June 5, 2021

Parents Returned Home, Bought a Car Today

5:46 AM (of Sunday, June 6th 2021)

Today is Saturday, June 5th 2021 and I woke up at around... Maybe 6 AM this morning? I think? I'm waking up early and I'm not sure what I'm doing in the morning. Today wasn't a workout day or anything like that though, so I didn't do any workouts in the morning. Also my parents were here, so I let them do all the chores like the cleaning and everything, which they already do practically every day. My parents did some laundry for me today, washing my clothes by hand and then hanging them. My dad took out the trash and also set all the trashbins that fell over last night, upright and re-positioned them into their original positions.

I worked on writing yesterday's entry this morning, and that's all I remember doing. After that I just talked with my parents a bunch about a lot of random topics. I microwaved and ate some food this morning too. My parents were going to the airport this morning to finally go back home to the States, and yesterday we went out car shopping but were missing some papers to be able to continue. So today we planned on using Uber to drop me off at the car dealership while they went on to the airport.

So after taking a shower and packing up and everything, we did exactly that. We got an Uber and I got dropped off at the car dealership while my parents got dropped off at the Airport, the Uber was $40 total, which to most people in the States or other places, that is expensive, but here that is the normal price. It costs me freaking $25 to go to Wal-Mart one way, and another $25 back. So it costs me $50 to go shopping. Yeah. That's why every time I go there, I try to make sure I get like at least $100 worth of stuff, which often includes me buying random things I don't even want or need, like I bought this sewing kit one time, and I bought this large container this other time. Admittedly, I am using that container a good amount now though.

So anyway, the car buying process for me took around five hours. My dealer was the guy pictured, and he told me he was one of three people in the entire dealership who spoke English. We got a bit close and personal over those five hours, he even drove me to my house so I could pick up one of by debit cards, because they didn't accept checks here. I had to use a debit card. He told me a lot of things about himself and I told him a bit about myself, though not as much. Most of the time I was talking in Spanish though, and he was speaking in English, just because I wanted to speak Spanish, and he randomly commented that I spoke Spanish almost naturally, because I was giving him driving directions in Spanish and he thought that sounded so natural.

To skip a lot of the details, this process took so long because it was so hard to verify my proof of income so that the banks would be able to approve my loan. This is because just 5-6 days ago, May 31st, was my last day as an employee of my old company. So none of my previous W-2s would be eligible. I had to present some new ones, but since I haven't gotten any income yet from my own company, Stealth Launch, they had a hard time approving this loan. If I literally just tried to buy a car days before May 31st, everything would have worked out so smoothly.

Anyway I had to do a down payment of $15,000 and they didn't accept checks, so my dealer drove me to my house so I could pick up a debit card I had there. This is weird, I can't believe I literally just took the card out of my wallet either that morning or the day before, and then it just had to be so vital now. But yeah we got closer on a personal level due to him driving me back home, we exchanged phone numbers and emails and he said he was my friend here now. Awesome.

So when we got back to the dealership, my debit card kept getting declined, the error was "insufficient funds" and my dealer was pretty pissed with me thinking I just scammed him out of doing this entire lengthy process which had already taken us 4-5 hours at this point and I didn't even have sufficient funds. So he asked if I had any credit cards, I said yeah, this one has $6500 limit, and so I used that, just $6000 of that, and it got approved. Finally we were making some progress. Then I used another card which had $7000, and so I only had $2000 left. I used my original debit card again for the $2000, and it worked this time, finally. I think it was declining the $15,000 repeatedly because it was such a large amount.

Anyway, after a long time, everything was done and paid for. Insurance was automatically provided by that company and also I got free oil changes and I think free car washes there too, although maintenance wasn't free I could get it there too. Amazing.

When I got in the car, it only had 3.1 miles driven on its odometer. That is the lowest I've seen. It also had completely empty gas though, because they never filled it up with anything. My dealer told me to just go to the gas station as soon as possible. This was literally my first time driving this car, I never test drove it or anything, he didn't show me how to open the gas door or which side it was on, so when I got to the gas station I just had to guess that it was on the left side, and I was right. How do I open the gas door though? I didn't know, and I had to look around my car side for a bit to figure it out.

