May 20, 2021

Went on a Date

11:30 PM

Today was not a normal day like the other days. Wow, I actually went out on a date tonight. Yeah, that's the most distinguishing thing of today, but I'll get to that later. Let me write about my day chronologically.

I woke up this morning, at around 6 AM. I just worked on my morning chores, I washed the dishes, threw out the trash, and cleaned up the place. If you are wondering why I throw trash out every day, it's because I have a small amount of leftover food every day and I have to throw that out. The brown rice and beans go rancid after a day of being left out on the stove or whatever, so I make sure to throw out the trash daily so it doesn't stink. Other than that, I also generate trash through paper towers or whatever throwing out other random stuff I've bought like the watermelon the other day. So yeah that's why I have trash to throw out daily, mainly rancid food.

Work was eventful today. My boss sent me a document with some tasks to do and asked me to estimate how long each task would take. I think he did this because we are transitioning to hiring the company I created, instead of having me work for the company, and he wanted to see how well I could estimate work and tasks. I mean this isn't the first time I've done this, but just the first time in a while. I gave him a reasonable estimate, and he said okay go work on them. I always believe that bosses and directors like my boss, they know everything you're doing and are scheming and planning things you are not privy to. Maybe not my past bosses, but this one for sure, I feel like he is a strategist that knows everything. He is an excellent guy though, my boss is amazing.

Anyway today after work, I was bored. Bored AF. I was on Facebook. I was in this group called "Plant Based Puerto Rico" and while browsing my feed the very top post was someone posting the ingredient label on this one food product from Costco and she was like "no eso es vegano porque...", which means "this isn't vegan because..." and then highlighted some items in the "may contain" section. I don't know why this post was very popular, but a bunch of people posted on it and most of them were saying the same thing. I posted in my own terrible Spanish, and I mean the worst Spanish ever, that it said "may contain" not that "it does contain" those ingredients, because I knew they just listed "may contain" for allergy purposes since it was made in the same factory that had those products.

Scrolling up in the comments, I saw this one person stand out. Her name was in Japanese, so I was like, was this an Asian person? Were they from the States like me? So I checked her profile out, it turns out no, she was a Spanish person here in Puerto Rico, who just made her name all fancy in Japanese. Anyway whatever, I sent her a message "hola, cuantos anos vivias en Puerto Rico?" I meant to ask "how long have you lived in Puerto Rico?" and she responded with "vivo en" which means "I live here", so I think the question I asked instead implied "how long have you lived in Puerto Rico now that you live elsewhere?", hence her reply.

Anyway I said a few more things. And then she was like "where are you?" and "Do you want to hang out now?" I was like, what? "Now?" and she was like yes, now. And then she called me, we chat in Spanish but I told her I didn't understand what she was saying so we spoke in English and she was fluent. I'd later find out she lived in Florida for a while, anyway she asked me to meet up at this bar in her city. I said sure, and wow. I was ecstatic. This was so random and spontaneous for both of us.

I took a shower, changed clothes, first time I did either in a few days. I'm lucky I did laundry the other day, because I would wear one of those recently washed clothes today. Then I called up an Uber, and it would take another 20 or so minutes to arrive, so I chilled for a bit, just browsing the net. Wow here I was preparing for a random and spontaneous date. Awesome.

The Uber arrived a bit earlier than estimated, so I ended up rushing out of the house and running towards the pick up spot because the Uber was already there waiting. I told my driver "estoy en camino" which means I'm on the way. I ran and sweat a lot, but the night out was beautiful. I was nervous that when I arrived I would be drenched with sweat. The Uber driver was talking to someone on the phone, but I asked him to make it colder please, because I didn't want to arrive there sweaty, and he did. And yeah I just chilled in the car until we arrived at the bar and at that point I was basically dry. It was an outdoors bar that was packed, lots of people there. I stood outside the place and gave her a call, she said to get a table and just chill for a bit because she was getting gas, I said okay.

I walked in and tried to find myself a table, but every single table was filled. So I went back out and stood in line waiting for a table to open up, I was the only person in line, and eventually and one did. A waiter came by and I got seated there and ordered a drink. The waiter started talking in Spanish and I ordered a drink, it was a rum with ginger, tamarind, and lime. I made up that order on the spot, because the waiter was like "we have ginger, tamarind, lime, and..." and I was like "okay, add all that," so he did. I actually tried to order a Martini first because I never had one before, and he said they didn't serve it there.

