cans by just putting a butter knife on top of the can and hammering down with a weight, but it was a very inconvenient process. I stood in line again for a few minutes, and the purchase was approved this time.

I went to the grocery store next, and I just wanted to buy a drink. After looking at a bunch of different ones, I picked out two V8's, one was the original vegetable juice drink, the other was their V8 fusion which had a bunch of other fruits added. They were both good, not gonna lie. It tasted weird to me when I had it for the first time before, but due to my taste buds changing over the years, now this tomato flavor is quite delicious.

I also ended up buying 9 bananas or something like that, for $2.28. It was so cheap, wtf. I bought 8 bananas at the outdoor fruit vendor for $3, but here I got 9 for much cheaper. It was so cheap.

Anyway I walked these groceries back home, and I liked the idea of having bought the umbrella. It's a decent substitute for that stick, because it doubles as a weapon. Of course I might look a little crazy carrying an umbrella during a clear and sunny day, but at least it's somewhat of a weapon like a stick. Crime rates here in Puerto Rico are some of the highest in the world, so I can't be too cautious I would say. This is why every home here is barred up, doors are barred, and so are windows, because of how much crime takes place here.

I had a call with my parents that night, and I logged into the DMV today to mark my car as sold / donated back on March 4th. My mom has to re-register the car under her name, and we printed out this form that they would have to mail in. Selling/donating the car was easy on my part, but my mom re-registering it under her name is the difficult part.

Anyway that was my day today, the rest of the time I was just on Facebook.

Written by JustMegawatt

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