Also gas stations here work so differently from the ones in the States. I can't just scan my credit card and have it fill up to whatever amount was exactly needed. There was nowhere to scan any credit cards. I had to go into the gas station and pay them some amount, hoping it was close to what the gas capacity was. I went in and just said fill it up for $30, because I wasn't sure how much this car needed. Then when I got out, I had no idea what kind of gas this car needed, regular or premium? I just went with regular on a guess, because I had no clue.

Also all the papers and stuff that they gave me was in Spanish, so I have almost no idea what it says, it will take me a while to read and comprehend everything, and I have to use a translator or dictionary for it. How often do I go back for oil change, etc? I don't know.

So yeah I have no idea what or where most of the buttons are and whatever functionality they had or whatever functionality this car even has. Did you know my car also has a sun roof? I didn't even find that out until I got home and looked at it from one of my bedroom windows, and saw that it had a sun roof. I didn't even turn on my radio or anything on my entire drive back home because I was so terrified, driving again for the first time in months, months!!

And this car was big and heavy and slightly more difficult to drive and park than a sedan. My drive back home was crazy, I was just hyper aware of everything going on, I was a little bit scared, because I was alone and I had to do everything alone. I didn't even have any GPS on or anything on my drive back home, mainly because I already knew the directions and I forgot to turn on the GPS, I drove back from memory of how our Uber driver dropped us off last night.

When I got home, I clunkily parked the car, and it was hard. Omg. To park this vehicle, I had to go on top of the curb, so I had to drive on this curb to get the car up there. It would just bounce and climb up the curb, and I don't know. I don't think it's a good thing to do that, but this vehicle can do it. It has pretty good ground clearance.

So I put that orange folder on top of the hood of the car so I could take a picture of it, and this wind ended up blowing it and flying so much important papers everywhere. I had copies of my SSN card, copies of my passport, this check for $15,000 on it, some of the sales papers for the car, etc, just so much important paperwork started flying up in the air. OMG. It was a nightmare. It just rained so the ground was wet, and the papers scattered all over the place. I spent like 10 minutes outside gathering all the paper and making sure that was everything. I still am not certain I got every single paper, but I hope I did. A lot of the papers ended up wet after.

When I got home, I put all that stuff on the table and just let it air dry. What a pain. I was feeling a little stressed, and a little turned on, so I watched that video again from last night, and I blissed again. Then I was bored and sad. Probably because I blissed again and I ran out of any other activity to do. So whatever, I cleaned myself up a bit, and then got back in the car to go to Wal-Mart.

I also knew the directions to Wal-Mart, but just in case, I used a GPS this time to help out. From Wal-Mart too, I can drive back home. I know the directions. Cool right? I've been there enough times and even though it's like 20 minutes away and with a bunch of turns and driving through a few highways, I know how to get there and back. I remembered how to get to the dealership so easily because there was barely any turns, most of it was a drive down this straight road, and by most, I mean like 90% of it was just driving down this straight road, but the Wal-Mart trip was far more complicated. I think I would have actually missed some turns and exits and gotten myself lost if I just tried it by memory.

At Wal-Mart I have been wanting to buy this 70 inch tall mirror for a while now, but it would have always been too long for any Uber cars. Because Uber requires you to sit in the back, front seat is disallowed, and I always get a sedan, it wouldn't have fit. Even UberXL would have had a hard time fitting this. My Rav4 barely fit it all in. Anyway I was able to buy that mirror today, now I can finally get a full view of my body including the lower part, because we only have this bathroom mirror here and it only shows my face and upper body.

I also bought probably 15 pounds of oranges or something like that. And I bought a watermelon and some drinks. This is because I wanted to possibly start a juice fast tomorrow, because I weighed 205.9 pounds this morning, which sucks. I was down to 201 pounds just last week, and then my parents came, and I had to order out vegan food very often, and I would end up eating more than average and over 4000 calories a day probably, and so I gained weight. And I was so frustrated. My parents barely eat anything. Which is great. I want to be like them in that regard.

