Feb. 25, 2020


Right now, I am reading interesting information about the city of Miyake-jima, a small inhabited volcanic island in the Izu archipelago in the Philippine Sea. It is a Japanese city exists at the base of an active volcano that releases lethal levels of sulfuric gas at regular intervals. Yet, people still live there and are required to carry gas mask with them at all times just in case there is a lethal concentration of gas. Don't worry though: there are sirens to warn you when such a lethal dosage is going to come. The government of Japan even pays the citizens on the island to let scientists study the population and the effects of regular exposure to sulfur dioxide gas on the human body and on the culture/behaviors of a stable population. There are some interesting news sites talking about like in Miyakejima here (https://theplaidzebra.com/if-you-want-to-live-in-miyakejima-japan-you-must-carry-a-gas-mask-at-all-times/) and here(https://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/863346/japan-island-Miyake-jima-gas-mask). Honestly, most people would be scared to go to this place, but to me it seems like a cool place to visit and even live as both an experiment and an endurance test. It is also an amazing to see a group of people do well in such an extreme environment.

Written by tyler775

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