April 14, 2020

First Time Riding Bike in a Long Time


Around an hour ago was the first time I had ridden a bike in a long time, more than 5 years. The bike I have is a mostly carbon frame, partially aluminum frame, very thin tire road bike. It's a very fast bike, very solid, and did I mention that the tires were thin? It was really hard to stay balanced on it. I went around my neighborhood once and had many close calls to almost falling. It was so scary.

What I found out about myself is that I'm very comfortable making left turns. I could make an almost entire 180 degree turn if I were just turning left. If I'm turning right however, even very wide right turns, I have a lot of problem with. I figured it's because of the way I get on and off my bike. I always get on with my left foot being last, and when I get off, my left foot is the first to touch the ground.

So I have this muscle memory of being able to land on my left foot in case the bike falls over. I don't have that same muscle memory with my right foot. In fact it's very hard for me to get on my bike with the left foot first and then right foot last, using the right foot as the first to pedal down. And it's also very hard for me to get off with my right foot first. I'm just not used to these actions. So that's why I'm afraid of right turns.

I went around other different areas, and I tried my best to ride with my right foot in the higher pedal position. It was not easy, but I have to get used to it and get used to right turns if I want to be able to go places with stopping to manually turn my bike that direction. Yeah if I need to make a right turn, I would stop my bike, lift it up manually to turn, and then I would go forward again. I would do this each time I needed to make a decent right turn. It doesn't even have to be a sharp right turn for me to have to stop my bike to do the turn. It could be a very wide turn and I would still be afraid to do it.

8:48 (of Wednesday, April 15th 2020)

I went out on the bike again during lunchtime and I was outside for around an hour. During that time I kept practicing my turns and getting better. By the end I was able to make somewhat of a right turn. I still can't make super sharp 180 degree turns like earlier, but now I have been able to go through a lot of right turns without having to stop and take them. I thought it would take me months to get used to right turns, but maybe I will get used to it faster. It's so hard and so scary to make a right turn though, I always feel like I'm about to fall and die. Right turns are truly frightening.

Anyway I rode my bike to a bunch of places in that one hour. I wore a mask the entire time while riding outside. I rode down this closed road, it's actually a rode to this park but due to coronavirus the entire road is closed, except to cyclists and pedestrians. So there were a few other people in this area, on the road walking and cycling. I was on the middle of the road having fun because no cars were allowed in there. It was so awesome. Later I went back home and I just circled around the neighborhood making right turns over and over. It was so hard and so scary. I almost fell several times. It is so painful to do right turns but I have to keep doing them to become comfortable. I can still just barely do a right turn.

Later I continued to work the rest of the time. Oh, I actually made a video that morning too. Regarding the Bill Gates thing from last night, I made a video that morning after coming home from cycling. After work I went out with my parents to get some groceries. When we got back home, I tried to ride the bike again but got saddle sores, I think I need to re-adjust the seat. I didn't do anything else the entire day except browse the Internet. That was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Apr 17, 2020

Oh Hi :D It's me again xD sorry, I'm catching up with everyones journal xD Please don't fall D: It's very interesting to see your difficulty in not being able to turn right (kind of reminds me of Zoolander xD), but as you said, I believe that it is a psychological thing. My mother knows how to ride a bike, but for some reason she never uses the breaks: she literally puts her feet on the pavement to slow down. To this day she still doesn't use the breaks :) But then again she doesn't have a bike anymore xD YOU CAN DO IT :D !
Can I see your youtube channel? You did say you make youtube videos, right :)?

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@pinenutes Hello Pinenutes, thanks for the reply! I'm just seeing this notification now so I'll reply to you now!

Interesting story about your mom who doesn't use the brakes! I think that's very dangerous actually, as that's not a proper way to stop a bike especially when you're speeding. I actually can't imagine stopping a bike when you're going downhill with just your feet alone.

It's been around two weeks since I posted this entry, and I have ridden my bike only that day, the day after that one, and today, so I've only ridden it three times total since then. However! I have improved my bike handling skills significantly somehow, and I can now do right turns comfortably. What's hard is a right U-Turn which is still so very scary to do for me, but left U-Turns are still very easy to do. I actually don't know if I will ever be able to do a right U-Turn, it seems like I am about to lose my balance each time I try.

I'll link you my YouTube soon, I'll tag you in my entry when I do!

Posted On Apr 28, 2020

@JustMegawatt It's ok :) ANSWER ME WHENEVER YOU WANT :D
Yeah, I know, it's very dangerous, and trust me, if she goes down hill and needs to break she's still going to use her feet. Luckily in the city where we live there are no hills, everything is pretty much flat xD The other good thing is that she doesn't have her bike anymore and she lives close to a large amount of shops, so she can just walk there :D
You can do it :) You'll just need to practice more (I saw that you wrote a new post on your biking adventures :D I'm going to go read it soon xD), but I'm sure that you'll be able to do a U-turn one day :D

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