June 14, 2021

Did "That" Five Times, Met Other Filipinos Here

6:49 AM (of Tuesday, June 15th 2021

Today is Monday, June 14th 2021 and it was a tiresome day today. This will be a very graphic entry probably, if you are not 18+ you should not read this. Actually in terms of productivity, it wasn't a bad day. So I was able to wash the dishes, clean up the place a bit, get organized a little bit. I did my strength workouts of 200 seconds planking, 150 sit ups, 30 push ups, and 30 goblet squats with a 30 pound weight at night right before going to sleep. The workouts, I felt like they were basically 70% of my capacity. The push ups were so easy to do, and I did them in proper form, same with the planking and other exercises. It's been about a week since I last did any of these exercises though, so I was just warming up today.

The craziest thing about today is I did "that" five times all throughout the day today. Last night when I was writing about the "two brothers" and said I was too tired to continue on, that was true. I was way too tired to continue doing anything, but instead of going to sleep right away, I touched myself again. I don't know why, I just get turned on so easily, extremely easily, and I start doing it. That was so much fun that night.

When I woke up this morning today, I got up first and used the bathroom, and I got organized a little. I had a plan for today. I wrote some tasks I wanted to do today in my new notebook I got. But then I got turned on again, and I started touching myself again. And I climaxed yet again. That's two times so far. I would do it another third time this morning.

Then work started and I was doing work, but after getting sweaty and all worked out after doing it three times in a short time span, I was not as motivated to work. In fact I was hungry, and thirsty, and sleepy, but I persisted on.

At around 12 PM, I didn't even feel like making my own food at home. I felt a bit too tired for that, so I drove out to this vegetarian restaurant called Govinda's Veggie Garden. They post pictures of their meals a lot in one of the Puerto Rico veggie groups, so I felt like going out there. So I drove over there and asked for their menu. They just showed me this whiteboard in the back and what they had, everything was in Spanish, and I said, okay, just get me everything on there. It turns out to just be one meal.

Apparently how it works is they just cook up a meal for the day, and people can come by to get it, you don't order anything from a menu, though I think you can also do that. I went there though, and I thought it was going to be an Indian owned restaurant, but it was a Hindu themed restaurant with Hindu posters and paintings, with Hindu music being played, and everyone there was Spanish. Very cool place. The meal cost me $10, which was very inexpensive compared to other restaurants, and it included a large variety of plant foods in their meal.

When I go to restaurants here, I would usually order $30 to $40 worth of food just for me. Just me, one person. So when I brought this $10 takeout meal back home, I wasn't thinking it was going to be able to fill me up. You know what? I felt very full after this meal, and that was after not eating anything that entire morning. Well actually, I did eat maybe two oranges, but that was it, and that was after touching myself twice in the morning which caused me extreme hunger. I felt so full from that one meal, I didn't eat anything else the rest of the day, even until the next morning. Really. That was it. A $10 meal at lunch made me so full I skipped dinner.

I would go there again if I could just teleport there or whatever. Driving there is the least fun thing about it, there is a lot of traffic to getting there. I did discover a cool thing with my car though that I absolutely loved. The car can turn off its engine while you are at a stop light, saving lots of gas. How you do it is you press on the brake like normal, but once you are fully stopped, you just press on it more, and then that turns off the engine. That discovery was so amazing.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur. I remember it being bright and sunny out today, so I walked outside shirtless again for about 10 minutes at around 3 PM, just for fun. Work was okay, I got an okay amount done.

After work, I ended up touching myself once again, and I took a nap. That is four times so far today. At around 6 PM, I was just bored and I clicked on the Google Maps app on my phone. I actually wanted to go to a nearby university here and hang out in their library doing work or something so I didn't have to be so alone at home.

For some reason I clicked on "Grocery Stores" and there was this place called FreshMart and it had over 1000 ratings and lots of reviews, very popular place, and it was apparently close by. Apparently it was mainly a vegetarian / vegan grocery store that didn't even have a meat section. When I went there, I got in line behind 4 "gringos", I dunno, people like that are just called gringos here, who looked like the surfer bro types, blonde hair and tan skin. And we slowly made our way in.

The place was pretty packed with people, a very popular place. Everything there was organic apparently, and the prices were actually comparable to other regular grocery stores here, some items were even cheaper here than regular stores. In the back they had a huge restaurant there, and I wanted to see if I could order anything. It was around 6:30 PM or something though, and they were already closed when I got there, so I couldn't get anything.

Anyway while going through the isles I heard this woman talking out loud to her phone in a familiar language. She was speaking Tagalog (aka Filipino), on the phone, and I was like wow, there's another Filipino here? She was an older woman though, who had gray hair. I waited like 5 minutes before she got off her phone, I walked through the entire store a few times going through different aisles while waiting for her, it was a pretty small store but still packed with a lot of people. When she got off her phone I just approached and started speaking to her in Tagalog, and she was shocked.

