April 14, 2020

Journey Into Weight Loss and Daily Blessing Count

As a 21-year old female, about to be 22, standing at 5'5", I currently weigh 157 pounds. I want to get back down to a healthier weight of 130 pounds. Today, I started my weight loss journey at breakfast. Usually, I would indiscriminately poor a bowl full of cereal, and garnish it heavily with milk. However, today I measured out 1 cup of cereal. I wasn't able to afford putting milk in it calorie-wise, so I had it without milk. I've been using an app called Lose It! to track my calorie consumption. I had a glass of juice as I normally do, but for my my coffee I had to change one thing. Instead of splashing the creamer into the coffee, I measured out 2 tablespoons of creamer as my allotted portion. None of this has been easy for me, as I'm used to eating what I want, when I want. However, since being taken off of a medication to control my weight gain from another medication, my weight has exploded. My mom, who primarily communicates with my psychiatrist for some odd reason, has yet to contact him. So, in addition to my weight loss plan, I am going to email him to figure out a new medication plan.

10 Blessings of the Day:

1. Patrick, my bf, always

2. My friends

3. My nieces

4. My dogs

5. Having the good luck to stumble upon the TED talk How to Motivate Yourself to Change Your Behavior by Tali Sharot-it has been life-changing in helping me embark on this journey

6. Having a laptop to do schoolwork on-as a college student this is vital, and so many kids can't do their work for lack of one during the crisis

7. Good physical health- I am not as vulnerable to the Corona Virus as some, because I have no underlying health conditions (even if I am slightly overweight)

8. Having a parent with a steady source of income- with so many people losing their jobs, my family can at least rest easy knowing that they'll be provided for

9. Easter-as a nice distraction from this bleak time

10. Tea-I gave it up so as not to tempt my mom(I'm not super-religious), and am grateful that in this time of uncertainty, I can be certain I have a cup of tea to look forward to each night, as simple as that sounds.

Written by BlackRoses612

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Posted On Apr 17, 2020

Uuuh :D You're almost my height, but thinner than me :D You know technically for someone our height they weight should be "ideally" 65 kilos, but to be honest I think 68 kilos is good. HECK I WISH I WAS 71 KILOS LIKE YOU, I'm 78/80 Kilos (between those two ranges, my weight scale is kind of flimsy) xD I'm sorry, I do not use the American system, I am unfortunately italian xD But the majority of you guys are American and I am slowly learning your metric system xD Though I don't really get it yet xD
Cereal without milk D: ? Ew :D You know, knowing how much calories your eating is a good way to start slowly losing weight, but you also have to workout :) You have to balance out the eating with the movement :) In this pandemic I eat less than I usually do, but I also work out :3 Lost 1/2 kilos (scale is flimsy xD) in 2 months :) Also it's best to lose at least 1 kilo per month, cause losing too much in a short amount of time is bad for your body :( I'm sorry that I'm pestering you :D
I should check out that Ted talk :D.
How do you know you're not vulnerable to the Corona Virus O.O? Did you take a test? Did you get it for a period of time, but didn't get sick?
Point 8 is good :D Lucky you :D
I had fish for easter, it was a weird moment xD Cause usually here in Italy for Easter you eat lasagna xD
How does Tea afflict religion O.o? Sorry, I know I'm just a random person bugging you on the internet, but I am sincerely interested in your life :)

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