June 2, 2021

the house of light

We did it! We beat Shiva!!

Flashback to March 31, 2020:

[8:10 AM] Kanzaris: I beat shiva

[8:10 AM] Kanzaris: before lockout last night

[8:10 AM] Kanzaris: flops

[8:10 AM] Kanzaris: god that was so hard

[8:10 AM] Kanzaris: It feels leaps and bounds more difficult than anything else so far

Now, fourteen months later, here we are. As expected, we never saw enrage. We won the first time we cleared Wyrm's Lament 2, right at the end of the mechanic. That's gear, son. (I assume Kan is rocking full 530 by now. Even I, the laggard of the party, have 507, which is 15-20 above the on-tier item level.)

Today I didn't get red buff on Wyrm's Lament 2, so I never had to tag the dragonhead properly. There was a hilarious moment on one of our failed attempts when numbers (who is east team) came chasing the dragonhead all the way to the west side and stole my blue. You can see me on the stream running around in small circles going "??" for several seconds before dying. If I'd had my head in gear I probably could've sprinted east and grabbed his blue to save myself, but that didn't occur to me until the pull was over.

Sadly I died once on our winning run. During Icelit Dragonsong, I was slow to get back to the center after dropping my puddle outside, and the knockback yeeted me off the edge by, like, five pixels. I was mad. HGR was mad too, because he had to dish out extra healing to cover for my absence during House of Light and it hurt his parse.

Speaking of parses, Kan and Dante both got 100%. This is basically a scam (their damage numbers are being compared to on-tier damage numbers) but it didn't stop Dante from going around talking about how he's literally the best paladin to ever beat Shiva Savage. yeahhh boi

Also Dante, after our win: "You know, I can just hang out on this platform for the next 90 minutes. Shiva ain't gonna bother me."

Written by Achaius

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