April 14, 2020

Macho :D

I braided my hair today :) Granted that I actually did it now, around 10.38 p.m. while I was on a short break while working on my project/collaboration with my friend in Australia :) Once I'm done writing down todays journal I will send her all four pages and if she doesn't need me to tweak anything, in next the four weeks she will publish our work on Tapas/Webtoon :)

This experience was tiring but fun: I noticed where I lack and what I'm good at. I also realised how long it takes me to work on it, almost around 1 week per page. So. It's essentially a 4 page comic about a little flame. She's an aspiring author and I'm an aspiring comic artist. I never had the courage or idea of what to publish online, but one day I found her in the collaboration forums of Tapas and I thought "Why not?". You have to start somewhere, right :)? The only moment in which I had difficulty with this project was on the third and fourth chapter, mostly because the quarantine started and my burn out was coming xD In the end I did enjoy this project and wouldn't mind continuing this project if she comes up with more stories :)

It rained today :3 I love the rain :D And on the plus side, my mom needed me to go grocery shopping, so I went out in the rain :D

Ever since the quarantine started, when you need to go shop in supermarkets, you have to wait outside in a line (1 and half meter a part between people) until the guard/bouncer tells you to go in. This way supermarkets (or closed shops in general) don't get crowded and you have a lower chance getting contaminated or to contaminate. You can imagine that sometimes the line is very long outside and it becomes tedious to wait xD I really don't mind, I am very happy to breathe in fresh air :D BUT today I wasn't really in the mood to wait in line and avoid the humans inside, so when it started raining, I was like "Hell Yeah!", dressed up, grabbed my mothers list and ran out of the house :D I walked in the rain (which I love by the way, I just really looove rain xD) and there was no line, so the guard let me in almost immediately xD He did actually kind of make fun of me saying "What a great time to go shop!" and I smiled (behind the face mask) and said "Yup :D There's nobody!" (which was true, there was practically nobody at the supermarket, well other than the employees xD) and I think he didn't expect my response xD

So I bought little stupid things, like chocolate milk, cream, cheese, and two 6 packed bottles of 1.5 liters of water. I found that the 2 packages of water were way lighter than the mix of chocolate milk, cream, cheese, ect xD The cashier was worried about me straining myself with the weight of the water and I kept reassuring her that I was going to be fine. You could see her eyes were very worried, so I turned around and flexed and told her "I'm macho!". She died xD And with that, I left :)

And that's it :D Today was a pretty chill and boring :3

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 15, 2020

@pinenutes You should post a link to the comic when it gets published!
You're hilarious, I love everything about your shopping story!

Posted On Apr 17, 2020

@Cayst Uuuh totally :D She will publish it tomorrow, so I will link it then xD YOU TOO CAN BE MACHO WITH ME :D

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