June 13, 2021

Donated $1000 To Two Brothers

9:48 PM

Today was a very relaxed day. I'm not feeling so pressured anymore to get into a relationship or whatever. I'm just going to take my time. I learned some very valuable lessons today too though. It just takes some perspective, but my problems are not worth crying about. More info about that later.

Watched a Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks Video

This morning I watched this two hour program on the Michael Spinks vs. Mike Tyson fight that took place in 1988.

It's great to learn about historical events, because real life today is basically the same as back then. There is really not much difference other than the slight advancement of technology. People back then still had cars, they had video recorders, they had televisions, they had phones, they had video games. People back then still went to school, they still went to work, there were still rich people and poor people, there were still teenagers, adults, seniors, all living their own lives back then. There was already Internet back then too. It's the same as today, the only difference again is the slight advancement in technology.

You can also compare today to 5000 years ago. People back then had basically the same exact lives as we have today, except there were a lot more mysteries in the world, and their technology was not as advanced. That's really it. There was already civilizations back then too, towns, buildings, schools, governments, etc. People went to school, people went to work, people used money to trade. Again, it's basically the same as today, with technology being the main difference.

So anyway, I watched this video on the Michael Spinks vs Mike Tyson fight. It was a two hour documentary-like video, and it showed the lives and information on both fighters leading up to the event. Both of them were fairly regular people living regular lives like you and me, except their career of choice was boxing, and they both happened to get to the top of their fields by not losing a single match. They weren't invincible or immortal though, they were just very good at what they did and they were able to beat everyone else that tried to beat them.

I learned quite a bit from that video, the match was the biggest match and event of its day, basically the entire world wanted to see what would happen. And it's all history now, just like today will be history some day. Everything is temporary. Even this apartment I live in now, I probably won't be here next month. Even this laptop I am using right now, although I will try to use it for as many years as possible (10+ years hopefully), at some point some parts will break that I cannot replace, and I will have to get a new laptop. Can I use this laptop for over 10 years? I imagine so. It is likely in the top 3 fastest laptops in this entire island, I would not be surprised if I owned the fastest and highest spec laptop on the entire island, really.

Facebook Selfie

Anyway I was on Facebook at around 9 AM and I was just looking around. There was this post in this vegan singles group about "morning bed selfie" or whatever, and people posted pictures of themselves just waking up from bed. To do the same, I just took a few selfies of me where I slept, and I do sleep on the floor. They all looked similar, but I picked out the best two. So I took these at 9 AM, and I'm very self-conscious, I really don't know how attractive I am or not. I'm single despite a lot of effort, and I don't really get any comments about my appearance, so I tend to think of myself as someone not attractive. So I didn't upload these photos, thinking I just looked undesirable. I'm overweight / obese too and I weighed myself today, I weighed 202.5 pounds.


After that is when I watched the Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks video until 11 AM. At 11 AM, I just played with myself and did "that", having fun until like 1 PM. Yeah I can last a long time. I really do "that" often, a lot. I did "that" three times on Friday, but I haven't written Friday's entry yet. I don't exactly remember that day anymore though. Then I got really hungry and thirsty and sleepy, so I drank some aloe vera juice and ate 3 oranges, and I took a nap for like 30 minutes. When I woke up, it was around 1:30 PM, I told myself I at 2 PM I would go to Wal-Mart today so I could buy some more oranges because I just ate the last three, so that was my plan.

French Girl

I browsed the Internet for a bit and ended back on that Facebook post about that morning bed selfie, and I still had mine not uploaded yet. So I just browsed through the photos people posted. Obviously the young attractive women get the most likes, and I recognized a lot of the names there already. There was a new young women that posted though and I hadn't seen her before, she looked pretty in her photo with her long curly hair somewhat covering her face. I was like wow this person is hot, so I sent her a message. She posted some stuff about horoscope and astrology, so I messaged her based on that and she replied right away.

We talked about astrology for a bit and if our zodiacs were compatible. After that I told her I found her picture she posted there attractive, and I asked her if mine were good, since I wasn't sure. I told her I was self-conscious and didn't post these because I didn't know if they were good or bad. She said "Oh my fucking God" and I was like, uhhh... is that a good thing or a bad thing? A few seconds later her new message popped up "You're handsome 😍". Awesome, thank you for that compliment. That made me feel more positive about myself especially since it came from someone I found really attractive. She's pretty hot.

