May 12, 2021

Took the day off work and bought a printer

7:43 AM (of Thursday, May 13th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, May 12th 2021 and the time is going by so fast. I wrote last night about waiting for a water utility bill to arrive just so I could finally use that to make a bank account and apply for a driver's license. Well this morning when I woke up, that idea of needing to make a bank account and getting a driver's license here really kicked me into action because that stressed me out a lot.

5:24 PM (of Thursday, May 13th 2021)

Today is still Wednesday, May 12th 2021 and I took off work today. I don't remember much of what I did in the morning before 9 AM. I probably did some quick chores and cleaned up the place. When 9 AM arrived, I took off work. I had the plan to buy a printer, print out all the documents I needed to create a bank account, then go to the bank and create a bank account. To me, I figured this would be really quick to do, so I didn't stress out about anything.

Instead I got turned on for no reason and I bought another video and I had fun with myself for a couple of hours until around 12 PM. I then became tired and took a nap until 1 PM.

When I woke up, I saw the time being late and figured I should leave right away, so I called up an Uber. It would arrive in about 14 minutes, so I just rushed in taking a shower, changing to brand new clothes, and then heading out the door and running towards where I would be picked up. I jogged for a few minutes to get to the pick-up spot, which I set outside the neighborhood so it would be easier for drivers to find, and I was sweating a lot since it was sunny out and hot, and I was also running around. Anyway when I got there, it said the driver would be there in about 2 minutes. I sent the guy a message "hola" just so I could test that my Internet was still working outdoors, and then he said "hola" back. A few moments later he cancelled the ride and I got connected with another Uber driver who would be arriving in 22 minutes. Wtf.

Anyway I went back home so I could chill for a bit, since I wasn't going to wait 22 minutes outside in the sun. I came back home, plugged in my phone so it could charge for a bit longer, and then I don't remember what I did during that intermediary time period. I just chilled at home I guess, probably watching some videos or something.

When it was around 5 minutes until the driver would arrive, I started jogging to the pick-up spot again and got there just in time. The driver was a woman and she probably wanted to ask why I was sweating so much in English but I don't think she knew how, so she just asked me "its hot?" and I said "si, es muy caliente" which means yes it's very hot. Then I figured, oh, she wanted to ask why I was sweating so much, so then I explained in Spanish that I had to run there to make it "y tambien yo necesite correr para venir aqui" or something like that.

She was very impressed I was speaking in Spanish, and she would ask me some questions and I would reply back. I could only barely understand what she was saying, so I just made assumptions as to what she was asking. Anyway she kept looking at me through the rearview mirror as I was speaking and she was driving, so we kept making eye contact, and she would raise both her eyebrows in disbelief that I was speaking to her in Spanish. I was speaking very plain and simple Spanish in my opinion, but she was very shocked and impressed the whole time, she even said "your Spanish is very good" but in Spanish.

Yeah we talked for the 10 or so minutes it took to get to the mall, and I even explained to her that I just wanted to go to the mall so I could get a fruit smoothie, then I walk over to Best Buy. I felt pretty invincible in my Spanish after chatting with her, but I got knocked down again once I got to the fruit smoothie counter, Island Ice. I walked up to the counter when it was my turn expecting to just be able to order everything in Spanish and that I would also understand the person at the counter, well I didn't understand her that well, much less than the Uber driver, so I just said "si" or "claro" or "no entiendo". Is "No entiendo" wrong? Should I instead use "No entendido"? I don't know.

Anyway I ordered their largest size smoothie and I told them to add all the fruits and add a creatine and ginseng supplement, and replace the cow milk with almond milk, and the total was only like $8. That was so cheap. That's all the fruits they have in their largest size smoothie, and I added some supplements. What? I expected it to be like $11 or something, but it wasn't. Anyway I enjoyed the smoothie a lot, I drank it as I walked over to the Best Buy, and I was having the time of my life again. The outside weather felt so nice and warm and fresh, and I was drinking this very sweet and healthy smoothie. Oh yeah I was enjoying it.

