May 10, 2021

Package Ordered Last Month Arrived Today, Lots of Spanish

9:28 PM

Today was an okay working day. The morning was typical as other mornings, I just woke up, did my morning chores again, wrote yesterday's entry, and started working.

People usually think that since I'm in the tropics, the weather here is always sunny and perfect. I don't think it is. Maybe I am just noticing it being cloudy more often than not, but I would say it's basically cloudy most days. On sunny days, it's very sunny, and of course the weather is nice, but I feel like it's rarely as sunny as people think.

Since I bought those videos last night, I enjoyed myself on them again today morning. What can I do? I am feeling more bored though. I'm starting to feel like touching myself is a chore.

Work was alright today. Just another plain work day.

At around 4 PM or so, this package I ordered like 3 weeks ago arrived. Somebody left it at my front door, but whoever left it there couldn't resist opening the entire package first to check out what was inside. Did they take something out from it? I don't see a "packing slip" which usually comes with packages like this, it would have my name, address, how much the food cost, etc. Maybe even some credit card info, maybe my email. But I didn't see one like that? Did whoever open my box, steal the packing slip or did it just not come with one in the first place?

Anyway all I ordered anyway were some chips, food, online. I bought some chips for $4 each, and they arrived today. I guess they opened it, was disappointed it wasn't some expensive laptop or whatever, and then they left it at my front door. I don't care though that they opened it, but if they took the packing slip to grab my personal info, I'm not happy over that.

I also signed up for HBO Max today. I forgot to write about it, but I have been speaking Spanish with my Uber drivers and they said I spoke good Spanish. I can't for the life of me understand them that well though when they're speaking Spanish, seriously. I can say most things I want to in Spanish, I have the vocabulary down, but when people speak it or whatever, I don't understand them. One guy started telling me about his girlfriend's dad or something, who lived in Puerto Rico for over 40 years but barely spoke any Spanish. He didn't explicitly say I spoke Spanish better, but I think he implied it. Anyway, this same guy told me that he learned English by watching movies in English with Spanish subtitles on.

He told me to sign up for HBO Max because they had movies and shows there in Spanish audio, and I could turn on English subtitles to learn. It's sort of like watching Anime which is in Japanese, but this time I actually have context of what they're saying. I mean I have probably watched 5000 hours or so of Japanese Anime, but I still barely understand them. I know "nani" means what, and "nande" means why, but that's pretty much all I know. In Spanish though, I know practically most words I listen to. I can understand what they're saying much better with the subtitles.

I'm starting to learn the context and usage of words now. Things like "esperame" means "wait for me", I mean I already knew that, but I never used it in real life once. But here I'm hearing it a lot in the dialogs. And I learned another way to say sorry, "soy lamento", which I didn't know. I thought it was only "Lo siento", but apparently "soy lamento" also works! I also knew that "Dijiste" means I said, but I never used it in a real life context ever.

It is fun watching shows and movies in Spanish. Right now I'm watching the show Silicon Valley in Spanish, and it is SO FUNNY. It is so good. This is one of my favorite shows in the world, and it's in Spanish audio. I'm almost able to understand what they're saying without subtitles. You know what was weird? Transitioning to speaking English. That's freaking weird.

Like me writing this entry right now in English, feels kinda weird to me. I want to write it in Spanish. Me quiero escribir esta en espanol. And I feel like I can write in Spanish really well. Y yo siento escrib en espanol muy bien. Wow I am actually doing it. Wow es real yo haz esta. Actually I don't know the Spanish equivalent for Wow, so I just used Wow.

This is a lot of fun. Anyway, I am enjoying this activity so far. That was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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