June 14, 2021

Day 4: Working With Kubernetes

Right now, I am working with a software called Kubernetes. The software called Kubernetes is a software that acts as an open source (open source under the Apache License 2) manner to operate a web framework for cloud apps. Basically, you can run apps and test them on a personal cloud infrastructure with a program you can get for free as well as modify to your heart's content. I work with some web apps as a full stack web developer, so learning how to use this piece of software is pretty important to my job and my hobbies that are related to programming. It was originally released on June of 2014 while the most recent version was released on April 8, 2021. It is written in the Go programming language and you can easily get a job in cloud computing if you understand it. Many vendors and organizations have been able to create their own version of Kubernetes while allowing any individual who wants to work with a cloud platform to do so if they have a computer & an internet connection or USB with Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is great. I love open source software and how it lets people be able to accomplish things with free programs that don't cost a penny while allowing you to modify set software as you please. Open source software also allows you to look at the code and know how it works. Most old people seem to be unable that this is somewhat why cryptocurrencies and blockchains are popular. You can see the code that allows you to know how this money works and guarantee that this system works well for everyone. Meanwhile most banks act as a middleman that don't show the average people how said system works. It can have basis or terrible people who manipulate other people's finances or individuals who can remove money from your account without your permission and you could be none the wiser. When it comes to finances trust is more important than ever and after a lot of financial fiascos that have happened in the United States and other parts of the globe, lots of people find it harder and harder to try to trust traditional financial institutions. While crypto might not be perfect, I can see why many people would want to trust a self regulating piece of software whose code is on display for everyone to see over the institutions which keep their methods of operation a secret and we're pretty much responsible for a lot of the financial crashes & economic problems we are still recovering from today.

BTW, on a note unrelated to the current entry, I am going to try to write at least 400 words in my journal per entry so I am always writing about a topic or issue I feel passionate about to the point where I would be willing to put this many words onto 'digital paper'.

Written by Tyler7755

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