May 13, 2021

Depressing Day that Became Better

7:45 AM

I am writing this entry simultaneous at the same time I'm writing yesterday's entry. I woke up this morning and just did my morning chores, I cleaned up the place, threw out the trash, and since I had my printer ready and all, I printed out all the documents I needed to.

The past 2-3 days, two days ago especially, I ate basically only chips. It was so bad. I ate probably over 4000 calories of chips every single one of those days. It sounds unbelievable, but it really happened. I'd take a picture of all the empty bags of chips I have here, over 20 bags of chips, if I hadn't already thrown it out this morning. But yeah I ate practically nothing but chips the past 2-3 days and I feel horrible as I'm writing this right now. Normally most days, I feel good to amazing the entire day. I think that's because I had a very healthy and happy gut microbiome getting what it wanted and needed daily.

Right now as I'm writing this entry and yesterday's entry, I feel terrible. Like somewhat sad, something I haven't felt in a while. Possibly another thing that made me feel bad, or I might've already felt bad before doing this, but printing out those documents I needed felt so bad. I had to look through so many emails and it was so tedious and tiring. There's so much paperwork and bureaucracy because I incorporated a new business here as well and that came with a lot of paperwork and forms, and I needed those forms, as well as my rental agreement. It was so stressful reading a lot of complicated legalese related documents and emails, whew.

So I don't know if that made me depressed, or if it's eating basically nothing but chips the past few days causing my microbiome to produce less serotonin, or it could be a combination of both. Anyway I have a bunch of forms printed, and I realize I need to fill in some more forms, because I need a "merchant's license" here to conduct business apparently, and that's another application and form I have to print out and mail, oh yeah and the entire thing is in Spanish. So not only did I have to incorporate a new company, and get an EIN from the IRS, I have to get a Merchant's License now too which I think is unique to PR. We didn't have that in the States.

I'm going to bring all these forms to a bank soon, I'm just going to have to walk to one. I think it will take me like 30 minutes to walk to one, but whatever. I'm just feeling very down and unenergetic right now, this is opposite of how I normally feel day to day. It probably doesn't seem like it based on my writing, but yeah I feel pretty great basically every day. Well, maybe energy and mood are different.

Moodwise I feel unemotional, but depressed? Most days I probably feel unemotional, but happy, or maybe content is a better word. Energywise right now I'm feeling low energy and lazy. Most other days I'm feeling high energy but lazy, like I could do anything and everything in a day, but the only thing stopping me is I don't feel like it. Like yesterday I walked for 4 hours before I stopped, and even then I could have kept going but I just didn't feel like it, and the rest of the day I just used my standing desk for another 6-7 hours probably, so I had no lack of energy there. Today another only thing stopping me is I feel like I physically don't have the energy to do things.

8:30 AM

I just came back from attempting to take a nap, but it's kind of hard when the sun is out and shining. Instead I just laid on my back and rested I guess, also a body part of mine decided to stand up straight without me touching it as I was trying to sleep again

So yesterday I bought the Withings smart scale and the Withings smart blood pressure monitor. So I've gotten both down to normal ranges before, they were normal early 2020, but obviously now I've gone off the rails a bit with my weight, and probably only recently went off the rails on my blood pressure. I checked my weight this morning and it was 208.9, whereas a few days ago I was 205. So I was getting my weight down, but I just spiked it up again by eating bags and bags of chips the past few days. I also had a difficult time pooping this morning, normally all I do is sit down and push a little and that expels everything in under 30 seconds, but wow I had to sit there for a few minutes pushing small things out, so now I'm reminded how the regular person that barely gets any fiber feels.

My blood pressure was also very high, I mean I only bought the Withings smart blood pressure monitor yesterday and was only able to use it for the first time last night, but yeah I'm pretty sure if I used it a few days back, without all this salt in me after eating all those chips, my blood pressure would've been in the normal range or high normal range probably. My first test last night got me 182/102 and 67 bpm, and the test I did this morning got me 150/96 and 72 bpm. I'm really not happy with those numbers, since I once had phenomenal blood pressure of 110/70 or sometimes even lower than that, and also under 55 bpm. Whatever, I'll just have to get back to those days.

