June 12, 2021

Played Warcraft 3 All Day

9:26 PM

Well I uninstalled Warcraft 3 again. I installed it again last night just because I was bored and wanted to play it again. I played 4 vs. 4 random team games online and from my past experience I believed that human was the most overpowered race. I think they have the most versatility in the game, with their builders being able to build anywhere with no limitation, and they have very strong and annoying units too. Well I played Human a few times and lost. I think I lost 3 games before I won one game. Okay so that strategy didn't work, I played as Undead instead, and I won 6 games in a row and lost 1.

This was my first time playing in over a year, and the last time I played in February last year, I only played for a few hours. Yeah, so I dominated with Undead last night in 4v4 random team games. And I was having so much fun. I played other games that night like Legion TD, Castle Fight, Horde vs. Alliance, and others. They had this new version of Legion TD, version 6.5, where you start with 750 gold instead of 300, and there are many more monsters that spawn. I was there when Legion TD the first version came out, and you started with 100 gold I think. Then in version 3.5, they made it so you started with 300 gold, and that became the default. Now it's even more, 750 gold in version 6.5 No one hosts the original or version 3.5 anymore, even though they were so popular back in the day.

Anyway I fell asleep last night at around 12 AM. I was in a game with some people, some of the people I play with are in their 40s. They told me in the game. A lot of them even had kids. These people were playing Warcraft 3 back in 2003, back when they were in their early 20s. I played this game when I wasn't even a teenager yet, when I was around 10 or 11 years old. Now they're in their 40s, and I'm now in my late 20s. How time flies. Yeah that's what 17 years will do. Holy shit.

Their generation was the one that made a lot of epic games and maps that I enjoyed while growing up. They made DOTA, TD games (the origin of Tower Defense, TD, is from Warcraft 3, there are many TD games now outside Warcraft 3, but that's where they originated from, just like DOTA), Sheep Tag, Gladiator, so many RPG games. I played thousands upon thousands of different maps and games back in the day. Okay from memory, let me try to just name as many different maps and games as I can from Warcraft 3:

  • Sheep Tag
  • Glaidator
  • Julien's RPG
  • Julien's Open RPG (way different map)
  • Kodo Tag
  • Cloud RPG
  • Kill Undead's ORPG
  • Diablo 2
  • Anime Fight
  • Fight of Characters
  • Bleach vs. One Piece
  • DBZ Tribute
  • Mafia
  • Maniac with a Saw
  • Twilight's Eve ORPG
  • Crop Circle TD
  • Green Circle TD
  • Candy TD
  • White TD
  • Mafarrazo TD
  • Bayus Firestorm TD
  • Legion TD
  • Shopping Maul
  • Marvel Maul
  • Winter Maul
  • Winter Maul Wars
  • Horde vs Alliance
  • Humans vs Orcs
  • Orc Gladiators
  • Hero Wars
  • X Hero Siege
  • Bow TD
  • Naruto World
  • Naruto Ninpou Storm
  • Reborn vs Naruto vs Bleach
  • Fate Stay Night
  • Don't Click The Tauren
  • Don't Poke The Angry Ogre
  • Evolution Tag
  • Farmers vs Hunters
  • Run Kitty Run
  • Pokemon World
  • Inuyasha
  • Life of a Peasant (and its 1000+ variations)
  • Heaven vs Hell
  • Enfos
  • Moo Moo
  • Defense of the Ancients
  • Castle Fight
  • Sword Art Online RPG
  • God's Land
  • Twelve Kingdoms
  • Buyers and Sellers
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Helms Deep
  • Archer Wars
  • 12 BladeMasters
  • 7 Illidans
  • Final Fantasy RPG
  • Warchasers
  • Footmen Frenzy
  • Hero Push
  • Hero Line Wars Lition
  • Shroom World
  • Prison Escape
  • Escape the Pyramid
  • FullMetal Alchemist
  • Ragnarok Online
  • Missile War
  • You TD
  • Founders of the North
  • Dark Deeds 7
  • Banjo Ball
  • Harry Potter
  • SoTDRP
  • Trolls vs Elves
  • Preschool Tech Wars
  • Tanks
  • Curse of Time RPG
  • Binders
  • Defiance's ORPG
  • Tree Tag
  • 300
  • Defend the House
  • Heroes and Empires
  • Fantasy Life

6:10 AM (of Sunday, June 13th 2021)

Okay I have no idea what time I fell asleep last night while writing my entry, but if I had to ascertain that based on the average hours of sleep I get a night, I fell asleep at around 12 AM. But looking back at the time, I started my entry at 9:26 PM, so that doesn't make sense how it would take me 3 hours to write that tiny section.

