May 30, 2021

sixth grade art

I learned two things in sixth grade art. (This seems like an anomaly. Does anyone learn anything in sixth grade art, let alone two things?)

First, the eyes are roughly midway up the head. The biggest mistake that amateur portrait artists make is putting the eyes too high, which makes the whole drawing look weird.

Second, we had an in-class assignment to draw the front of the classroom. I went all out and put in a bunch of detail and just generally had a lot of fun. The teacher liked it so much that he gratuitously gave me a point of extra credit (6/5! This was a big deal to me at the time). So the second thing I learned is that I can draw, which I honestly had no inkling of until then.

I sat on this information until junior year of high school, when I suddenly decided to teach myself how to draw anime art. But I don't think I would've taken that step without my sixth grade art teacher. I can't remember his name, but he was a good dude.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On May 31, 2021

I think we all learn a bunch of vital lessons in elementary / middle / high school. We just don't realize it until later.

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