April 16, 2020

Habitica challenge Day 3: Random Diary

-Day 1 to do the Social Ethics Individual Paper.

Part 1 Topic: Answer two questions in the view of an utilitarian:

  1. Would you sacrifice a "pettier" life to save another life?
  2. Is it ok to suppress independent thinking in order to adopt "effective education"?

At first I just wanted to finish the intro only, but then a sense of uneasiness appeared when I stop writing. "I must pour out all my ideas before I forgot!", That's my only thought, so I kept writing until I finished Part 1. I can't believe I split out 767 words(word limit: 1000) on the paper. And that part is not even finished yet.

-Boris Godunov: highly recommended, like Boris the most

Bonus for people who can read Chinese:


  1. 陳皮:舒肝、健皮、化濕,一片就夠,焗10-15分鐘
  2. 菊花苿莉花茶:明目(菊花),加熱水焗5分鐘,2-3/week
  3. 菊花杞子圓肉茶:杞子有胡蘿蔔素——明目+免疫;圓肉:+記憶,焗15分鐘
  4. 有月事:X玫瑰

Written by MandySakura

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