May 29, 2021

Flea Season

One of the cats has fleas. Fortunately we seem to have caught it early, and both cats had their flea treatments two days ago. My mom helped me comb Beatrice with the flea comb, and ended up getting about 20 fleas off of her. We used a bowl of warm water with soap to dip the comb between strokes and kill the fleas, which was highly effective. However it also meant Bea got a bit soapy and damp, which she was quite unhappy about. We combed her pretty thoroughly, including her tail and tummy. She moaned for most of it, and hissed while we did her tummy, but she didn't scratch. We wiped the soap off with a damp towel afterwards, and set her down to groom.

Then we got Merlin. He's a medium hair, as apposed to Bea who is a fluffy short hair, so it was more difficult to comb through his fur. We didn't see any sign of flea dirt an either of them, and we only got about 7 fleas off Merlin. We also bathed him to be sure because the flea comb kept getting tangled in his coat. He was massively upset about that, and cried loudly throughout the bath. He's been grooming, but is still a bit damp due to the length of his coat. He's also still wearing a cone now that he's dried because he won't stop scratching his eyes after I put in his allergy drops. So he's having a bad night.

None of the dogs had fleas. We didn't flea comb Darcy today because he had a bath and trim yesterday with no sign of fleas. Lucky had no sign either, but chewed and opened the wound on his leg after we took the cone off to come his neck. It's not bad, but it did bleed a bit, so he'll be keeping the cone on for a few more days. Kayla is good too, and had her last medicated bath tonight. She wasn't happy about the bath, but I think she'll be happier when we don't bathe her next week.

I'm very tired after doing all that plus vacuuming. I'll also have to wash all the bedding tomorrow for fleas, and clean out the bathroom. Darcy has gotten Kayla into the habit of digging through the litter box. Between the two of them, plus Merlin kicking litter out of the box, the bathroom floor is an absolute mess. Even when I clean up the pile that appears on the floor each day, it seems like I never get it all. So tomorrow is cleaning day. Gosh my allergies will be so bad.

Written by Seeker

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