April 15, 2020

Explosion Wednesday :)

I'm feeling like an old granny right now: my back is killing me xD haha

Nothing particular happened today, well one thing, but we'll save that goofy story for later. So I fell asleep at 7.30 a.m. and woke up ate 12.30 p.m. Yes it IS a horrible sleep schedule, but I see a positive: I woke up before 1 p.m. xD ahaha Baby steps. I put the challenge on Habitica to go to bed early and to switch off my laptop before 2 a.m. Hopefully my habits will slowly start getting better again xD Can't even remember what the hell I ate for lunch, no nevermind it just popped into my head (pasta all'amatriciana :Q__). I love this dish, it had bacon, fresh tomato sauce and it's spicy. Ah :3 If only my mother didn't decide to kill me by using the hottest pepper on the planet: Carolina Reaper. I don't know it's rating on the Scoville scale, but trust, you shall suffer immenseley xD My tongue was on fire, but I was too tired to react xD My family loves spicy, my father has come to the point where he never tastes spicy in a dish, so you can imagine how happy he was when my sisters boyfriend gave him some Carolina Reapers as a gift. He was happy to feel the spice, while I was turning numb xD I love the heat, so it's cool. Once my tongue went numb I started enjoying the taste (yes, I realise that it makes no sense, but trust me. TRUST ME! It makes sense xD).

My afternoon was ok, I organised all my notes and even downloaded the online recorded lessons from my university @.@ I did an hour of physical exercises and finally got my ukulele in hand and played a song after so long xD Mind you, I am a noob still. But I am getting much better at switching chords with my left hand, even thought my fingers are not used to pressing down on the strings anymore xD I played "Three Little Birds", singing horribly off-key (I'm not used to singing while playing the instrument yet xD) and then I hit the shower.

SO. Here we are for the "goofy" story. Generally in Italy we are obligated to recycle, which I am glad to do, and here where my parents love there are certain trashes that get picked up door to door. That was explained very badly xD Essentially we have to have a bag that contains only plastic, and we have to put it outside our doors/gates Tuesday night, that way Wednesday morning people come and take it away to recycle it. It does not happen everywhere mind you, like my parents live in the centre of this tiny city, but my boyfriend that lives like 20 minutes away on foot has to bring his trash to a specific bin near his house.

Now, today we have to take the paper trash out, so that tomorrow they take it away and recycle it. I do most of the chores in the house (like 80%, my mom cooks, which is fine by me, my dad once in while does something, but since I'm home he gives all the responsability to me xD haha which is fine), so I got ready to throw the paper trash out. Went to the entrance, picked up the bag filled with paper and it exploded. The bottom part of the trash literally opened up and all the paper flew everywhere on the floor xD I was like "Ok , cool, no problem". I got another paper bag trash, opened it and started putting all the paper in it. I also closed the old one up to fit some more trash. Once I was done cleaning the floor, I picked up the new bag and that exploded too :| It wasn't even filled to the brim like the first one and IT STILL EXPLODED XD All the paper trash fell everywhere again, but this time my father saw the scene and started laughing xD He then came up to me and said that he was going to help: he tied the bottom part of the bag and held it while I would pick up all the papers again to throw it in xD Ah, now I know why back ached xD haha We closed both trashes well and I finally put out the trash xD GOSH XD

During this silly evening adventure my boyfriend kept texting me to play with him xD

Written by pinenutes

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