May 29, 2021

Parents Came By, FORCED Me To Get Mini-Fridge

5:23 AM (of Sunday, May 30th 2021)

Today is Saturday, May 29th 2021 and my parents came by today. I knew they would be arriving at around 3 PM so I prepared the best I could, I cleaned up this already spotless place yet again, and I did some other morning chores and workouts. I did 180 seconds of planking, 180 crunches, 33 push ups, and 30 reps of 37 pound goblet squats. I could probably bump out my workout of these a bit higher, or do these work outs every day and not just every other day, but yeah.

I pleasured myself twice in the morning about two hour break between each session. I knew my parents would be arriving and it would be the last time I could do it probably, so I don't know. I just got turned on a few times and did it two times. The past few days too I've been doing it twice a day for basically the past week or more. I've deleted this section a few times since it's very a very adult topic, but I can a hard turn on easily still by just texting or messaging somebody attractive. I kept writing about it but kept deleting it. This is the opposite of most people who have a porn/masturbation addiction like I do, they have E.D. (erectile dysfunction) at this point or even younger than me. I don't have any E.D. because I don't eat foods that clog my arteries.

I could go on about the other sex-related benefits of not eating dead animals. One is taste. Since I get a lot of those green smoothies and fruit bowls, I notice that every time I do, I have liquid that comes out of me that smells sweet. It really does. It smells super sweet and clean. I bet it tastes really sweet too, though I obviously don't eat my own. A friend told me that our sweat is tastier and our scent is better. Speaking of scent, my poops and farts don't stink at all, they have no smell. I am not rotting on the inside, which is why I don't smell bad anytime I poop or fart. It is normal in our society to have smelly poops, but a healthy person with a healthy digestive system shouldn't produce any bad smells which is a sign of decay. I never put on deodorant and rarely take a shower, I just never smell bad even after doing "that" (touching myself) and exercising.

So when my parents came by, I was wearing the same shirt for the past several days, I did "that " several times in this shirt (pleasured myself). And also with the same shorts and underwear. I sweat a few times in this attire too. Do you think my parents made any comments about my smell at all? Keep in mind they took off their masks, and I gave them both hugs a few times, got close to each other innumerable times, and this is a pretty closed space and we hung out for the rest of the entire day. Nope, they made no comments about me smelling bad at all. Even after I sweat a lot or poop hard or I just pleasured myself, even after I don't take a shower for a week and I do all those things every day, I've not gotten any comments about any bad smells. It's because I'm not rotting and don't produce any bad smells. Bad smells is a sign of unhealthiness and rotting and decay, we stay away from people that smell bad. I produce none of those signs.

At around 12 PM though, before my parents arrived, I browsed through my phone notifications and saw that this "Uber Eats $30 off deal" and I was like cool. I ordered from this "Acai Berry" place and ordered $30 worth of fruit bowls which were free because of the deal. I still had to pay $15 for the delivery and service fee and taxes and tip, WTF. I should have ordered like $60 worth of fruit bowls, but I didn't know the additional delivery and service fees would be so expensive. Anyway I just wanted to try this out, and it was awesome.

Okay so I went to Wal-Mart the past 2 days, each day paying a $30 fee to go to and from combined, just so I could buy $25 worth of green smoothies and fruit bowls. Literally, yeah. I'd pay around $60 just for food, with more than half of that being Uber cost, just the past 2 days because I really wanted those meals. It was expensive. This Uber delivery is $15 for the service fee, which is cheaper than the $30 it costs me to go to and from a place. It's a good deal compared to previously.

I ate all three fruit bowls in their largest size and enjoyed it. I ate just one initially because I was saving the other two bowls for my parents (they were around $10 each), but then I pleasured myself and became really hungry afterwards, so I ended up eating the other two as well. Anyway I watched the Boondocks on HBO Max while eating and I eventually took a nap afterwards too.

When I woke up, my mom was calling me through video call and when I picked up, they were already here at the house, in front of the gate. Oops. I fell asleep through their phone calls asking me to let them in the other gate to get into the neighborhood, and they were already in this second gate at the house. So I get up, use the bathroom real quick, then let them in. It's the first time we've seen each other in a while, around 3 months for my mom and 2 months for my dad. I give them hugs and they unpack their things. There are three chairs total in the entire household, two of them I use as tables most of the time, so I had to clean up those chairs and get stuff off of them.

Because I lived in such a minimalist kind of home with almost no furniture and I sleep on the floor and there's no fridge or freezer or microwave or washing machine or bed or any other furniture here really, my parents made the comment that I lived in a dump and I needed more furniture and things. I don't think I lived in a dump because the place was pretty clean and there's not much here, I just vacuumed the floor the other day so there's not much dirt or dust on the floors, the kitchen counters were clean too, but they insisted I lived in a dump. My dad was like 'okay we are buying a mini-fridge later today' I was like 'wtf I don't want a mini-fridge' and they were like 'Megg you need one, we are buying one today', we argued for a while but they won.

Yeah so we went to Best Buy and I bought a mini-fridge, and I bought a microwave too. I didn't want these things, but they are staying for a while, and if I order out food, it's better that we can store our food and not have to eat it right then and there all the time the day of. Normally I throw out anything I don't finish the next day, because I didn't have any storage. Most of the foods I ate were cheap long term storage foods that required no refrigeration; brown rice, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, etc. Now I can buy fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh too.

At night I ordered some vegan food at this Mexican place, around $67 worth of food and there was another $20 service fee and taxes and tip so everything was around $90 for everything. It arrived an hour later, and we ate while I put on a movie. Man this is the thing about having other people over, I feel like everyone else is so needy. I would've been fine alone eating just nothing, or maybe some fruits, and that was it. Knowing my parents, they prefer some processed crap so I had to order out. They wouldn't be happy just me ordering some green smoothies and fruit bowls and having that as a meal for our dinner, no they had to have something "traditional", conventional to the way most other people eat.

Anyway we barely ate through 1/5th of the food. There was a LOT of leftovers. Good thing I have a fridge now though, so we were able to store it in there and not throw it out.

Although I was fine sleeping on the floor in the living room, with no air conditioner or anything, my parents needed freaking air conditioner. So they got the room with the air conditioner, and they also wanted a bed so we had to bring out the air bed and pump it back for them. It was already mostly pumped, my dad just pumped it further. Although I'm fine living in a "dump" with almost no furniture or other things, most other people aren't. Also as I'm writing this now (morning of the next day), my parents now want to go out to the grocery store right now and get some typical "breakfast" foods like bread and peanut butter and jelly and pancake batter and sugar. Again, alone, I'm fine eating nothing or just eating fruits or cooking up some rice and beans, and I've lived like this for the past 3 months without any issues, but yeah, now I have to go out again and buy those things.

Oh man, I am spending so much now. And the bank wants $15,000 from me soon as a down-payment for the property I want to buy. Oh god. So much spending. Oh, and my last day at my employer's company as an employee is May 31st. I didn't write Friday's entry yet, but I already got the outboarding forms and everything, it's official. I've also signed the details over so that they can hire the company I created here, Stealth Launch LLC. Also I'm going to the DMV equivalent here on Tuesday for photo taking for my driver's license.

Everything is moving so fast. It's almost unbearable. Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On May 31, 2021

haha I feel like parents always do that, my parents also say I live in a dump even though it's really fine. Though I feel like a fridge might actually be economical in the long run because you can store leftovers which saves money on future meals.

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