June 17, 2021

summer's boon

Google keeps sending me photo slideshows from the Croatia trip two years ago, like "Hey! Remember when you went on summer vacation? Wasn't that cool?"

But it's finally time for another vacation! We're going on a hiking trip in Kentucky. My roommate was flabbergasted when I told him about it. "Do you want to go on a hiking trip?" he said.

"Yeah?" I said. Honestly, I'm not a hardcore hiker, but after bunkering down for over a year, any trip involving the outdoors sounds great. And I just like seeing new places.

Here's the general itinerary: Thursday afternoon Dad picks me up and we head for his place, where we spend the night. Friday we drive down. Six hours of driving plus lunch and rest stops makes for an all-day trip. We get three days of hiking, and then Tuesday we head for home.

Written by Achaius

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