Anyway I was able to name those games just from memory. I fell asleep because I closed my eyes to think of some more games, and then I just passed out, falling asleep. Anyway I woke up in a weird position at like 2 AM or something in total darkness except my computer screen which was still on, so I just shut it down and went back to sleep. I am a really easy person to fall asleep.

There are some other games I just remembered just now like Art of Defense, Liquid TD, Lasers and Rockets TD, Skibi's Castle TD, Ninjas vs. Pirates, Ninja Wars, Battleships, and etc.

There are countless maps I played that I don't even remember the name of. How I came up with these games from memory was I just "flashed" different images and memories of scenarios and events I remembered from Warcraft 3, and I named that game if I could. There are so many games I can't even remember the name of. Lots of maps in Korean / Japanese / Chinese too that I never knew the game name of, because it wasn't in English.

What's weird is who the heck made these maps? Why are there so many maps? To be clear, no one made any money from these maps, except a few. The person that made DoTA didn't even make any money from DoTA 2, there was some other guy that came like 7 years later to work on DoTA, named IceFrog, who got the millions from DoTA, the original creator didn't make any money from it. The original creator was some guy called Eul, and he abandoned DoTA so some other people took over, and they kept passing down the development until IceFrog took over and then he got contacted by Valve, and they ported DoTA 2 to its own platform.

Seriously, there was absolutely NO monetary incentive whatsoever to make any Warcraft 3 maps. None. I made my own maps too, and sometime I would rig other maps to give me a secret code I could write that would make me overpowered, or something like that. But other than that, there are so many countless maps that people probably spent many hours / days on, working tirelessly on. Maps like the hyper-realistic Naruto maps with characters that have the skin/model of real Naruto characters, and spells that do all the same things as you expect those characters to be able to do. Some of them can alter the landscape in the anime, and in the game too they can alter the landscape. It's super real looking.

I mean maps like that take days to make, and there's no reason to make them except just for fun. I've met some map makers too and beta tested some of their games. I don't know how or why they spend so much time and effort on games that practically no one will ever play. No one will play them because they're not that fun to play, and there's also a huge oversaturation of games available anyway.

So yeah the entire day today, I just spent it playing Warcraft 3 mainly. I did want to go out too, and I messaged Aloe about it, but she didn't respond the whole day. While playing the game around 5 PM, I had a phone call with a Facebook friend for about 1.5 hours.

At night I played as Undead again, and I think I was able to get a 10-3 record that night. So overall with undead, I think I am 16 wins, and 4 losses total. That's like an 80% win rate. That's really good. I played against a lot of bad players though, or maybe I am just very good compared to them. My strategy is literally just massing crypt fiends, and possibly making some statues and destroyers later in the game, and maybe some frost wyrms, but mainly all I've had to do was mass crypt fiends.

There were also several games where I've had one of my allies leave, and I took control. I have no idea how we would win those games, but I would be disadvantaged at having to control 2 players at once, but somehow we'd still win. All I'd do on that second player is upgrade things as soon as I can, and make the strongest units that they have available, and mass those. Somehow that strategy wins.

There was one game in which 2 of my allies left. Yes, two of them left. I didn't know how to save replays at the time or else I would have saved that, but after the game I added both players who left to my friend list, because I wanted to message them like "You left loser, but we still won the game without you." However the new system doesn't allow you to message people unless they are in your friend's list first, so I sent them a friend request which they never accepted, but I did want to gloat in their faces.

Yeah that one game, 2 of my allies left. So it was a 2v4 game. 2 versus 4, and I controlled the other 2 people who left. So I was there controlling 3 players at once. Yeah. I never rely on my allies for anything, because the majority of the time I just think they suck. So I end up controlling these two players that left, and I do the same strategy I do for what happens if one player leaves, I just upgrade everything and make the strongest units they can make, and I did that for both players, and for me I just kept amassing crypt fiends. That somehow won.

My favorite game I played the whole day today, was this one game where we rushed. It was a very coordinated game. Most of the time, people in that game are unresponsive. You would ask them "hey Orange, what units are you getting?", and you will get no response. This game, one guy was like "rush?" and everyone else including me was lIke "yeah", "k", "sure". So then we come up with this plan to mass a lot of units, meet in the center, and attack a player that wasn't at an edge. It's a 4 on 4 game, so in each team there are 2 players on the outer edges, and two players in the interior. In 99% of games, the people in the outer edge are attacked first.

