June 21, 2021

Day 11: Paper Journal

I am finally getting a paper journal on Amazon that allows me to write out a lot of the stuff I need to get down in a physical book on physical paper. It should arrive some time tonight between 6 to 8 pm. I will still type my stuff here in order to write as much stuff as I can on a journal that allows me to write down as much as humanly possible, something that paper limits compared to typing out the digital word onto a journal. However, this journal can be used for one topic and be able to help me briefly focus on one topic while I am writing. On top of that, it could allow me to focus on writing some more academic forms of writing which I tend to enjoy. I could be able to write some academic articles on something like stack exchange, but the main points in a journal, and work on writing a peer-reviewed paper. However, that is something I hope to do in the future. For now, I focus on regular writing and attempting to put down as much of the written word as possible (sorry for this entry being such a rambling mess. I am trying to focus, but I am having trouble doing so this morning).

Right now, I am hoping to finish creating a file to continue to work with a program called Kubernetes for my job. I have spent forty minutes watching videos on a site called PluralSight - a website where you can watch videos to teach you about different topics that can give you a job or career - to learn more about how Kubernetes works and deploying files on a cluster. I have spent 41 minutes today watching these videos so I have gotten a better idea on how the program works.

Also, today I was looking on Quora to learn if there are any places in the world where you can live off of $0.60 a day in case I am in a worse case scenario where I have to travel some place to live on such a low price. I have a bank where I get about $0.60 a day, so I wanted to know if there was somewhere I could move to and live comfortably if I got laid off. Apparently, I could move to rural India where many people live on only $0.48 a day and the poverty line set by the Indian government is even lower than that.

Written by Tyler7755

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