April 13, 2020

Work Day, Bike Repaired, Beatles, Lots of Insane Conspiracy Theories


Today has been a whirlwind of a day all from home. Nothing spectacular really happened until just around an hour ago, when I started browsing the conspiracy subreddit. That place is a disinformation gateway. The reason I call it that is because the post titles and images say one thing, but then in the comments there are usually people disproving the claim in the titles and pictures, and yet these comments are often ignored. I don't know how else to describe it. That place is filled with lots of disinformation on Bill Gates conspiracies, 5G, vaccine tracking, etc. It's so insane!!

The thing is, these guys are attacking Bill Gate's instagram account, and so I visited his Instagram and 99% of the comments are backlash and hatred about vaccine and 5G and depopulation, etc. It's complete nonsense. Every second, there are several new posts on his newest picture and they're all attacking Bill. It's pretty cool to watch all that live action happen in real time every single second, but the contents of the posts are terrifying. People are even posting that they want Bill dead.

In that subreddit, someone posted a video of a protest in Ohio of around 60 people carrying signs, angry at the government and demanding to go back to work. Thankfully most of the signs didn't have any conspiracy theories or anything like that blaming Bill Gates and 5G and vaccines. Their signs basically showed statistics that not many peolpe died from this, so they're arguing the lockdown was too strong a measure for something that wasn't causing as much deaths as even accidents or heart attacks or cancer in that state. I do understand where they're coming from, and maybe they do have a point. However, the reason for the lockdowns is so that we don't overwhelm the hospitals with patients and cause even more deaths all at once.

The Bill Gates comments are really just the most striking things that I witnessed today. There are people calling him an alien who wants to take down the human race, and there are several comments like this. I think they are actually serious because most of the comments are about vaccines, him owning the vaccine patent, him putting in tracking chips in the vaccines, and other nonsense info they can't prove. I actually looked up the patent claim one, it turns out Bill Gates invested in a company, he has probably invested in thousands of companies by the way, that happened to have a coronavirus vaccine years back. Coronavirus is just a type of virus, and that patent has no hold on the current cases apparently. It took me a few seconds to search and figure that out, and yet most people can't or don't. Then they jump to these wild conclusions.

Anyway, I'll write about the rest of my day now. Today was a Monday and the first working day of the week. I worked from home again today, and I think the weather outside was mostly cloudy in the morning. I knew that my bike would arrive today, and I scheduled for it to be dropped off at 12 PM. I worked, and got a call at around 11 PM that the bike would be dropped off late, maybe around 1 PM. I kept on working, it started raining heavily with strong winds at around 1:00 PM, and the bike arrived at around 2:30 PM after the rain subsided.

The bike repairman arrived, wearing the same mask he wore last time, he also wore similar gloves but they're probably a new disposable pair. He told me what had been done with the bike, the components they fixed and replaced, the parts they cleaned, and everything was renewed. Awesome, I was excited to ride it again for the first time in years. On the way back walking it home, I started to get on the bike, but wow I almost lost my balance, it was a road bike and I hadn't ridden in a while, and so I just walked it back and left it outside to quarantine it. I decided to ride it tomorrow.

The reason I haven't ridden in so long is my friend who wanted to buy the bike from me, brought it to a bike repairshop and they quoted him $400+ to fix whatever was wrong with it (I didn't see or feel anything wrong when I rode it), but he declined to buy it because of that. I stopped riding it after that because I thought there was something terribly wrong with it. Well I just got a complete tune-up of the bike for $211 with some bike parts replaced including rear tire, bake pads, and all the chains, etc, cleaned and lubricated, full safety inspection and adjustment, and I thought that was a great deal. Anyway, after the bike arrived I continued with work until the end of the day.

I planned on sleeping early, around 9 PM, but yeah it's already 12:16 AM now of the next day, and I still haven't slept yet. I'm going to sleep soon because I want to ride that bike first thing tomorrow morning. As of the entry said though, I watched a lot of Beatles videos like their Shea stadium one, someone uploaded the entire 30 minute performance and it was nice to watch. I also watched their original February 9th, 1964 performance on Ed Sullivan, all except for their first song there which there aren't any copies of online apparently. I also listened to some Klaatu songs since they were the band mistaken to be the Beatles. After that, I started browsing the conspiracy subreddit and I wrote about it above.

Anyway that was my day today, time to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 17, 2020

The human society is weird, but once you just on the hate bandwagon I guess the only way out is to realise that hate is useless and meaningless o.o Why do they hate Bill O.O ?
I believe that the lockdown was both an extreme measure and at the same time not. I've been in lockdown for almost two months and it was a great measure to stop the virus from spreading, but my government handled it in the worst way possible: 1) They announced that the lockdown will happen "tomorrow" and that made everyone get in a state of panic, so the majority of people ran to get the earliest train to go back home (this caused the virus to spread, since a lot of people don't know that they have the virus until it finally inflicts the body with the symptoms); 2) if they had tested everyone to find out immediately who was infected, they could have locked in all of those who were and those who were in close contact with him/her and let other people live normally. Unfortunately the tests may be too expensive and thus is the reason why my government doesn't do it to it's citizens. Also, there were a lot of idiots that were infected, but decided to get out of the house anyway cause they felt "cooped up" and ended up infecting everyone else xD So I believe it was an extreme measure to protect everyone from idiots. Our death rate here in Italy actually reduced once the quarantine arrived, but if they don't test us we'll never know who is infected and we'll never know when the quarantine will end xD Like the said that in may we might be able to finally start opening up shops and start walking again (still with masks and gloves on), but you know it's still risky :) I don't know the situation in America, but they should take the virus seriously. Stay at home and not protest in a crowd of people that MAY BE infected @.@ I don't know how things are run in America, but people here work at home. Except for waiters and cooks (for example), but the government is giving them a salary since they can't work. This virus is afflicting everyone and many might not have a job by the end of this apocalypse, but rioting won't help solve it D: (I'm sorry, it's just that beig stupid doesn't help solve this and being outside during the pandmic might end up making the situation much worse). What do you think o.o?
Please ride your bike away from people, social distance yourself. I don't even know you and I am worried for you xD Please stay safe D:
I don't like the Beatles xD Like maybe one or two songs xD Is there a concert that is super fantabulous that you can recommend me :)? (sorry for posting, please don't find my comment offensive xD)

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@pinenutes Bill Gates is a public figure who has really been pushing vaccines and has warned people since 2015 that another pandemic will arrive. Conspiracy theorists took this as a sign that Bill Gates had something to do with the Coronavirus, and so they started looking at all the "evidence" like companies he funded (literally tens of thousands of companies), and from all of these they found one company that had a coronavirus vaccine patent from a long time ago for a different coronavirus. Based on that, they started spreading the rumor that Bill Gates not only created this virus, he planned it all along, and is now pushing vaccines so he can mind control and track us with microchips.

You can see evidence of this on any YouTube video that has Bill Gates in it. It's just everyone spamming Bill Gates hate messages.

A really good concert of the Beatles is the Rooftop Concert, it was their last concert ever played. If you want to see how many fans they had, you can check out the Shea Stadium concert when they first became popular.

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@JustMegawatt Wait. But. That makes no sense xD! Well it's an interesting story, but don't they know it originated in China xD? Or is that what they want me to think xD?
Oooooh, Thank you for the recommendation :3

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