May 16, 2021

16.05.2021 Plant diary

Today I foliar all plants. My Ficus Benjamina has chlorosis, so I fertilized and foliar it and cut all hurt leaves. Also, I deleted one of the red peppers. It gave the last fetus and dead.

Plants that have grown:

  • Avocado [13; 1 + 1 sprouts] - both growed by 1 cm.
  • Cactus [12; 13; 15; 16] - growed by 2 cm. Also, I measured babyes: 6*1 cm; 1.5 cm; 2*3.5 cm.

Planted watercress, radish, cabbage, cauliflower last week was sprouted. I replant them. I'll measure all of it next week if they proceed.

Written by NastyMell

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