When I got to Best Buy, I knew I went there mainly to buy a printer, but I bought this Smart Scale that I saw by Withings first, which I saw for sale for $100, and also their smart blood pressure monitor for $100. I've been eating nothing but chips for the past 2 days and today too, so I knew I was going in the wrong direction, and I wanted these additional tools to help me out in my journey to losing weight and gaining back optimal blood pressure and resting heart rate. I kept looking around the entire store for whatever else I wanted to buy, I mean the entire place was basically like a playground of cool stuff to check out.

I saw some guy using this large platform cart to move around this enormous 72 inch TV. I mean the TV itself is big, but the box for it was gigantic and he was hauling it around. I kinda wondered what it would be like having one of those, did I want one of those? If it's like $2000 for a TV like that, it's expensive, but I could still afford it. The only benefit I could see myself getting from it though was that I could watch Silicon Valley in Spanish in 72 inches. But that's it? That's all? That sucks. Such a gigantic waste in my opinion. I mean I could also watch other movies and shows on it available on HBO, but did I really need a 72 inch screen for that? I can just move a bit closer to my laptop, and then it would take up my entire periphery vision so it's like having a 72 inch screen, maybe even bigger.

Anyway I went to the Printer section and I asked a lady there to help me. We spoke entirely in Spanish. I dunno, most people here don't speak much English, so I have to speak in Spanish a lot of the time. It is fun though. It is definitely fun. Anyway I told her I didn't care about the printer really, I just wanted one that worked and would print stuff, I don't care about the price or whatever, just a decent printer. She directed me to a very good printer that has all the features I didn't know I needed. It was an inkjet color printer that had wireless printing, SD Card printing, color printing, scanning, and even fax. The printer I had in the U.S. was a black and white only printer and it was like $300. This one was only like $240 and it had everything. I also bought some extra ink for it, just in case.

I also check out the juicers that they had, and I was about to buy one. But, I was already carrying this huge freaking printer box that was cumbersome to carry, and a bunch of other stuff, so I just said screw it, maybe next time. I stood in the check-out line and bought this printer, the Withings smart scale, the Withings blood pressure monitor, some extra ink, and paper, and the total was around $550 or something like that. Not much at all.

After that I went outside and I called up an Uber. I redirected it to drop me off at the mall first, so I could buy two more smoothies with all the fruit for $8 in their largest size. This driver was a dick. I was afraid of talking to him because he seemed aggressive in everything, had lots of tattoos and was bald (not that being bald is a bad or aggressive thing), and he drove extremely aggressively. He drove like a maniac, nearly hitting a bunch of people, honking a bunch of times, speeding and passing people and zig-zagging inappropriately. One time there was a car making a left turn up in front, and we needed to make a left turn too, in that situation you wait until the person in front makes a turn before turning, but this guy didn't even wait for the other person, they just turned into the road first almost causing a crash.

Anyway needless to say, I kept my mouth shut and just hoped I survived. When we got to the mall, I ran in. Dude in the parking lot this guy was honking a lot and driving at 20+ mph in the parking lot, I was intimidated. He could have stolen my $550 worth of Best Buy stuff that was in his trunk, and so when he dropped me off at the mall entrance, I ran to the Island Ice store. I stood in line for a bit, and then ordered, and then was like omg hurry up go faster. They went as fast as they could, but still I could tell this driver would get really pissed and agitated if he had to wait any longer. When I got the smoothies, I ran back to the car. I didn't check my phone but he was texting "?" after like just 3 minutes. Chill out...

Anyway when I got back to the car and he drove me back, I was pretty scared. Normally I chat with my Uber drivers in Spanish, like the previous driver, but I was way too afraid to say even a single word. I felt like if I said something he would just start shouting back.

