May 12, 2021

Talking about me a little

I fell that in english I can talk about my feelings, I don't know why, but some way it doesn't seems personal, is just another history and whatever, I have trouble to talk about what hurt me. I think I never faced my grandma death and maybe, just maybe, all I did until I started talk with a therapist was because of it and also because I couldn't connect with my parents, I had to start care myself when I was just a kid, they give me money but everything else was with me.

Tumblr was my favorite social media, you probably uderstand what I'm talking about.

Written by Slowet

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Posted On May 13, 2021

Yeah, I used to be on tumblr all the time. Not so much anymore since one of my accounts was deleted.

Posted On May 14, 2021

@iyazi I have already been scroll all Tumblr topics, so is kind boring for me right now

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