May 24, 2021

Got Work Done, Possibly Progressed Relationship

7:16 AM (of Tuesday, May 26th 2021)

Today is Monday, May 24th 2021 and it was an above average work day today surprisingly. I don't remember doing much in the morning, except I do remember doing a bunch of chores and other normal tasks I do every already anyway. I cleaned up my sleeping area, I washed the dishes, and so on. I started opening up this vacuum cleaner I bought and was about to set up it, but there was a lot of stuff in the package and I just didn't feel like setting it up today, so I put the stuff back in the box. I was about to use it to clean up the place if the setup were easier.

Another remarkable thing today is that I was standing up for about half of the day. I used my standing desk for the entirety of the morning, so I was basically standing up the whole time. It wasn't bad, and I honestly could have kept going forever, but I eventually started cooking up some food, brown rice and mixed beans, and when I started eating, I ate sitting down. It was more comfortable to eat while sitting down than standing up, although I did try it while standing up, and I probably ate a plate or two while standing up. After I sat down though, I wanted to continue sitting down, and after a while I even started lying down on my stomach and using my computers that way, like I normally do.

At around 1 PM, Aloe responded to my message I sent around 15 hours earlier. Last night or the night before, I offered to send her $200 if she needed it to help out with the car accident she had, and I asked her what she meant by her last message too. She didn't answer that last part, I guess it wasn't important, but she did ask if I had a paypal and that was her first message to me. I said yeah, and she said she also would rather communicate in Spanish, so we switched over to Spanish. She works as a hair stylist and told me she wanted this Brazilian beauty cosmetic kit likely to use with her clients, it was $250.

I told her that yeah I could help her with that, but that I was looking for a relationship. I guess Google Translate doesn't translate that well or maybe she misinterpreted it, but she replied with "I thought we already had a relationship? We met and created a friendship, I thought", translated to English. But I really wasn't looking for just another "friend", no no no. So I had to clear it up "I'm looking for a relationship with a partner, maybe the translator doesn't work that well", and she said "yeah same here, I'm looking for a partner who is plant based and someone who will help me with my goals and ambitions. Someone who will help me grow in life. I don't just want to go out and drink and go nowhere. I value everyone's life and time."

Anyway I told her yeah I want to help you on those things of course. I'm a sober guy except for socially drinking, like when we met up and had our first date, I've never even done weed or any other drugs ever before, even though I've had ample opportunity to try them. I may have gotten contact high a few times though, I think it's a real phenomenon. So anyway, I sent her the money she needed through PayPal and she said she'd message me after she was done, which she said was expected to be around 3 PM.

After that I just worked the rest of the day, thinking of her often. She is very attractive and very pretty, wow. She keeps in shape and has nice curves. Her skin is clear, and she's fit, and she doesn't like wearing makeup. When we met up for the first time she said she wasn't wearing any makeup, and she still looked very attractive with her face and body and everything. Anyway she just takes really long times to respond because she's busy most of the day. After our first date I sent her a bunch of messages and she got kinda mad at me for that, for sending too many messages at once without waiting for a reply. I sent her so many messages because she didn't reply for like 12 hours! I'm scared of saying the wrong thing and possibly offending her though, like I really just want to meet up again and hang out, like let's go out on another date somewhere, maybe go for a walk or invite me to your place and we can hang out there, watch movies.

I'm scared of asking her that right now though because I realize how busy she is most of the day, so I'm going to wait a couple of days before asking her when we can meet up again.

I finished up work at around 6:30 PM, and she still hadn't messaged me yet. So I decided to walk outside for a bit. I had taken around 4000 steps already just at home, so I just needed another 6000 more to get 10k steps in. I walked around the neighborhood a few times, and this is a cool synchronicity event, but when I reached my door at home, that's when the fitbit on my wrist vibrated signalling that I just took 10,000 steps. I'm doing loops around this circular neighborhood so I didn't have to turn around or anything, I just figured that in this lap, I'd go home. But it was still such a strong coincidence that I'd do the perfect amount of laps to reach home and get 10k steps exactly.

Coincidentally as soon as I reached the front door, that was when I hit 10,000 steps. I wish I was exaggerating, it was literally that moment. Exactly that moment, no more, no less. I actually thought that I'd be at like 9950 or something when I got home, and that I'd finish the rest of the 50 steps inside. But no, I hit it exactly as I reached home, literally right at the front door.

Anyway I got in, I took a shower, and wow I looked really good in the mirror. I mean I have a little bit of extra weight, but overall attractive looking I would say. Eating a bunch of food in the afternoon extending the gut a little, didn't detract much. Also I made orange juice around noon today too, but I just forgot to mention it. If Aloe and I do get into a relationship, I hope my body is good enough for her. I kind of worked hard on it, maybe. I mean from my perspective, I didn't work that hard for it, barely doing any exercises in a day, but the results have been obvious and it's in a good looking condition now, I would say.

After the shower, I was getting ready to go to sleep, but I chat with some friends on Facebook for a while. When I was really about to go to sleep, that's when Aloe sent me a message at like 10:30 PM saying "I'm home now" and wow she had a really busy day today. She had that beauty fair or convention she went to, she had to go to the mechanic after, and then she hung out with her brother and his parents. I mean that's why she doesn't reply that often, because she's busy the entire day. It's not like me, I'm just sitting at home literally the whole day, I have full access to Facebook and whatever else the entire day.

I sent her a loving message like "don't exhaust yourself too much", it was longer than that but I don't want to put the whole message here, and with a red heart emoji, before going to sleep. She never reciprocates those. I think this is the second time I sent her one, and it's always just marked as "read" but not reciprocated. She didn't say "you too" or whatever, just marked as read, maybe she was tired? I was kinda hoping she'd be like "you too" and also put in a heart emoji, but whatever. Anyway I know she's going through a lot more than me, since all I do is just sit at home basically. I wish she would just invite me out again already.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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