May 31, 2021

Visited The Mall, Bought Some Clothes, Bought a TV

5:24 AM (of Tuesday, June 1st 2021)

Today is Monday, May 31st 2021 and it's the last day of May and it was also Memorial Day which is a US holiday, no work for most people today. My parents are still here, so we had more things to do today. I woke up earlier than my parents at around 5:30 AM or so, and I checked my fitbit and Withings sleep status, and I got over 8 hours of sleep on my Withings, and very close to 8 hours on my fitbit. That is amazing. This is the most sleep I've had here, the past 3 months I have lived here.

I forgot to mention that I ordered this new Withings Steel HR Sport watch, it is similar to the Fitbit except it's in the Withings ecosystem, which is why I bought it. So I wear two fitness trackers on my wrist, the fitbit on my left, and the Withings on my right. Both do not get close to the same measurements, especially in the step count. Yesterday my fitbit recorded over 16,000 steps while my Withings only recorded over 10,000. The Withing's I think, has GPS and only detects the steps taken if you also travel a distance, so while just walking around at home or in a small space, it does not increment the step counter up, that's what I think anyway.

My parents did the morning chores while I just browsed the Internet on my computer, not remembering exactly what I was doing. I just remember getting on Facebook and being bored. I did some morning workouts today too, 210 seconds of planking, 210 crunches, 33 push ups, and 36 goblet squats with a 37 pound weight. My weight loss has stopped ever since my parents got back. I'm now back to 204 pounds as of this morning, whereas I dropped down to 201.5 at the lowest a few days ago before my parents got here. It's still my fault for eating a lot more than I should, but still.

At around 10 AM, we got an Uber to go to the mall. There wasn't anything in particular that we wanted to buy, but we did go into this Old Navy store and everything there was affordable, like $12 for some shirts which was really cheap here, especially for the mall. Other stores had like $50 shirts and $80 pants, which is what I told my parents the average was. So when we found this Old Navy and everything was affordable, my parents wanted to buy me clothes, but I would still end up paying for them. We bought like $42 worth of clothing or something like that.

After that we just walked around the rest of the mall, looking at different stores. There were so many women everywhere all dressing nicely and everything and I was so excited. I realized that when I got home, later that night, I should make a dating account again and get some matches, because there are so many women here, I should be able to match decently.

We also went to this book store here, and I bought this book called "Harvard Business Review The Essentials" for $25, it was not cheap. And I think that was everything we bought.

After that I was like, okay let's buy a TV. Because I already have everything else that's found in a standard home, let's get a TV, why not. My parents were here, and I was putting up some movies and things that we could watch on my 17" laptop, where the screen wasn't really big enough for 3 people viewing. So whatever, we walked over to Best Buy which was around a 15 minute walk away from the mall, and looked for some good tVs to buy that were not too expensive but was also decently sized. I bought what I think was the best value for the size, which was this 55" TV for $450, but it went over $500 with taxes. Other 55" TVs were over $500, and other cheaper TVs were too small. I could have bought a much larger TV to be honest, but my parents were concerned with the size and a space to put it and transportation and whatever, all valid concerns.

The Uber driver we got was the worst Uber driver I've had so far. When we came out bringing the TV he was like "that TV will be $10 extra Uber" saying "Uber is for passengers only", which was wrong. We ordered an Uber XL for this very reason of being able to transport things, but the Uber driver was being a dick. We honestly should have just refused his ride and got a new Uber driver, but whatever. We paid him $10 extra and I wanted to give him a 1 star, but my dad kept telling me to just give him a 3 star, so we gave him a 3 star. I think he gave us a 1 star though, what an asshole.

Anyway when we got home, we started watching some HBO Max movies in Spanish with English subtitles. We eventually watched Hero with Jet Li and that only had Chinese audio with English subtitles, so we couldn't do much about that. The entire movie makes it look easy to deflect arrows by blocking it with a sword, but obviously in real life that's basically an impossibility, especially when there are thousands of arrows coming down. Also in the movie it has individuals with a sword being able to beat armies of thousands. One person vs a 3000 person army, and that one person ends up winning. It makes no sense. Even a one-on-one match is really hard, but imagine facing 10 other people at once, and that is already nearly impossible to win against, let alone 3000 people.

At around 8 PM, I signed up for Tinder and just put up some photos and a short description that I was new to Puero Rico and was looking for a long term relationship. I wasn't expecting much to be honest, but I was very lonely here and wanted some company. I turned off my laptop and I started reading that book I bought, Harvard Business Review The Essentials. You know what happened? I was so bored out of my mind from reading a few pages of that book, that I fell asleep. It was so boring. The book was extremely boring.

It's basically a business book about overanalyzing business strategies and so on. This business did so-and-so action and was able to avoid this so-and-so catastrophe, here are the lessons we can learn from their choice of strategy. There were charts and graphs of business vision and hierarchies and strategies and decisions and so on. It's so boring so sift through. I don't know if I can ever finish this book, but it does aid in sleeping probably, because of how boring it is, so I might continue just picking it up and reading through it.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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