The drive back home was great. Driving is cool. Cooler than Uber, that's for sure. It was raining out though, and when I got home, there were no parking spaces open. So I texted my land lord that there were no parking spots open, and I sent him some pictures. He said I should have one spot for me, said he would message the other residents and let them know I should have a parking space now. I just parked in front of some neighbor's house in the meantime, I hope they don't mind, because I have nowhere else to park.

When I got back home again. yeah I think I blissed again. The same video. It still really turns me on even now, but it is beginning to lose its luster.

When I got on Facebook, I think it was a bit earlier in the day actually. One of my friends told me he was deactivating his Facebook. I don't know why, but yeah. He gave me his phone number in case I wanted to get in touch. And then I checked Aloe's account and she was gone too. I asked another friend to verify if Aloe blocked me or if she de-activated her account, and it turns out she de-activated her account. I sent her $8 through PayPal and the message I wanted to send her, and my phone number. Up to her if she wants to get in touch again. Omg I almost felt like crying when I saw her account de-activated, she told me the things she was going through but she's extremely independent living alone and taking care of herself alone, doesn't want help from anyone, so even though I want to reach out and help out emotionally and in whatever other way I can, she's just so closed off.

Anyway I posted in one of the Puerto Rico vegan groups, only in the private one because I didn't want to post anything in any of the public groups. I posted that I was a single vegan in San Juan and asked if there were any single vegan girls in the group looking for a relationship, and the post went into pending. Later a mod would decline the post saying that wasn't what the group was for, in Spanish. Omg. I am already in the Puero Rico Singles group and it is just 99% guys posting selfies and getting 1-2 likes per photo. The few girls that post anything there, get like 50+ likes and all the attention from all the guys in the group.

I went into an international single vegans group, and I like that a lot of women post there. Most of the young women have no problems getting into any relationship though, even Aloe probably has many suitors lined up for her including me. I don't know why she doesn't just open up though, seriously. I'm a little depressed she would just close her account like that. Anyway this 18 year old attractive young woman from Mexico, vegan for two years, makes a post tonight and says she's not looking for any relationship, but just people to talk to. I post a comment in Spanish and from there we start communicating and she sends me a friend request.

We communicated in Spanish for pretty much our entire chat. She was so impressed that I've been to over 10 countries because I guess in her local region no one travels out much, and she herself has not really been anywhere outside of Mexico or even her region or whatever. I did most of my travelling after becoming a vegan 8-9 years ago, so I told her I was still vegan in 7 of those countries, including the coldest places like Iceland and Canada, which there are already vegans living in both year round, so it's literally possible and doable anywhere in the world as long as there is any grocery store at all. And here in Puerto Rico I've lived on a budget of only $3 of food a day for months without any refrigeration, so there's no excuse to kill and slaughter any animals whatsoever anywhere in the world for any budget.

She was also extremely impressed that I could communicate in 3 languages. She just thought that was completely unbelievable anyone could know 3 languages, although I told her I wasn't fluent in Spanish, she said my Spanish was very good. She said her English wasn't so good, but her English was definitely better than my Spanish because she could watch TV and Movies and understand everything that they say without subtitles. I can't do that for Spanish. No way.

Anyway we got to know some personal details about each other. We eventually got into voice chatting, and we did this thing where I spoke in Spanish and she would speak in English. This is because we tried doing it all in Spanish originally, but I could not make out what she said. Anyway her voice sounded very attractive and she would giggle a lot and it sounded so pleasing. She would help out my Spanish a lot, because I would make some silly errors or I wouldn't know how to say a certain word or phrase and she'd help out in English.

Omg I am so lonely here. I may have blissed myself a third time today, or maybe I was too tired to. I don't remember. All I know is that at around 11 PM, I checked on my car from my bedroom window again to make sure it was still there. I turned off all the lights at home and I think I brushed my teeth, and then I just went to sleep. Though I may have blissed myself just before doing that all of that. I don't know, I don't remember. I was mainly just feeling depression from finding out Aloe closed her account and her cutting off all contact from me, I don't know her phone number or anything. Even this new friendship with an 18 year old attractive woman didn't cheer me up.

Written by JustMegawatt

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