June 15, 2021

Day 5: YouTube Channel

Currently, I am a busy guy with a YouTube channel called Diao. So far, it only has one original video of me failing to get my dog Shucks to fetch a stick. Right now, I only have two subscribers to this YouTube channel and I have considering whether I should create new videos in order to entertain the two people subscribed to me. Yes it is only two people, but I feel like even if I only have two individuals following me, they should be able to enjoy some form of regular entertainment and enjoyment from some kind of content. I will probably start with some form of YouTube short videos so I can provide tiny videos one minute long or less. I am wondering what particular topic I should make my videos about. Currently, I considering one of the three following topics:

  • YouTube shorts that provide the bite-sized histories of various memes that have been produced for the internet. Basically, consider a short-form version of the Internet historian or other channels that provide much longer histories for why certain memes on the World Wide Web exist. It would talk about memes like Trollface, Trollge, Think Mark Think, Amongus, and a bunch of other popular/ less popular memes. This will make it easy to have content I can post every week/ couple of days & I can pull info from Know Your Meme/ other websites.
  • Having basic shorts on history in general. Since history is a topic that interest me, I could make videos that are a minute long or less about a topic in history that others can be able to learn something from in little chunks. Subjects can include the Cold War (one of my favorite eras in human history), prehistory, American history, history of countries people do not think about often like Switzerland, etc.
  • Short memes that are just general memes and jokes to entertain people on the internet. This one is probably the most basic of ideas, but it is a secure and time-tested way to make a decently successful channel people can enjoy.

These are the three basic ideas I have to create videos for my YouTube channel so Diao can be a more useful YouTube channel and not be so barren for my small number of subscribers. But to the people reading these journal entries, what do you think? Tell me in the comments what idea you think is the best idea for some YouTube shorts for my YouTube channel...

Written by Tyler7755

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Posted On Jun 16, 2021

hey! good luck on your youtube journey. Don't give up and I like the second idea. You just got to figure out what your niche is and if history and memes go for it because that sounds like a great ass idea.

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