May 25, 2021

Made Progress in Real Estate and Company

8:22 AM (of Wednesday, May 26th 2021)

Today is Tuesday, May 25th 2021 and it was another typical work day today. I woke up with a rash on my left hand pinky, I think there might be mosquitoes at home again. I did a few things this morning such as my typical morning chores and I also wrote yesterday's entry. That entry has a lot of adult themed materials in it, so I unpublished it and made it private. I might make it public again though based on if I feel like it.

8:44 PM (of Wednesday, May 26th 2021)

I made a new entry and copy pasted all the material excluding the adult content, and then I made it private. Anyway, after writing the journal entries and doing other chores, I did my standard workouts. I did 33 push ups, 185 seconds of planking, 160 crunches, and 30 goblet squats with a 37 pound weight. I felt pretty good throughout the day.

So the other day Aloe sent a message about wanting to improve her life, and do more than just drinking and hanging out. So I sent her a message either this morning or last night, about how we could work together on a project or something, since I was a software developer and she knew art and animation, we could probably collaborate together on a project. She replied at around 11 AM, a really short message like "I'm getting my car issue resolved at the moment, I'll write a better response later", which I was like, uh, okay. I read it, but I didn't respond to it, until like 4 PM, and then I just replied with a thumbs up.

Omg she takes such a long time to reply to any messages. She actually wouldn't reply until the next morning of the next day, almost 24 hours later, but throughout the day today I was so anxious and just waiting for a reply. Omg. I had my phone ringer on its loudest volume and anytime I got a Facebook message it would ping hard and I would check my phone shortly after. Most of the time it's just other people sending me a message, so I would just get disappointed basically the whole day because my phone would ping every now and then, and I'd unlock my phone, and be met with that circle profile photo of someone else.

A few things did progress today though. The "Contracts Expert" from my company sent me four contracts to sign, this would transition the company from hiring me, to hiring the company I created here. This is what I wanted. I was kind of too lazy to read through the contracts today though, so I didn't. But at least progress was made here.

My real estate agent also emailed me tonight, sending me a new contract to sign extending the sales contract for the property I wanted to buy by a month. I hope the mortgage can hurry up and get completed, omg. It's taking such a long time. I think the banker now has all the information they need to get started on that process though, finally. Omg. My real estate agent and banker have been sending the condominium administration messages over and over asking for specific information, and they always take forever to reply back, like literally weeks to send 1 single answer for a quick question. It's so frustrating.

At night, I was really tired at around 9 PM. Before that though, I walked outside for a bit, only getting to around 5k steps before going back home. I figured I would come back and finish the other half later, but what ended up happening is that it got too dark out eventually, and I didn't feel like going out anymore.

So at 9, I just got ready to sleep. I turned off all the lights. And I went to sleep, or tried to. I took a nap for an hour, and then I woke up. I checked my phone again for any replies from Aloe, and nothing. I messaged another friend though, and we ended up talking for a while, I turned on the lights again and just chat. Until around 1 AM, then I went to sleep. I wish Aloe was that responsive and that we chat for hours, omg. She rarely, rarely replies, and when she does and I reply back right away, she's offline instantly and takes another 20 or so hours for another reply. I guess she's really busy and too tired at night to reply much.

Anyway that was my day today, I went to sleep again at 1 AM, and that would be that.

Written by JustMegawatt

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