Anyway when I got back home, I set up my printer and my Withings smart trackers. And then I got on YouTube for a while, and I enjoyed myself again, and then the entire night just passed by quickly and I don't know what else happened. That's basically exactly what happened.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On May 15, 2021

Dude....what...? I wish $550 was "not much." If it wasn't a lot in reality, I wouldn't be homeless. You must make a lot of money to be spending so much all the time (not that I have any right to say what you do with it). I'm just now noticing how big of a gap there is between you and me class-wise because I am well below the poverty line.

I got a printer that does color and b/w printing and scanning for only around $30 or less at walmart. It's a good printer and it's held up for years. The ink itself costs more. $300 just sounds rediculous, but I personally wouldn't use any of the other features that maybe you will, idk...

Ubers be fuckin wild I hope you gave that guy a 1 star review and let uber know what happened since you felt unsafe! Sounds like that guy's in the wrong line of work... To be fair they do have it in the app that you should try to keep all stops to 3 minutes or less. I do think they should increase that time, but he was probably checking in to follow uber's rules because they actually get a notification and can get in trouble for idling in one place too long. I've had drivers leave because of this, so I never leave anything in a ride ever if I can help it.

I can agree about the tv! That's like home theater sized! I was gifted a 47" tv a year or two ago for Christmas and to be honest I've only used it a few times to play pokemon on switch, sitting waaaaay back on my bed while the tv sat on a table on the opposite wall. It still felt too big to me, I can't even imagine having a larger one. Don't get me wrong, I love the gift, but I think even 47" is too much... 😅

My doctor and pharmacist have been on me about how I should be monitoring my blood pressure as well because one of the medicines I'm on for PTSD, nightmares, and night terrors is actually for high blood just has the weird extra effect of helping with those things too. Unfortunately, my blood pressure already tends to run low and (especially when my weight drops drastically like it has recently) I've had episodes of syncope where I'll suddenly faint and collapse straight down to the floor. (I've noticed I tend not to fall over for some reason lol I just go WHUMP straight down to the ground) So if my blood pressure is low already I'm technically not supposed to take it.

Posted On May 15, 2021

@iyazo Yeah I can earn $550 after a few days of working, so it's not a lot to me. But it's all relative. Some people earn that in 1 hour. The printer was $240, but this was a Best Buy, the minimum printer there was like $120 and it was bare minimum. It's also Puerto Rico, everything here is imported, so everything is harder to find in stock and they're more expensive, including the printers. Pretty much all the other printers were sold out and out of stock. It will take a few weeks for them to restock. I've noticed that here, like there are entire sections at Best Buy sometimes that are completely sold out, and they won't restock for a while.

The Uber guy, I gave him 5 stars and tipped him $1 probably, I was still scared and intimidated after that ride, even though I wanted to give him a 1 star, I feel like if I gave him a 1 star he would do something bad to me.

I think it's better to have low blood pressure than high blood pressure.

Posted On May 16, 2021

@JustMegawatt That's ridiculous to earn that much in an hour... Ah yeah I forgot stuff was more expensive there because of importing and so on. No way that guy deserved 5 stars... They don't see what you rate them as or any of your personal info other than your first name and location in the app. They have those protections in place so that people can feel free to alert them when they've had a bad experience by adding a layer of protection between you and the driver.

Not sure if either is really good lol but yeah, my issue is easier to fix without additional medication luckily, at least so far.

Posted On May 16, 2021

@iyazo Next time I'll leave a 1 star for a bad driver like that. He was so aggressive, omg. I was surprised he had a 4.85 star rating, considering he was the scariest uber driver I've ridden with.

Yeah everything is slightly more expensive here.

Posted On May 16, 2021

@JustMegawatt Is there a way to view your recent trips to revise the feedback, perhaps? you could do that as well. The scariest uber/lyft I took was in a Tesla and that's just because being in a self-driving car that automatically jumps up to the speed limit in a spit second is a little terrifying. Plus it looked like I was inside of a space ship lol

Posted On May 16, 2021

@iyazo I checked, there's not a way to modify old reviews

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