She was also open to flirting with me too, which was cool. She asked me how many languages I spoke, and I said three, but one of them I'm not fluent in. I told her English, Tagalog (Filipino), and Spanish, and that I wasn't fluent in Spanish. She asked me to say some words in Tagalog, so I recorded a voice message and sent them over. This is after two hours of doing "that", or enjoying myself, and usually after such long sessions I find my voice to be weak and much higher pitched, especially if I climaxed. I wasn't proud of the voice I recorded and sent over, because to me I sounded quite weak in it, but she said "OH DAMN", that the language I spoke was beautiful, first time she's heard it.

I told her my voice was weak there and I'd send her a better voice recording in the future. She told me no need, that I already sounded perfect. Thanks for that compliment again. I asked her to tell me something in French, which she recorded a voice message and sent it over, and I told her that her voice sounded deep but was still hot. We're the same exact age except I'm a few months older. Anyway if she were open to moving here I'd definitely dating her. I told her I was gonna go to Wal-Mart and so I headed out.


I planned on going to Wal-Mart at 2 PM, but it got delayed to like 5 PM, unexpectedly. I chat with her for like an hour I think.

At Wal-Mart, I just bought 10 oranges, this car windshield solar cover to keep the insides cool under the hot sun, and like 12 pounds of lentils. I also bought some chips and barbecue sauce. And I bought some office supples like folders, pens, and this notebook I could write in. The total was around $60, and I also went to La Frutera and I ordered two green smoothies. Okay so the people that work there know who I am now, and the lady asked "and what else?" with her fingers on some buttons like, fully expecting I order a lot more, because I usually go in there and order like 3-4 green smoothies and 2-3 fruit salads. But today I just ordered two green smoothies.

Anyway that took a while to complete, and then I basically drove back home. I know the full way to Wal-Mart and back home now, imbued into my memory. I did make one wrong decision though, accidentally missing an exit I was supposed to take.


So I get back home eventually, and park. As I was unloading, I think my neighbors were talking to me from their apartment, but I had no freaking idea because their windows were closed and I didn't know they could even see me through their blurry window. You know it's those windows that have obscured vision through them, being translucent and blurry looking.

They just kept saying "Hello" and "Hola" out loud, and there were a few of them in there, so I thought they were just talking to themselves. But now that I think back, because they said "Hello", and that's in English, they were likely talking to me. But how the heck was I supposed to know? So I heard them keep saying "Hello" and "Hola" over and over to each other, and I thought they were just crazy. Apparently they were trying to talk to me, but again I couldn't see them, so I had no clue.

At home I put on South Park in Spanish and I eat the entire bag of chips and I eat the two fruit smoothies while watching.

Two Brothers in Greece

Then I get back on Facebook and I message her again, but she's offline. Whatever, I looked through some of her photos and she looked good in all of them. She had some meme photo posted where it was like "What do you deserve this Christmas?" and it was a lot of boyfriendy stuff like cuddles and massages. I sent her that photo and flirty message with it and then went back to her profile page. As I was just scrolling through, out of pure luck, I click on a guy from her friend's list named David.

Okay well the latest post he has is a concerning video he posted where he talks about how his life situation is really not going well. He had trouble walking, he was feeling fatigued, and he was a 32 year old about to get kicked out of his home since he couldn't pay rent anymore. Anyway I posted a comment saying his fatigue and walking symptoms might have been a sign of B12 deficiency, since he was a vegan since 12 years old and is 32 now, and yeah I talked to him and found out he has not been supplementing it ever. You can get B12 from vegan food sources like cereal, plant-based milks, nutritional yeast, unfiltered and unprocessed water from nature, from unwashed vegetables and fruits, duckweed, etc. But this guy also wasn't eating any of that.

So anyway, I post a comment asking him to message me because I was going to donate to him so he could go to the doctor and get his blood levels checked. So we message each other and I donate $300. He also tells me his symptoms also only started popping up after his doctor prescribed him new medicine, so the issues he face could've been the new medicine, but it wouldn't hurt to check B12 as well.

So he just sends me a bunch of voice messages because he doesn't want to type. Eventually he asks to call me, and I say sure. He tells me his entire life story about being from Syria, and that he and his brother planned to go to Germany and get citizenship there, because you can get citizenship after 4 years or something. Anyway, on the way to Germany they end up being stuck in Greece, and this was over 15 years ago I think. They have lived in Greece since, and it's just been nothing but difficulty for them. They've both been able to survive because their father supported them from Syria, but now his father was dying of brain cancer and the support already ended a while back, his dad no longer has the money to support them.

