June 13, 2021

Day 3: The Backrooms

I have decided to divide my entries based on topic instead of writing stuff simply based on what day an event is taking place. Anyway, I am reading about the Backrooms from the Backrooms Wiki. The Backrooms is a creepypasta and an urban legend based on the idea that you can 'no clip' out of reality itself the same way one can 'no clip' out of a video game level. I have written a description of the Backroom on Reddit with my profile u//Maleficent-Low201 that goes a little something like this:

"The creepypasta known as ‘The Backrooms’ states that you can accidentally ‘no-clip’ out of reality and end up in another reality known as the ‘Backrooms’. This reality is made up of a series of seemingly infinite ‘rooms’ with each room varying in size.

Some are infinite in size, other rooms are only a few square meters. Some of these rooms are safe to stay in or potentially live in for the rest of your life, some rooms are very dangerous, and some rooms are literally ‘dead zones’ where entering them guarantees death. When you travel from room to room, you have to be careful because any room you enter can potentially be your last.

The methods for entering each room can be seemingly random. Potentially normal actions like touching a window, jumping in a puddle, or even touching certain walls can teleport you into another room if you are not careful. Things like this make the Backrooms pretty strange and it gets even stranger.

Many of these rooms are home to monsters and eldritch abominations out of HP Lovecraft’s worst nightmares. If you are not careful, you can become one of their victims. For example, there is an eldritch being called "Mother" who can make you her 'child' if you are not careful and all you have to do to be her next victim is touch certain fake windows. These creatures make the Backrooms even more threatening and dangerous to transverse.

Now, there are a few methods to get back to the real world from here, but many of them are few and far between and most intentionally trying to escape will probably die before they make it. In fact, most who survive long enough just call the Backrooms their homes and form colonies to survive in. If you find yourself in the Backrooms, you might find yourself doing the same. In fact, personally, I would only travel far enough to visit certain rooms that - from reading these scary stories - I know I am safe in and once I make it to one of those rooms, I would just live their and call it a day.

Do I think the Backrooms are real? Of course not! However, they are fun to theorize about and think about. I would love to write on this site about each of these rooms and potentially, in the future, have some kind of ARG about the Backrooms and how people could survive if they ended up there. It is so fun to look at these stories and write about them, even if they are entirely fictional. Who knows, one day I might clip out of reality and have to eat my words." -Me, r/backrooms

I will probably start describing the levels of the Backrooms in this journal in secondary entries in this journal so other people can be introduced to the Backrooms and this fun little horror story that helps me escape from the problems of the real world to a more Lovecraftian realm.

Written by Tyler7755

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Posted On Jun 14, 2021

You can no clip out of reality but you have to know the cheat code. It's not in English nor in any form of communication the human mind can comprehend. Much like a blind man can't see and can't imagine what seeing would be like, humans cannot imagine the sensation to enter in the cheat code, so they will never be able to.

Posted On Jun 17, 2021

My friend has this theory that humanity has a hidden self-destruct sequence - a particular sequence of words that, when said aloud, will instantly kill the speaker. Nobody has found it yet, but whenever you say a sequence of words that has never been spoken before, you're taking a risk that it's the self-destruct sequence. Maybe there are multiple cheat codes like this hardwired into our existence, and the cheat code to the Backrooms is one of them.

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