May 23, 2021

Color Matching

Not much to report today. I went to Jo-Ann's to look for the bright green yarn I need for the chevron blanket, but they didn't have it either. Honestly even if I do find the yarn somewhere, the company has probably changed the dye lot. I saw some skeins for the blanket I'm currently finishing up, and while the color name is the same, the actual colors are slightly different, they're brighter and the hue is a off, for instance the red has a little more yellow in it. Fortunately I already have all the yarn I'll need for that blanket.

I noticed dye lot was changed in another brand as well. I think over the course of the pandemic some of the companies have changed their dyes, so even if I find the green, the hue could be different than the colors of the blanket. I may just leave it as a lap blanket. The sizing will be a bit awkward but it's large enough and I don't like the idea of having a stripe looking out of place against the whole blanket. It could even be two stripes, I may just barely have enough yellow for a full stripe, but I'm worried I may not have enough, even if I do find the green that I need. I don't want to scrap the blanket and redo it the make it smaller in size either, it's taken months of crocheting over the course of a few years to get to where I am now, it's just unfortunate that I will only be able to make it a lap blanket instead of a full afghan like I had planned. It still looks really cool and I'm afraid that if I mixed dye lots that look very different it will look awkward. It's still big enough to be a lap blanket anyway. It could even perhaps be a slim blanket for a twin bed, but that might be bit of a stretch. I'm disappointed, I really should have gone out and bought some more yarn two years ago when I realized I may not have had enough, but when I did look the store had just discontinued the colors and I didn't know about the online shop yet.

Well, I'm still happy with how it looks. I may order some green and yellow from the online shop anyway, just in case the dye lots are similar enough. I'll also need to figure out what to do with all the extra orange and purple that I'll have left over. It's funny, I bought the same number of skeins for the yellow, orange, purple, and green, and they were all supposed to be the same sizes. Yet here I am with a full skein and a little extra of purple, a full skein of orange, almost a full skein g of yellow, and around half a skein of green. These were all bought at the same time from the same brand, they just had a lot of variance in the amount of yarn in each skein. I suppose this has taught me to buy a little extra next time I do a project like this. Better to have yarn left over for another project than to be unable to finish a project.

Written by Seeker

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