So he tells me that story, and that his brother wanted to become a professional gamer in Germany. My first thought was, bro, that's impossible. Those are good dreams, but your brother likely won't make it anywhere in video games. Later he would link me his brother's Destiny 2 profile, and he is rank 1 in the game. What the fuck. That came out of nowhere. And yeah it's legit, because there is a Twitter account linked to that Rank 1 account, and the guy's profile says "Vegan for the Animals", so holy fuck, his brother is just randomly the rank #1 player in that game. What the fuck. There's over 10 million people that play Destiny 2, and to be even in the top 10,000 of that is legendary. This guy's in the top 100, top 10, top 5, top 1 position. What the actual fuck.

Anyway he tells me that he's not able to find a job in Greece, neither for his brother, and they were about to be kicked out soon. He tells me that he experienced a lot of racism in Greece too, because he is from Syria and looks way different from the Greeks, he's been told to "go back to your country monkey", and other such comments. They've not been able to get citizenship or anything from Greek government despite living there for over a decade.

He also said his brother also has not played any games in 2-3 weeks because their monitor broke and his PS4 controller broke too. He says they've had that same PS4 and controller since 2014. But they can't afford any new ones. I checked the account profile, and it is correct. It says "Last game Played 2 weeks ago", so holy shit. He really hasn't been able to play because he hasn't been able to afford to replace anything they owned. Anyway I offered to pay their rent for this month, and to help them get a monitor and controller. The thing is though, in Greece, everything is more expensive. A new monitor here in Puerto Rico cost me $129, I remember because I bought two such monitors. In Greece though, the cheapest monitors are apparently 209 Euro, which is like $250. So everything is priced so much more.

Alright so I eventually donate another $700 to them, which brings the total to $1000 donated to them. Also they have no income right now, but his brother is the best player in Destiny 2, so why doesn't he start streaming? I offered to get them a computer so they could start streaming, but they have no mailing address, so they said they would ask their landlord if they could mail it to the landlord's house. I'm gonna buy a powerful laptop for them once they give me an address, and I'll have it sent over. This is so his brother can start streaming and they can finally earn an income to support themselves.

So I want these brothers to find a way to get their own income so they can support themselves. These guys were both so thankful because I just helped them stay there for a bit longer. They aren't going to be buying much with the money I gave them except rent, a new controller, and some supplements. The rest of they money they'll save up and use for food. I'll be sending them a laptop soon so they can use that to stream and hopefully they can earn more donations and a following that way.

They say they survive mainly on chickpeas and lentils, which are cheap foods, and I can see why. Those are really cheap, I bought 10 to 15 pounds of lentils today and it was $1.50 per pound and has like 2000 calories per pound, which is actually quite expensive compared to Virginia, it's like $1 per pound there or something. They aren't getting much Vitamin A through what they're eating though, and they need to add carrots or tomatoes or sweet potatoes or anything else that's red or orange, to get their Vitamin A up. I think it takes like 1 carrot to get 20,000% daily value requirement of Vitamin A or something like that. One sweet potato to get around 200%.

Anyway that was my day today. I am very sleepy. I could have written a lot more but I am just so tired now. @Miya-Miya if you enjoyed that previous entry, maybe this one will be good too? Let me know if these get too long for you to read, and I will try to make them shorter. I actually want to write a lot more, but I am so sleepy and tired now, I am seriously about to just pass out.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Jun 15, 2021

@Miya-Miya Gracias para eres mi amiga Miya-Miya, soy muy solo y soletaro todos los dias y es bueno para tener un amigo. Me gusto todos tus respondias.

Entiendo que dices, pero pienso que atraccion fisica es mas importante que personalidad a la mayorias personas. Es verdad especialmente para me porque veo muchas chicas que tienen mas 50+ anos o tienen mucha pesa, y no quiero hacer cita con ellas.

Soy 5'10", pero es verdad, estoy gordo en el espejo. Necesito perder peso por supuesto. Tengo poquito confianza en mi apariencia, incluso despues los comentarios positivos. Hasta que pierda peso, no me sentire bien.

Yo done alrededor de cinco mil en este ano a personas y organizaciones beneficas. Pienso que el dinero es mejor para ellos que yo, tienen mas usa para ellos. Pronto compro una propiedad en efectivo y yo compre una coche recientemente. No tengo problemo de dinero. Intentare tener cuidado, pero tambien me siento bien por donar. Es por eso que dije que yo tambien podria donarle.

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