June 21, 2021

DAY 2 - The productively unproductive

I woke up in the morning and I immediately watched anime. I finished 12 episodes as soon as I woke up the morning before I knew it it's already lunch time. But I don't like the feeling that I didn't accomplish my morning routine. But still, I finished my morning routine after I ate lunch. I managed to finish the book Atomic Habits even though ironically I'm still not that good in handling my habits. But I am still determined to learn the things I need to learn because I believe that small things that I keep on doing will dictate the future that I wanted to have.

Then, I did my research paper that lead me spent the remaining hours of my day doing tabulation of data for 7hours straight. As soon as I finished tabulation I took a bath and rest.

My day wasn't as meaningful as other days but I can say I prefer these kind of day where I can say that I am still productive. But I'm hoping for a better tomorrow though.

Written by Thry14

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