May 14, 2021

Took another day off to create new bank account, apply for driver's license

6:14 AM (of Monday, May 17th 2021)

Today is Friday, May 14th 2021 and I took off work again. I wasn't planning on taking off work today, but I was in the queue at the bank for so long that I decided to take it off. At around 8 AM this morning, I prepared to head out to the bank. It was a bright and sunny day out, so I didn't bring an umbrella with me, because it wasn't going to rain, right? And I also deliberately left my checkbook, thinking I wouldn't need it (but I actually would).

Anyway I walked over to the bank again, taking the backroad route this time, which I think is slightly faster than going the original way I originally took. When I got there, I sat in the waiting room for a bit. There were two other people there before me, they both looked at me as I sat down, one was on the phone, the other guy was just sitting there. I wanted to talk to that guy in Spanish but I had no idea what to say. Anyway, they both went up before me and then it was eventually my turn after like an hour.

I asked my boss if I could take a half-day off today, so I could open up this business bank account and apply for a driver's license, this time bringing in all the documents I needed, and he said sure. So I took off this morning today, but these two things would take so long I would later request the full day off.

Eventually my turn came up, and I had another woman come help me, different from yesterday. She didn't speak much English either, so I just communicated in Spanish the whole time. We chitchat a lot, and she would try to practice her English with me while I practiced my Spanish with her. I would ask her how to say some words, like how to say slow, and she said "suave", so "el corre suave", she also said another way to say it was "lento", which is also slow. I don't remember the original context, but I guess suave applies to some contexts while lento applies to others.

Anyway, we eventually created the business bank account, because I brought in the Merchant's License this time, which I applied for that morning and was able to get and print out that same morning. But I couldn't do any initial deposits into that account yet because I didn't bring a check book great. So I knew I had to come back sometime later.

Anyway when my account was created and we were all done, it started raining heavily outside. Oh great, and I didn't bring an umbrella because I didn't think it would rain. I ended up walking home, using my backpack as my umbrella, and it would get very soaked and so would I. Anyway I should have waited it out, because I got extremely wet by the rain by the time I got home, and I had to completely change out of everything, and I left the contents of the backpack out in the sun in one of the rooms, such as papers and other things, because they were all partially wet too.

I took a shower that morning and changed into a completely brand new set of clothes. Then I got another Uber so I could go to the License & Co. place again to apply for a driver's license. I asked to be picked up at this other intersection, because I figured I could go to the bank, deposit money into the business bank account, and then get the Uber ride. That's exactly what happened, I first ordered the Uber, then I walked over to the bank, and then walked over to the new pickup spot I designated, and then we went to License & Co.

Over at License & Co. there was a long line, and there wasn't any attractive women this time like the other day. Instead there was some guy there I talked to who turns out to be my age, and we were in Puerto Rico for roughly the same reason, but he was there a year earlier than me and he still hasn't gotten his driver's license yet and other things. We talked a lot, and got to know each other a little. He was a very "doomsday", "anti-masker", "alt right" sort of guy. He wants to live somewhere far from the city and just hoard stuff. He recommended this gun place so I could get a gun license and get firearms for safety, I told him I'd think about it. He told me he didn't want to live in the city because there would be chaos and riots here or something if inflation increased the prices of things, because 85% of our food is imported apparently, and so is 95% of everything else. Uh okay bro.

The way I view it is that if there's ever riots and stuff here, people would go after the stores and other commercial businesses, they wouldn't go after neighbors or other people. We have to work together for society to function, not just be a hoarder imagining doomsday scenarios that will never come. If that would happen, everyone is fucked, including doomsday people.

I told him I wanted to live in a condo like that one, and I pointed to this condo behind us, because the line was so long we were actually standing outside the building. He told me his boss was a billionaire, Peter Schiff, I asked where a guy like that would live and he said that all the wealthy people lived in this place called the Ritz-Carlton resort. He said that each property there is probably $1 million minimum and that HOA there was $2000 a month, and I was like, yeah, no. I can't afford that.

He told me some stories of these spoiled kids though, growing up under billionaires. They have so much money like, even $1 million isn't a lot to them. The stories he told me were pretty lame though to be honest, he just told me how these kids will go to an Italian restaurant and order Thai food and the restaurant would still cater to them. He said that was his best story but I found it to be very unimpressive.

So there were two ladies at the counter, and I think they are always there. He told me he didn't like one of them because he's gone up to her a few times, the one I had yesterday, and I got the same vibes. He said no matter what he didn't want to go up to that one, and I said yeah I can relate. Anyway I got lucky and had the other lady, the one we were both fine with. I brought over my documents and she said they were good, and I could go to this place and take my photos there next month. If I had the other lady, the one we both didn't like, I don't know what the result would've been, because there was some confusion with one of the documents I brought in.

Anyway that completed my turn there, and I went to Wal-Mart next. I really just went there so I could buy some fruit salads and smoothies, but I would buy up like a bunch of other stuff like a stapler, a storage box, an office folder organizer thing, some folders, and I think that's it, the total came down to something like $110 or something, I don't even remember. It wasn't much. And I brought that home with me. I also bought 3 fruit salads and 2 green fruit smoothies because I hadn't eaten anything all day, and I loved these fruit salads and smoothies.

My Uber driver on the drive back home, because it was a Friday night, he started talking about girls and dance clubs and strip clubs. Again he didn't speak much English, any English actually, so we chat in Spanish the whole time. I told him there was a strip club in walking distance from where I lived, and I told him to take this alternative route back to my place, instead of going where the GPS was telling him. I told him, go straight instead of turning because there is a strip club there, and he said okay, and went straight.

Anyway we passed by this huge strip club building, which looked like big a factory, that had lots of suggestive pictures spray painted in frond and a bunch of posters of women in front too. He said he had never gone there before, but I could check it out if I wanted. When I got back home, I ate the fruit salads and fruit smoothies, I did leave one fruit salad uneaten though just because I was full from the other two fruit salads, and the two smoothies.

I apologized to my boss for being late, it was around 2 or 3 PM at that point, and I just ended up requesting the rest of the day off too. At around 4 PM, again this was basically just right after I finished eating the food, I was really turned on and lustful. I went out and started walking to the strip club at 4 PM, only to find out it was closed when I got there. They opened at 9 PM, and I had it all planned out to go there at 9 PM because I was so turned on.

Anyway my parents would call later that night, and they told me not to go out for any reason other than buying food. So I had to cancel my plans for going out to the strip club. I really wanted to though, I checked out pictures online in their Facebook page, and it looked like touching was allowed, because I saw a lot of touching in their photos. Omg I really wanted to go. I ended up staying at home though, whatever, and buying another video for like $30. I just enjoyed myself alone that night yet again.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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