June 2, 2021

Did My Best Strength Workouts, Visited Virtual Business Address

5:16 AM (of Thursday, June 3rd 2021)

Today is Wednesday, June 2nd 2021 and it was mostly another good day today except for a bad event at night, which I will get to later. This morning was pretty nice, I don't know if I want to get into too much detail, but I just did a lot of organizing in the morning for a few hours. I woke up at around 4 AM or something very early like that, so I was organizing things for 4 hours roughly. I don't recall doing much else in the morning. I didn't have to write yesterday's entry either because that was already taken care of.

At around 8 AM, I started doing my strength workouts. It has been around 3-4 days since I last touched myself on Saturday afternoon, so I was just brimming with more energy and endurance than usual, or maybe it's because I ate a lot more fruits and vegetables these past 3-4 days too because I have a mini-fridge now and can store those items. Or likely it's the combination of both, but either way I felt very refreshed today.

The workouts I did were pretty good today. I did 210 seconds of planking, 210 crunches, 36 push ups, and 63 goblet squats with a 37 pound weight. I was browsing the Internet and doing things, and only taking a minute or two every now and then to do the workouts, so it took me about an hour to complete these. I feel like I would have 6 pack abs right now if I didn't have all this body fat around everything. I weighed 203.4 pounds this morning, the past few days it has barely budged. It has gone up and down, staying within the 203 range, and I am trying my best to lose weight. I ran yesterday and took 16,000 steps total, obviously I out-ate that or else I would've dropped some weight.

But yeah after doing those workouts, I ate breakfast, and then work started. I am officially a contractor now, I just work for my own company, Stealth Launch LLC, and my previous employer has hired that company, so I'm still able to do work for my previous employer. I did take a paycut, but it's fine. So I did some work this morning getting some things done. I did check my email though and this other company I hired who provided a virtual business address, informed me that I had some mail come in today, and it was the business Visa card I was waiting for from the bank. I needed this to be able to make purchases for my business.

So at around 11 AM, I went out to pick it up. I got an Uber for $12, and used that to go to the virtual business address, which is basically just an office with a bunch of mailboxes. I made chat with my Uber driver again, I don't remember what we talked about, but it was about random things, all in Spanish. When I got to the place, it was pretty nice. It was this normal sized office building, not a skyscraper or anything, and they told me in the email they were on the second floor, so I just walked through the lobby area, passed the main counter and just walked by the security guys acting as if I knew what I was doing there, and went into a vacant elevator to go to the second floor. There was also a staircase that I could have taken, but I was already in the elevator when I turned around and noticed it.

On the second floor there was a bunch of people there, just standing around in the hallways, in the elevator area, some on their cell phones, some talking to each other, all wearing business attire. I pretended again like I knew what I was doing, and just walked around the hallways, first going left, then going right, of the elevator, checking out all the offices for the company I was looking for. Eventually I found it, and they were a lot smaller than I expected. I figured this company would be massive, but nope, they weren't. I got to meet Yetta, this person I had been emailing for a while, she was a very nice person. I spoke to her in Spanish and I may have said some really stupid things like "I thought this place would have been bigger" in Spanish, and I think she got offended by that. I don't know, it wasn't meant to be offensive.

Anyway she gave me the three mail envelopes I had, one of them had the card and I headed out. Downstairs there were some restaurants, so I went in and ordered five of this $9 vegan meal they had. I am glad they have it cheaper than all the other menu items which were all basically the same thing but was at $13 to include chopped up body parts of slaughtered animals. It took a while for them to fulfill my order, and I ordered an Uber while waiting. I eventually paid, and I put in a $3 tip because the machine they made me use had it on their touch screen check-out process. I wasn't even eating at the restaurant, but whatever. Anyway I got an Uber back home, and that was quick and easy.

We ate barely 1.5 out of 5 of the meal I ordered out, and we are three people that included me, a person classified as obese who can eat a lot. So this was extremely fulfilling food for just $9 each.

After eating, I just continued working the rest of the day, until around 4:30 PM. I think for today's timesheet I am going to only put in that I worked for 6 hours today. Anyway at around 4:30 PM my mom and I went out to Wal-Mart and we bought everything she wanted there. We bought a LOT of food, so much freaking food, easily over 10 pounds of fruits like oranges, bananas, and strawberries, and a bunch of random other foods too. I even bought chips that were $4 each for 1 bag of chips, and I bought two bags. You know what our total was? Just $90. Wtf. I basically forced my mom to buy a lot of food, I kept telling her "It will cost us $50 to get here and back, so you need to buy a lot more to make our trip worth it, keep buying things please."

Because it cost us $25 to go there, it will cost another similar amount to get back. So yeah we went on a FULL shopping spree, and our total was only $90, which was nothing. At La Frutera, I made my biggest order yet. This is because I have a fridge and freezer now. I ordered 4 smoothies and 4 fruit salad totalling around $40 with taxes. This order took around 20 minutes to fulfill. There was quite a few people just waiting in line waiting for my order to be completed so they could make their order, and a lot of them ended up leaving the line because of how long it was taking. When I came up to the counter, I apologized to the people waiting in line there.

Yeah. It was just one woman working the store that day, so my order must've been too much for just one person to handle. Anyway, our Uber arrived exactly on time as our order was being completed, and we got in pretty easily and rode back home. We ate and finished The Interview movie on HBO Max at home. We started this movie yesterday but were halfway through when I was like, I want to go to sleep, so we stopped at that point last night.

Anyway today, I looked at porn again. It's been 3-4 days since I last touched myself, and I was very horny. I was chatting with a women friend on Facebook and she was flirting with me, and I was also chatting with this one woman on Tinder. Also I had been browsing Tinder and so many good looking women put very attractive photos up, so I was very turned on. It's been 3-4 days since I last touched myself and everyone has looked very attractive, including overweight women and older women, everyone looked really hot to me, the hot people especially moreso.

So yeah at around 12 AM, I regretfully started watching porn again and touching myself. I even bought a porn video for $20 because the site said it was one of the hottest videos they recorded, and I was like, oh really? I thought it was pretty hot, but only because of the people in it. It was just okay otherwise. It was not the hottest video I've seen them do, not even "one of the hottest," but I fell for their marketing description. Anyway I fell asleep full of regrets. As I'm writing this now, I am filled with regret. I can't believe I relapsed and did an activity I didn't want to do. And like, I pulled out my credit card and typed in my name and the numbers, it was all so automatic.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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