June 1, 2021

Took Photos for Driver's License, Did a 2 Minute Plank, Ran Outside

10:12 PM

So today I woke up at around 4:30 AM, way before anyone else. Actually I think my dad used the bathroom at this time, and I sleep very close to the bathroom, like 10 feet away from it, so I think his using the bathroom played a role in me waking up this early. I fell asleep pretty early too last night and overall I got over 7 hours of sleep which is phenomenal for me (usually I average 6 hours).

I checked my phone, one of the first things I did, and I woke up to 10 likes on Tinder and 1 new match just from signing up yesterday and sleeping and waking up. It's not that much, but it's an okay amount I guess. I wasn't able to send any a message, even the person I matched with, for some reason, so I couldn't really do much here.

In the morning I restarted the Habitica challenges I hosted as one of the first things I did this morning. I also did a plank for two minutes straight just for fun, and recorded a video of it as someone over 200 pounds (I weighed 203.5 pounds this morning) doing a plank for 2 minutes straight. Some guy posted a comment saying something like nice job and that he couldn't even hold a plank for 1 minute. I might be able to do it for even longer to be honest, I literally did 2 minutes on a whim, because normally I'm doing 3 sets of 60 seconds each, totalling 180 seconds or 3 minutes. So today just for fun, I did 1 plank that lasted 2 minutes, for fun, on a whim. So I can probably do a lot longer if I tried more.

But overall I just woke up extremely fresh today, full of energy and aliveness. After than planking, I don't recall doing much else besides uploading the video. I put on South Park in Spanish on the TV through HBO Max, and I watched that for a bit with my dad. We were heading out at 9 AM to go to the DMV equilavent here, called CESCO, which stands for "Centros de Servicios al Conductor" which means something like "Center for Driving Services", or the DMV in the States.

We both took a shower, and then at around 9 AM, we ordered an Uber and headed out. I chat with the Uber driver entirely in Spanish, and we talked about why we were headed there, I told him it was for a driver's licence, I said something like "para obtener licensia de conducir" or something, and we kept talking about that and what car I would get. He recommended Toyota because he said they were long lasting and strong, that they held their value and parts were available so repairs were cheap. He also told me to get a larger car, rather than a sedan, because Puerto Rico tends to flood and having a lower car means water damage.

I actually didn't understand every single word he said, but he would mention a word every now and then and I would know what it meant, and I could form an idea of what he's talking about based on that word I knew. He said words like "bajo" and "agua" and "mucho llover" , and I was like, oh, he must be talking about flooding. So I say some words related to that, and he's like "si porque..." to signify that I was right on target.

Anyway I really enjoyed that chat, and I'm getting a Toyota now, new or old, probably a truck like a Tundra or Tacoma. I mean we had that discussion too, I asked him whether used or new was better, I asked him about the different kinds of cars, he said that trucks were good for labor work and moving things, but bad for gas, and I told him that it was no problem because I would rarely drive. We talked about which dealerships to visit, and so on. It was a long conversation in Spanish, and I can't believe I held my ground in that discussion. I didn't look like a total idiot.

When we arrived at CESCO, it was pretty intimidating. There was this large gate to getting in, and there was a security guard in front, people were in line and showing him their forms and he would decide whether to let them in or not. I was like, are we going to be able to get in by showing them the paperwork we had? And he only spoke Spanish too, what are we going to do? So we stood in line and I was pretty scared the whole time thinking we'd get rejected, but oh okay, he just let us through. Cool.

So when we get inside the CESCO grounds, it was still outdoors, there was still yet another line to get inside the building. We were there around 2 hours from the scheduled photo time, which was 11:15 AM for me, so we exited that line and left the CESCO grounds because we didn't want to go in right away. We told the guard "Estamos temprano" meaning, we are early, and we left, and just walking around outside. There was nothing there in either direction. There was this one cannabis shop, but that was it. Really boring.

So we just found this bus stop seat or whatever, and sat there for a bit. Like 45 minutes or so. Yeah, quite some time. At around 10:40 AM, we went back to the CESCO place, the guard let us through, and we stood in line to get into the CESCO building. There was this tent there outside the building, and I could kick the top of the sides so easily. So I think it was around 6 feet high, and I just had strong temptations to kick it a lot. I can kick over 80 inches high on command from a standing position, so like, kicking 72 inches (6 feet) high is nothing. I was telling my dad I really wanted to kick this top of the sides of the tent here, and he told me not to do that, so I didn't, but it was so tempting. Other people just kept touching it over and over with their hands, like the dude in line in front of us, and I was like, omg I want to touch it with my feet.

Anyway we eventually get in the building, and we follow the instructions on the paper, to go to this office in the back and tell them we are here for the photos, and that we would just take the photos and give our signature. Well, not "our" signature, just mine. This was all for me to get my license. So communication here is really tough when some people only speak Spanish only and don't understand any English, so explaining what we were there for was hard. But anyway, I just gave the man the paper and he said okay follow me, and I followed him. Then there was this tall lanky white kid who spoke no Spanish, just showed up and we had the same exact papers, so he just started following us.

I asked him what time his schedule was, and he said 11 AM, and I told him mine was at 11:15 AM. But anyway, despite my time slot being later, the Spanish guy we were following let me go first. So I get my photo and signature finished first, and then I call up the other guy for his turn, and then my dad and I leave. They said they would call us when the license was ready. I was like, oh okay. I should have waited for that white guy because the lady who took my photo and signature explained that they would call me when it was ready, but I wasn't fully certain of what she said because she said it all in Spanish.

My dad and I call up an Uber outside, and we walk over to the bus stop or whatever that seat was, just this random large seat with a roof and the entire thing is made of cement and painted with some words and artwork, on the sidewalk for some reason. It looks like a bus stop, but it didn't say bus anywhere, nor was there any bus related signs.

This Uber driver, we didn't converse with much. It's weird though, he asked some questions and I literally didn't know a single word he said, but I knew what questions he asked. Wtf is up with that? I couldn't even repeat a single word he said, like earlier with the other Uber driver, I could distinguish "bajo" and "agua" and "llevo mucho" and discern what he said based on those words. But this time, I had no idea what he said, but I still knew what he asked. Wtf.

I'm really sleepy now. The rest of the day wasn't much. I did some work. My dad and I walked to the bank and along the way I would basically try to kick a bunch of high things along the walk, mostly just leaves from trees. The entire time I was just kicking high. It was so fun. My dad told me that I might hurt my groin, but it's the opposite, I'm basically doing splits while walking since I kick so high, and I create so much room for my groin that it doesn't hurt or anything at all, no feeling.

After that we got back home, my dad decided to rest, and I went back out. I walked for an hour or two, and I also felt like running today. So I ran for the first time today in over a year, probably nearly two years. And it was so fun and energizing. I felt like I could run for 100 hours straight. Seriously, I had so much energy and endurance running. And this is after I walked for a few hours already and kicked a bunch of times. Overall I walked over 16000 steps today, and after all that, a few hours ago, I still wasn't really tired.

Now I am. I am sleepy right now. But just a few hours ago, maybe just an hour ago, when I got home from that run and walk, I wasn't tired at all. I was feeling so good and energetic. But anyway, I am going to sleep now, because it is almost 11 PM, and I am so sleepy. I am so sleepy right now, there's nothing I'd rather to than just go to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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