May 26, 2021


We got an email over the weekend saying there would be a water outage from 9 to 4 on Wednesday because they were replacing the building's boiler. big ugh. But this time I remembered to prep. Shortly after midnight, I washed all the dishes, then set aside water: a glass of drinking water, half a mug for my morning mocha, water in the ramen pot for my lunch ramen, and two extra containers of water for miscellaneous needs.

Because I had prepped so well, and because I didn't want to deplete any emergency reserves of water remaining in the pipes, I didn't test the water until past noon. It was running normally. Guess they called off the boiler replacement. (Or they completed it in record time, but let's get real, that didn't happen.)

This is not actually good news because they're still going to have to replace that boiler at some point and it'll probably be at a surprise date when I'm not prepped for it.

Written by Achaius

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