Anyway I chilled there for a few minutes, taking sips, having some judgments about myself having gained weight and all. She eventually arrived, and she was wearing very high heels, coming up to as tall as me. Wow she was very attractive, she had a very nice body and figure. I stood up and we hugged on our first meeting. I liked that she was really open and seemed to like me a lot. Near the beginning she was like "are you nervous? don't be nervous" but I wasn't at all, that was like my chillest self.

Anyway we talked for like 2-3 hours there, talking about ourselves, getting close to each other, sharing our drinks, and even sharing the plant based burger and fries she got. We would touch a few times by hugging, she would give me a high five, or our legs would intentionally be touching each other too. Finally I got physical contact with someone here, I felt so happy. This is my first time in my 2-3 months I've been here that I've basically touched anyone. Any she was a very expressive girl, she had a bunch of tattoos, and she didn't care about saying whatever she wanted to say.

She talked without filter, like she said my Spanish was bad and I had an accent. Yeah I had one of my worst Spanish performances ever tonight, I think it's because I've only been watching English content the past few days, but yeah I'd get held up in Spanish, not remembering the right words or conjugations in time. Anyway we got to know each other pretty well, talking pretty deeply about ourselves. I hope I didn't say too much.

After that we walked around for a while at night in the city. It was so chill and beautiful and it would have really been nice to hold hands. I asked her if she wanted to hold hands and she was like "no", and I was like okay. It really would have been so much better if we did. She took me to some of the places in the city like the old school she went to and told me the activities that she did. She's multi-talented, she can play many instruments and even knows how to draw and do art, and even sing and rap. I can play two instruments and I don't know how to draw that well, and I can't sing or rap that well either.

At some point while we were walking she asked me if I considered myself an anxious person, and I said no. I told her I was the opposite of anxious, I had no worries about anything. She asked me why I was so stiff though and I shrugged, I didn't know how what to say to that. To me I was being as expressive as I could be, but I think I do come off as a stiff and boring and an emotionally unreactive person. I don't like coming across as boring, but because I really don't care about much of anything, I'm almost emotionless. Like how did she want me to act? Should I have been dancing as we walked?

Anyway afterwards she dropped me off at home. We hugged each other like 3 times for over 10 seconds each, when we were saying our goodbyes. I could have probably kissed her, but since she said no to holding hands earlier, I reconsidered. I told her I'm free again tomorrow if she wants, and she said sure. So I'm hoping she picks me up tomorrow, and over the weekend too. She's a native here so she has a car and full transport, can go anywhere she wants at anytime. I can't, so I'll rely on her to pick me up and drop me off.

I had a really fun time. Anyway I hope she did as well and that we go on another date tomorrow.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Jun 10, 2021

"...because the waiter was like "we have ginger, tamarind, lime, and..." and I was like "okay, add all that,"". That scene was realy funny in my mind, in a good way.

" she said my Spanish was bad" Wow, that was so rude from her. Even if you don't speak Spanish so fine, that's a bad sign. Be someone without filter is one thing, and another really different is be inconsiderate with the other person.

"I asked her if she wanted to hold hands and she was like "no"". Really cold and maybe inconsiderate again, she could say "Creo que por el momento no" in a good way, with good manners. You had good manners asking it, other people just do that without ask. Asking is a good sign, so, she must to be nice and gentle too.

"she asked me if I considered myself an anxious person" and "She asked me why I was so stiff though and I shrugged". I'm getting mad, how she could be like that?. Be anxious and nervous are different things. You were nervous because of the date, she could be sweet asking in a funny and cute way "I make you nervous?", smiling, getting closer. That's a good interaction in my opinion, if she was really interested. At least she could be more soft and nice asking about it if she wanted just to be friends or go slow.

"Should I have been dancing as we walked?". That's a really funny and confident idea, really amazing, although some people feels "ashamed" with people so free and confident, because they don't want to receive so much attention.

"I'm almost emotionless". I have two things to say about it: 1.-It's possible to doubt if the other person doesn't express so much their emotions 2.-The number 1 doesn't justify anything, some people show their cold and expressionless face, but inside, the most part of the time they are so sweet, soft and lovely. If she can't imagine that, well, her problem losing a good person. The idea is meet someone deeply, helping to make them feel sure to show their feelings and free, although some people is just really private, also understandable.

"I could have probably kissed her, but since she said no to holding hands earlier, I reconsidered" +10 points for it. That's the right decision.

She looks like a "creída que sólo piensa en sí misma". You dodged a bad relation, she wasn't really good as person, you deserve someone really good for you.

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