Anyway I need to go out and walk to the bank right now.

3:11 PM (of Saturday, May 15th 2021)

I went to the bank and I had a fun experience with the person there. Walking there was a fun experience all on its own too, because I had no idea how to get there, because I had not gone there before. I knew where it was, but walking there was fun, I took a new route, walked to a place I had never been to before, and yeah it was a good time.

I sat down in the waiting room of the bank, and this little girl like 5 years old or whatever, was playing Minecraft on her mom's phone I think, and she randomly started talking to me and asked me some questions in Spanish about Minecraft, and I had no idea what she was saying. To me, she was like a master of Spanish already, and I couldn't even understand anything she was saying. I mean imagine when little kids speak English, they sound like novices to adult English speakers, but this little girl was talking in Spanish and to me I had no idea what she was saying.

Anyway eventually it was my turn, and a bank lady called me up. We communicated mainly in Spanish when creating my bank account because she didn't speak much English, but we still understood each other. I barely understood her though, I just knew the right words and responses to say. Like when she called me over I said "quiero crear una cuenta de personal y una cuenta de comercial" which meant I want to create a personal and business bank account, and she said a bunch of words but I just barely understood them. I only knew what she was saying because of the context because everything was around the subject of creating these bank accounts.

Anyway I was able to create my personal bank account then and there, and she gave me a bank card. Awesome. I think she said I needed a minimum of $450 in my bank account to avoid the monthly maintenance fee, and I said okay. I wrote a check from my bank account to myself for this bank account, and the transfer would take like 5 days before it fully deposited. I can't use any money in that bank account yet though until I get the visa debit card for it.

After that I went home. I took a different route back home, and I saw a bunch of wild chickens possibly, like a large flock of them, that lived in this very public area under this large tree on the bank's property. I don't think anyone kills those chickens, because there's a lot of them, and they're just running around freely, but who knows. Maybe someone goes there and captures and kills a chicken every few days. They looked like they were having a fun and peaceful life just running around though.

I remember being resistant to the idea of giving up meat and other animal products too, like how and why would I ever do that? What would I eat? Giving up meat made me study more about nutrition, now I know more about nutrition than ever, hence why I'm able to live off $2 to $3 a day of food without a fridge or freezer, and without running into any sort of sicknesses or illnesses ever, and I don't directly kill any animals in the process as well. Overall I've become healthier, more rational, more practical, in a better mood most of the time.

When I got home, someone in a Puerto Rico facebook group asked how to get a license, and some person recommended a place called License & Co. So I was like, okay, let me try that out. At around 11 AM or so, after I did some work, I took a break and got an Uber there. The wait was kinda long, it was sort of like the DMV, but I stood in front of some guy who has lived in Puerto Rico for 58 years and was from Boston, and we talked for a while in Spanish, then in English. He was very old. Behind him there was a woman who was insanely attractive, wow. I still have her image buried in my head even now two days in the future, I really wanted to talk to her but I was so busy already talking to this guy, and my turn eventually came up to go to the counter.

I told the lady what I needed, a driver's license, and she gave me this piece of paper and checked off the items that I needed for a driver's license. I think she was kind of difficult to work with though, she sounded pretty annoyed for some reason, and anyway, that was it. I had like less than 1 minute at the counter, and then I was done. Spoiler alert is that someone in tomorrow's entry (one day from today), also came up with the same sentiment and told me he didn't like working with her LOL.

But yeah, I left so disappointed I didn't get to talk to the woman behind the guy I was talking to even though I really wanted to. She's probably more attractive than most other girls hence why she stood out to me so much. Wow. I'll never see her again though. She didn't have big breasts or whatever, she was wearing this one piece mini skirt dress, and she was tan, and I could just see how toned her body was. That's what was so hot to me, her physique was so marvelous.

Anyway I got an Uber ride back home, and then I worked until the end of the day. I also prepared some food for myself during that time too, because I didn't go out or anything. After that, I looked for the documents I needed to bring next time to get a driver's license, and I printed those out. When everything was done, I enjoyed myself a few times that night, yes more than once.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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