Anyway I learned that she's here with her son, who for some reason stayed in the car while she went out shopping. Wtf? Anyway we talk for a while about a bunch of different topics, like she's from New York and how much they were paying for rent here. They said they were paying $2200 a month for rent here, I am paying $835 and she was so shocked when she heard that. Okay I felt really lucky there, because I'm paying 1/3rd rent of the place they are renting. I told them too that my place had Internet provided for free, and that actually that is the MAIN reason I got it, was that Internet was provided free. It is also the only place I could find like that. So that conversation made me feel more fortunate and thankful for the place I was renting.

She told me her son was just there just for fun, because he liked it here. I told them I was buying a home here for $65,000 and it was a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo in a high rise building. Here is when I felt very fortunate and thankful. She had a huge shocked expression on her face, she was wearing a mask, but she was like "oh my goddd", and she compared that to New York prices, and in New York city a place like that could a few million dollars. She said minimum $600,000 for a place like that in New York. I didn't tell her I was buying it in cash, but I am definitely buying it in cash now, and I am no longer feeling so bad about doing that. I just feel really lucky to be able to buy a place for a comparatively cheap price.

What I ended up buying there was a bag of potatoes and a rice box of mixed rice. This rice box had brown, purple, and red, whole grain rice in it. I was like, wtf, that is so cool. So I bought it. She bought $92 worth of stuff and she commented that it was expensive here, I bought around $8 worth of food, and I told her, honestly, the prices here were basically the same as any other place, and she paused for a few seconds to think about it then said yeah you're right.

Also I told her that I didn't eat any meat and I was a vegan because I didn't like how animals are slaughtered and that we didn't need meat to begin with. She sounded really surprised and agreed she didn't like how animals were slaughtered, then she told me she only ate fish and some chicken. I replied that both are sentient beings, that fish are living beings too that feel pain and emotion, and she agreed saying she doesn't like eating fish after looking into their eyes, and that they smelled pretty bad in the marketplace.

So anyway she calls up her son on the phone and wants to introduce me to him, he is 26 years old, just a year younger than me, turning 27 this year. On the phone she was like "Hey I want you to meet Megg here! He is like you, living here in Puerto Rico, he speaks Tagalog and he is a vegan!", and she said vegan really loudly, there were two hot and tall blonde gringo women, both over 5'11" tall, standing right in front of us and I saw them turn their heads curiously and look over at me as soon as she said I was vegan. I saw them buying some vegan stuff so maybe they were as well. Anyway we walked pass them, and I saw them in my peripheral vision just looking at me :)

We went over to their car, which they were renting. I didn't even know you could rent a car here. But yeah they said they were just renting that car, and we talked about a few different things. First that I spoke Tagalog. I don't think the son spoke it, because he only spoke English the whole time, but he clearly understood it. They told me about the Airbnb they were renting for $2200 a month, and I told them about the place I was renting for $835, and how it also provided free Internet, and it was a 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom place, and that I was buying another place for $65,000. Their minds were so blown, because to them, to New Yorkers, these prices were cheap.

They asked me what foods I ate as a vegan and wasn't that hard or expensive? I told them about my adventures living here for 3 months without a fridge or freezer, on about $3 a day worth of food, eating only dried foods. I told them about my walks to the grocery store, only buying these dried foods such rice brown rice, beans, potatoes, tomato sauce, spices, etc. and that was it. These foods didn't need any refrigeration. Their minds were so blown yet again, this kind of stuff is obvious to me, but people that eat meat are so indoctrinated to requiring to cook and eat animals every meal that they are shocked when they find out it's not only possible to live without it, but it's actually more convenient and cheaper and easier.

Actually even now, the only thing I am using my mini-fridge mainly for, is drinks. I have a few bottles of an aloe vera drink in there and one large bottle of soda my mom bought. There are some lemons, some baby carrots, and I kept some of the jelly spread in there, but it's basically empty other than that. It is basically completely empty, no other produce is even in there. Even today, even right now as I type this.

Anyway they both sent me a friend request and I added them. The mom chat with me tonight about a bunch of stuff and was like "I hope you can be friends with my son." She liked a bunch of the posts and pictures I had. I had a bunch of minimalist lifestyle stuff, like me sleeping on the floor, not owning a fridge or freezer, owning no car or washing machine, having to walk to the grocery store every time, etc. I also had a bunch of vegan related posts there too, she liked a lot of the posts. I recommended her to watch the movie Game Changers on Netflix if she had it, she said okay they would watch it.

I don't know what I was feeling that night, but I touched myself yet again. That's five times total in under 24 hours. I felt like I would be "dry" at this point, but it wasn't dry. I think my 4th time today was mostly dry in that I didn't expel that much, but surprisingly, this 5th time, was not dry at all, and I expelled a lot.

After that, at night, I did my workouts. I had a friend on Facebook say she was going to go out and exercise. I was like, uh, for real? It's already late at night. So not to be beat, I also exercised. Surprisingly, I didn't feel like I was even exerting my full capability in these workouts. I felt like I could have done a plank for 3 minutes straight. I did it for 65 to 70 seconds each time, totalling 200 seconds of planking, and that was after touching myself, and I didn't even feel that fatigued from it. I also did 10 push ups each set, and I did it in the best form I could, and it was easy to me. I felt like I probably could have done 20 push ups in 1 set.

Anyway, after those workouts, I went to sleep. I felt really tired.

That was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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