June 11, 2021

may gratitude

I'm way late on posting this because I hadn't gotten around to copying all my gratitude entries into my master journal file. good to be finally caught up! according to this, the highlights of the month were (1) going outside, (2) beating Shiva, and (3) eating food. sounds about right tbh

  1. parents came by AND THEY BROUGHT POPEYES
  2. raid! really getting the hang of things. my puddle placement was PERFECT in icelit dragonsong. kan had newbie replay it in slow-mo for everyone to watch.
  3. mmm lobster ravioli so good
  4. The Reckoning hit max level! now Mango/Derelict/Arson are above Raubritter on the pack leaderboard. that's a lifetime of hunting gainz
  5. a long evening walk and a big glass of water afterwards
  6. lotta good work prog!
  7. yay boss gave me friday off
  8. newbie and hgr are getting along in valorant :3
  9. good productive morning! did some work (on my day off?!), some housecleaning, and a bunch of cooking
  10. sold TWO pups today (Razanei's littermates). business is popping. one got a base change to russet; the other got a sex change to female
  11. talking with Jem about games and watching a Returnal playthrough with him
  12. cookout! ft. steak, chicken, and brats
  13. hoooome
  14. totally accurate battle simulator with numbers. lmaoo dragons op. the best part is when numbers zooms in on their faces during the victory screen. O_O
  15. Razanei looks SO GOOD with the luna base
  16. and I wrote him a bunch of lore. very important for a future stud to have lore
  17. a spontaneous excursion: WENT DOWNTOWN and finally got the meds
  18. and got a caramel mocha frappuccino!!
  19. going out to get the pokestop of the day. I forgot I can do this now!
  20. a stroll outside on a sunny afternoon: the new new normal
  21. AND a long late-night balcony walk. best of both worlds!
  22. it's the weekend and I got an oreo ice cream bar
  23. got out of my drawing slump sketching pics of iyazo. handsome dude
  24. WHEW taxes filed
  25. whoaaa wolf portraits on the den page I love it
  26. burger!
  27. yooooo that's a 7-day pokestop streak! my first since March 2020
  28. some complete rando gifted me 1000 sc and then blocked me. uh, thanks dude!
  29. good journaling session
  30. cooking cajun salmon & broccoli for lunch
  31. sirenia - the seventh summer
  32. mom gave us dumplings that I cooked up for lunch, pot sticker style. they were great. thanks mom!
  33. a lazy walk outside, taking over the gym. summer sun and spring breeze
  34. roommate is vaccinated yay
  35. AND popeyes to celebrate
  36. it's aging-up day for the Rule the World squad and Razanei. exciting times. Azure found a small trail I'm so proud
  37. "going out for a walk," I told my roommate. "didn't you already do that two times today?" he said. you know it. I'm living my best life
  38. raid prog: got around two-thirds of the way through wyrm's lament 2. we're so close! and our dps is on pace to clear
  39. we beat the tacos game! (it was no Hammerwatch, that's for sure. but still fun to be playing with team)
  40. chill evening listening to music
  41. ooo carob and zinfandel's only pup is a stunning auburn, good job you two
  42. delicious gourmet spicy ramyun
  43. peanut udon for dinner, and then a nice walk outside at sunset. the sky was so pretty
  44. okay so I mentioned I spent 43 gc on an Emperor breeding (30 stud fee + 3 elk heart + 5 black sage + 5 IBF) BUT I sold the three extra pups for a total of 60 gc. thank you Low Empathy for appreciating high stat pups
  45. Ratatoskr, our future chaser stud, was born today. 508 stats, 137/143 spd/agi. first time breaking 500 without outside studs!
  46. grocery day & basketball day. watching the game with roommate over an oven lunch of BBQ chicken bites and sweet potato tots
  47. we beat shiva!!!!
  48. mongolian BBQ pork steak + pasta

Written by Achaius

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