May 18, 2021

the light of ascalon

newbie is always either talking about ordering food from Doordash, or he's pausing the current activity to pick up and eat his Doordash order. Today he outdid himself by ordering Doordash food in the middle of raid. Then when he got it, he complained that he'd have to wait until the end of the current lockout to eat it. So we were like "just go eat, newbie."

Silver was busy with end-of-semester stuff, so Tiro subbed for him and we went back to Thordan EX. It's a very chuu2 fight and, as a bonus, it's full of potential wolf names. All the knights would make great wolves. Also, if I ever get a tombac, I can name them The Light of Ascalon.

(The Light of Ascalon is a joke attack—it does like 300 damage and a trivial amount of knockback, and repeats itself around ten times. That's it. If you move forward literally at all, you'll be fine. But my future tombac doesn't have to know that. HGR told us he actually died when pubbing the fight in a blue mage party, because he was tabbed out and the combined knockback pushed him into the edge of the arena. That may be the only time someone has died to that attack in the history of the game.)

We made good prog on the post-add phase, and we'll probably beat the fight in our next raid session...whenever that might be. It's kind of annoying to constantly alternate between Shiva and not-Shiva fights depending on who can make it to raid each weekend. Admittedly I'm part of the problem because I was away last weekend for Mother's Day.

In other gaming news, HGR has been playing Starsector, a sandbox game where you command a fleet and can set up space colonies and have huge space battles. newbie got him into it and he's really enjoying it. It's not really my kind of thing, but I'll join the stream just to hang out while doing other stuff.

I've been in an everything slump lately. Nothing really sounds good: not playing games, not reading, not drawing or writing. I should just pick something and do it, but, like I said, nothing sounds good. HGR recommends I read Worm. He points out I made a new year's resolution to finally read it.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On May 19, 2021

Outside of games, reading, drawing, writing, etc. Maybe try exercise like strength exercises or cardio if you haven't tried those things.

Posted On May 21, 2021

@JustMegawatt Hm, that's an idea! I should definitely be doing more outdoor exercise now that I can go out.

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