In this game, we met up in the center of the map, and then walked over to an inner player, because they would NEVER expect to be attacked. Well this was a huge surprise attack for them. We created a huge army and met up, and just base rushed this one player while he was out creeping (hunting monsters), literally destroying his main base just like that, in about 15 seconds, not even giving any other player in their team the chance to notice. There was no teleportation or anything from the enemy team. And I watched the replay too, there were no pings from the enemy team either, until we already destroyed their base.

So we came in and destroyed his main base so fast that no one in their entire team even noticed it until it was already gone. That was SO EPIC!! That was the most epic game I have ever played in 4v4, because it happened so fast. Actually the craziest game I can remember is during some of my early gameplay years, maybe 2006 or something, I was able to beat a 4 player army alone, just only me. Yeah. I massed necromancers and meat wagons, and I summoned a lot of skeletons, like the most you can imagine, over 200 skeleton units, and with that army I was able to beat a 4 player army all by myself. I think they have nerfed it since then, I have never seen anyone do that strategy ever and I've played a lot of games (thousands).

But yeah, I think I was able to get a record of 16-4 with Undead, the past 2 days. And that's after a year of not playing, and years of playing "Seriously", maybe over a decade since I last played "seriously". I hate how I can still remember all the hotkeys and units and micro and everything, more than one decade later, and I still have mastery of all those things. I was able to win against a bunch of other people because I out-microed them. They looked like noobs standing still to me. I don't play single player games though because I hate being alone, I love being with other people, hence why I only play 4v4 games. I don't think I am that good in 1v1, but in 4v4 I apparently dominate with Undead.

Anyway I ended up uninstalling the game today (Saturday, around 9 PM), because I spent more than 12 hours playing this game today, and that kind of addiction is harmful. The whole day today I only ate a few bowls of lentils which I sprouted yesterday and are so good and only cost like $1 for around 2000 calories worth of lentils, and some oranges. That's it. I dominated in all my games eating only that, and I also only ate today because I pleasured myself at around 2 PM and was hungry. I haven't intentionally eaten any animal products in nearly a decade, there's no exaggeration to say we don't need to kill and eat any animals at all, and it's cheaper and healthier, better for the environment and animals to avoid doing so.

Playing as Human, I was able to get a 1-3 record, 1 win and 3 losses, but with Undead I was able to get 16 wins and 4 losses. That's pretty dang good. Really good. Unless I run out of things to do again, I will never play Warcraft 3 again, I don't want to.

This entire post here is my tribute to this game. One of my favorite games growing up, and I really matured and became a different person thanks to this game. Though arguably, you could also make the case that if I did any other activity, it would have been better than this game. I would have also matured and became a different person if I literally did anything else. If I read Aristotle or something, if I volunteered, or if I studied, instead of playing this game, those results would have arguably been better. So yeah, I think this game overall was a waste of time, and I gained mastery of this game for no purpose at all.

Okay I know the names of every single unit in the game, I know every single spell in the game. I know every hotkey for those spells in the game. I know every building in the game. Heck I know every monster in the game. I know every map in the game. I basically know everything there is to know about this game, I have complete and total mastery of it. I even managed to get an 80% win rate out of 20 games the past 2 days, and that's after not playing in years. So yes I would say I have mastery over this game. And I hate that.

Admittedly, there were several times I maphacked that game. I got an 86% win rate in an account with like 70 games or something played on it, because I maphacked on that account. It's so easy to win with maphack. I also got banned several times in that game for maphacking too though. I would have to buy a new CD key each time, costing like $30 to rebuy the game, back when $30 was impossibly hard to come by.

People don't realize how cheap I was growing up or how poor my family was. I would literally skip my lunches to save me $3 a day. I'd rather walk for 2 hours than pay $5 for a ride or something. My parents bought me one laptop back in 2007 I think for like $700, and that was a very significant amount of money to us, they said they couldn't buy me another laptop for the next 6 years because of that, despite them knowing I had a huge passion and interest for computers. So literally for the next 6 years, I used that machine which quickly became insignificant and slow since there was a lot of rapid computing advancements during that time, and I couldn't play any games or anything on it because it was too slow to support ANY games.

I mainly used that machine to browse the Internet. Not even studying or anything, just browsing. But yeah, that was my one choice purchases for the next 6 years. I practically never bought anything else since then, or very few things. There were some other new purchases, I did get a new desktop computer for $400 4 years later, and I would use that more than the laptop. And I'd have my parents buy me a calculator or two. My parents are the ones buying me these things by the way, and I know how broke they are, so I never asked them for anything.

Anyway that was my whole day today. I'm still lonely and alone as shit. Fuck me. I also sent Aloe some possibly cringey messages, it's because she takes so long to reply I make up ideas about things and send them over. Lame. I'm lame dude. I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

Written by JustMegawatt

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