May 9, 2021

Stayed at home since Covid-19 levels are dangerously high here

8:44 AM (of Monday, May 10th 2021)

Today is Sunday, May 9th 2021 and I didn't do much today. In the morning I did some of the basic chores such as cleaning up my sleeping area, washing dishes, and doing my normal strength workouts. That was pretty much my whole day right there.

The rest of the time I was on YouTube, Facebook, and on here, browsing the websites, posting comments, replying to people, etc.

I wanted to go out to the mall again today mainly so I could go to the fruit juice / smoothie place in the mall, maybe walk over to Best Buy too to get a decent juicer, but I ended up just staying at home because it started to rain a bit and Covid-19 cases were really high today. Last night my parents called me and told me to just stay at home, because according to the CDC, Covid-19 levels in Puerto Rico are at level 4 which is very high.

I have not seen any cases of Covid-19 as far as I'm aware, and I walk outside quite a bit, go out to very public places like Wal-Mart or the mall too. For the most part myself, I'm symptom free. Apparently Covid-19 is ravaging the island like crazy right now, I wouldn't be surprised if I took a test and it turns out I contracted Covid while going to a public place here, but nothing happened because my immune system was strong enough and was able to fight off against it.

I want a lot of fruits and vegetables if I ever contract Covid though. The rice and beans I eat are fine, and I can get my daily nutritional requirements off of the rice and beans and tomato sauce and other ingredients I use, but the real antioxidant and phytonutrient powerhouses are the fruits and vegetables which I can't have because I don't have a fridge or freezer. Maybe this will get me to get a fridge or freezer. I will miss the ability to say that I don't own a fridge or freezer and live on $2 to $3 a day though.

At night I was bored af. There's been some porn videos I've wanted to buy for a while, over a year at least, but the prices for them were expensive at like $50 each. I kinda reasoned that today was a boring day, if I went to the mall and Best Buy I would've spent a minimum of $40 just on the Uber, if I bought any other random small item that would've been probably another $50 easily, since clothes there are like $30 minimum just for a shirt at any store at the mall. I wouldn't have bought a shirt, I probably would have bought a juicer at Best Buy, but that's just an example of the minimum I'd be spending. So I ended up buying these videos and spent $100 and enjoyed myself that night.

I don't know what I'm doing. I'm kinda just living alone, doing daily household chores, and then getting on social media or working the rest of the day. That's basically been every day for me so far. During weekends, for my boredom and wanting to get out, I'd go to the mall or Wal-Mart. Nothing I buy is ever anything I strictly need, but I feel it's like, to just satisfy an urge to do something novel, like getting a juicer.

I'm probably going to be buying a car at some point near the future. This is so I don't have to rely on Uber which can only take me one place at a time, and it's not available all the time, and it can get pricey. The car will be far more expensive though. Let's say one Uber ride for me is $30, and let's say a car is $30,000. One car will equate to 1000 Uber rides, which at my rate of taking maybe 2 Ubers a week total, with 52 weeks in a year, I'll have a round 100 Uber rides a year, so it'll take me 10 years of my current Uber ride schedule (2 rides a week on average) to get 1 car worth roughly. Just based on money, I probably shouldn't be getting a car, but it will give me a lot more freedom and I can go more places and do more things at my own convenience instead of having to wait 20-40 minutes for an Uber to pick me up. So based on time savings and the more actions I'll be able to take, it's worth it to get a car.

There was some Yoga that I did today too. It was okay. I just did some poses and held them for some time, breathing in and out and relaxing. Some poses require some decent flexibility to complete and I wasn't able to do a bunch of them either like touching the ground from a standing up position without bending the knees. I think yoga is great for improving flexibility, but I wasn't feeling stronger or more muscular or more toned because of it. I like doing it to improve flexibility though.

I used to look forward to the weekends when I was in school, but like, now, weekends feel like whatever to me really. They feel like any other day to be honest, even working days. Because I still work from home, and so I'm still here during the weekends and during workdays, so there's not really much of a difference between both for me.

I'm kinda getting bored of porn now too. The last two videos I bought are kinda the last that I've been looking forward to buy. I've scoured many different sites already, looked through thousands of clips and previews, I've basically subscribed to at least 7 different porn sites (just for 1 month so I could watch whatever premium video I wanted to watch on their site), and I've bought every video I've wanted to buy. There's nothing else for me that I'm interested in now.

What am I going to do now? Video games are off because I'm bored of those too. I can only do so many exercises in a day before I get tired and don't want to do anymore. I'm bored of Beat Saber because I've beaten every song (except the top 5 hardest songs on the hardest difficulty, which are super hard). I feel like I've seen every movie, read every book, watched every show, etc, already. I'm probably going to start drawing or something, maybe practicing music too. It's what my dad does now that he's mainly retired. He exercises daily, does household chores, draws, and practices music. There just needs to be something to do.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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