June 19, 2021

Day 9: Saturday

I have been spending time this Saturday, June 19th, mostly watching stuff on YouTube and doing errands all around the town. I have been able to get groceries and watch stuff from YouTube. Currently, I am watching one of my favorite YouTube videos from the channel FilmCow. The film is Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom. It is the kind of a very weird movie to describe, so I guess I will try to summarize the film as best as I can. Beware of spoilers if you want to look the film up yourself on YouTube as it is only 1 hr 14 mins long:

  • The main character of the story is Detective Heart of America - a bald eagle who really loves the United States of America & fights as a cop against any threats in really over the top and dumb ways. It is pretty funny to watch this over-the-top and jingoistic character fight so hard for America. His character is satirical in a funny, South Park way.
  • Detective Heart of America has to fight against an Ouya. Ouya wants to rewrite reality to make sure the United States never existed. So, the Detective tries to stop Ouya from buying the United States using BitCoin (yes, that is part of the plot. Hang on! This gets crazier!). This allows Ouya to buy America and erase it from existence by replacing it with the nation of Fung. So, the Detective is stuck in Fung and has to learn from the Native Fung-mericans how to defeat Ouya. Eventually, interdimensional aliens sense the creation of Fung and try to erase everyone. Fortunately, the Detective is able to escape and find some friends at a Holiday Inn. He confronts Ouya and they have to work together to defeat the interdimensional creatures and potentially restore the USA.
  • Also, the Detective meets Jesus who is a male mermaid who watches everyone using multi-dimensional cubes and talks to a power shark council that literally runs all of the oceans. Also, Pinocchio is hired to try to kill the Detective in 2 billion US Dollars worth of BitCoin, but the two go between helping each other and trying to destroy one another.

I love this movie because it is like a satirical hilarious fever dream that is the kind of over-the-top stuff that you could only find on YouTube or a really weird channel like Adult Swim. Only weird channels like FilmCow can deliver such a masterpiece and I only wish that the man behind this movie would one day make some kind of sequel to this film or spin-off.

Written by Tyler7755

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