June 4, 2021

Got My Driver's License and Went Car Shopping

7:51 AM (of Saturday, June 5th 2021)

Today is Friday, June 4th 2021 and it was a good day today. You know, I wasn't expecting any good news or anything the whole day today. I just woke up, wrote yesterday's entry, and then I just ate a lot. I ate so much food. And then I worked. I didn't feel like doing the strength exercises I normally do, today, so I just did one set of everything. I was feeling so lazy and tired, I also only got around 4 hours of sleep from last night.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. I just worked the whole day basically. Ordered some more food out to feed me and my parents. At around 4 PM though, I got a phone call from License & Co., the company I used to try and get my driver's license. So I could have just done it for free by going to the DMV equivalent here, but everything would be in Spanish, and these guys communicated in English, so I went to them to make the process easier for me, I just had to pay $100 for everything last month and that was more than worth it.

So I go there with my parents to pick up my new driver's license and I was so ecstatic. When we got to the place, I didn't expect the process to be so fast. I just walked over to the counter, and then they basically just immediately gave me my license after I told them my name and they were able to verify my picture and identity. It was so quick. If I knew it would have been so fast, I would have added a Third Stop to the Uber app instead of just being dropped off here and having to wait another 20 minutes to go to the next place.

So this was my parent's last full day with me here, and I told them we can go to a car shopping place and look for a car to buy. So I order an Uber to go to the new place, and we just waited standing around in front of this grocery store. Everything here is so expensive. I actually don't know how most people are able to get by, considering they also make significantly less income here than compared to the States.

We went to this car sale district and there were so many car stores here. I wanted to buy a used car so that I didn't have to pay so much, unfortunately I found out that cars really retain their value here, and that literally used cars from 4 years ago are selling for the same price as brand new. I wanted to buy a car for like $10,000 at the most, maybe $15,000 at the most, and also get a 5 year financing on those cars, but there were zero car stores that sold anything in that price range. NONE. The cheapest cars started at $30,000, and I am not joking.

So anyway, my parents and I decided to just get a new car, because used cars all sold for the same price as brand new. Even cars that had 50,000 miles on them already, were selling for the same price as brand new, which is quite ridiculous. We went to this Jeep dealership just because it was close, not that I wanted a Jeep at all, but they were all sold out of all their vehicles except two. It was ridiculous. We found out that other dealerships faced the same problem, basically all their cars were sold.

When we got to the Toyota dealer, they told me all the cars there arrived there that day. Literally that day. That's how they have any cars at all, was because they all just arrived. My parents and I looked at a few different cars, and my parents really fell in love with the Rav4. So okay, that's the car I was going to buy. I had a problem with the financing though, in that the dealership told me I had to have established Puerto Rico income, not one in the U.S., and because I just started my company here, I don't have any evidence to show them.

So anyway, we come up with this plan that I would pay $15,000 down payment for this $32,000 Rav4, and I would have to present them with the contract my previous employer gave me for the work my new company was to do for them, and then I could buy the car with an 84 month financing. Okay whatever, let's just do that. We had to go home and planned to come back the next day with a copy of the work contract and a check for $15,000.

This Rav4 I'm buying is half the price of the condo I'm planning on buying. I hope I'm able to buy it, please. I really like this property and I hope the banker can get that loan mortgage approved as soon as possible.

At home, nothing happened that night. Except I found this video that really turned me on, like it was just a preview video, but I was soooooooooooooooo turned on by it. OMG. Like I had an instant thing that got instantly hard as quick possible, and I was like OMG...... So I couldn't help myself. I bought a trial for that website for like $5, and it allowed me to browse all the videos on their site for 3 days. That was all I needed really. Once I saw the rest of the video, I can use my imagination on just the preview video or pictures or whatever, for the rest of it.

Anyway I really could not help myself from just experiencing bliss on this video. You know, after I blissed, I felt nothing for the video afterwards. Like I was turned off instantly, right after blissing. It's weird, because this was something that turned me on instantly, and after blissing, I just felt nothing for it. So I browsed the Internet again for a few minutes though, and I went back to the video, and OMG I couldn't believe that was a real video, and I got turned on AGAIN. AGAIN. Yeah, so I ended up blissing TWICE tonight to that video just a few minutes apart from each other.

OMG. Just the thought of it alone is making me want to experience bliss again to that video right now as I type this. But my parents are here with me, and so I will probably have to wait until later when I have privacy again. And then again, I don't know if I want to do it again. But yeah, that video just really turned me on, all the way up on just the preview video.

Anyway, like I mentioned already, unlike other people who have porn and masturbation addiction, like I literally do it twice a day on average probably, I don't have erectile dysfunction. Pretty much everyone else that has porn and masturbation problem, has erectile dysfunction, even people far younger than me in their early 20s. I attribute my lack of E.D. to eating a diet devoid of dead animals which allow my arteries to function unobscured.

Anyway, that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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